Monday, February 23, 2009

What A Year

This time last year we began our journey back to God's country. It has been a fun filled, fast paced year. Randall started his job in March. I quit mine in May and became a desperate housewife until July. We sold our house in June and bought our new home in August. We remodeled the new house all fall and put in many hours at work. We celebrated in our home for Thanksgiving and at Christmastime with new friends and family.

Here we are in this place, thanking God for his provision and many blessings. Last year if you would have told me I would be this happy, I would have cried bitter tears. Now, I catch myself crying tears of joy. Wow, how this ole world turns! I look back at our "We have Moved" card and we look scared. I look at our Christmas card and we look tired and overwhelmed. I look at us now and we look comfortable and in our element. I will cherish this journey, always.

*the red words link to previous posts from the past year.



Jennifer said...

I love your pictures Abby and what a great sense of contentment you have.

Trish said...

Abby, I just love you! I know you have told me 100 times, "that is where I was a while back" (when I post about our moving process), well this was such a blessing to read. You are right! I do see a lot of what we are going through in there, and am so glad to see/hear the good ending for you guys. We are still living some what like college days, but I know there is hope and something awaits us on the other side. Thanks for sharing! I love the links and being able to read about and see the process and God's faithfulness.

Melissa Southerland said...

Good post :) And I am so happy that you are content and loving it there and making some good friends!!!

Love ya

Jodi said...

Beautiful post Abby! What a journey!

RockiesRazorback said...

What an amazing testimony of God's faithfulness...thanks for sharing. I'm so glad that things are going well for you!

Lindsey Watson said...

love you girl! God has brought you so far, and will only take you even farther! :)

p.s. love the pics. ;)

Anonymous said...

Can I come and bask in your new home... and rest my weary mind? hahaha! Can't wait to see you very soon!


Sarah said...

Girl, I know it's been a long, trying year, but you've handled every change and challenge with faith and grace. I proud of you as always!

Julie said...

Beautiful photo!! You are gorgeous. :)