Saturday, August 31, 2013

It's A Boy!

This is not for me, but for one of our Delta members! When we found out Clayton and Erin were pregnant having a gender reveal party popped in my head. And then when she started talking about finding out what it was, I asked if they would be up for it. They said yes! 
The theme was Tutus or Ties. Pinterest was my best friend! It stretched my creativity a bit but I'd do it again.
A friend of mine made the cake. She designed it herself and I loved it! She even made it look like stitches on the shirt. I made tutus and scrapbook paper ties for the water bottles. Strawberry lemonade for the pink side of the table and blue raspberry for the blue side. 
Erin and Clayton's parents live in Oklahoma so they skyped with us. That's Erin's parents on the laptops. Clayton's parents were on a tablet held by another friend. (That was the weirdest sentence.) I painted a box and filled it with blue balloons, when they opened it, the balloons flew out and everyone knew my secret. Oh, it was a fun secret to keep for 5 hours. I couldn't have done it for much longer though!
This is the board we all voted on. I was the only one that knew it was a boy. I thought it would be a girl, so I put a pink shirt on that morning and never changed clothes. So I voted pink. 

Congrats Erin and Clayton!! I hate I don't have a picture of them, but they were excited!

Game Day!

It's Gameday! Stephen woke us up this morning at 7:00( on a Saturday!) playing the Arkansas fight song down the hall. I somehow had forgotten this tradition. But he had not! It reminds me of daddy waking me up on Friday mornings with "Its great to be a Grizzly Bear" chant. 
We've been watching football since 8:00 this morning, beginning with College Gameday.
There are four of us that have our Arkansas shirts on, the other two don't really care. The twins have a friend over and have spent the day playing video games in their room. They came out to grab some pizza and to have a short airsoft war, but they're back in the cool house now!
I hope the Hogs play well! But even if they don't we'll still be cheering them on next week!
Who are you cheering for?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Elvis 5K Fun

When Daddy got his new knee back in the spring I told him I wanted him to do the Elvis 5K in August as an incentive to rehab it back to good use. This past Saturday we met up at Graceland to walk it out.

Our initial plan was to make it a family affair and have some walk and run but when the rubber met the road we were the only 2 at the start line. I decided to walk it with Daddy instead of run because I didn't want him to walk alone.  This is one of my favorite 5ks and it did pain me somewhat not to run it, truth be told....but, I love that old man.

Connie tried to persuade Henry to stay and look at the Lisa Marie (airplane) and Elvis' cars but he insisted on going with us, or course. I was never so glad I had decided to walk it. Pushing  Henry's heavy booty while running is a feat these days. Randall was stuck in Louisiana working on his combine and couldn't make it that morning. Henry and I got up at 5:00  and drove over to the race.

Daddy wore those socks to embarrass me and that he did. We had a coach growing up that always wore them with shorts and we made fun of him. Thankfully Daddy is at a stage where he doesn't care and I have resolved to living life without caring about such things. It was fun to watch people look at him though. Oh, that hat was a bit much too.

We did not finish last. That became our goal at the mile 1 marker when Daddy looked behind us and said, ""I'm just telling you straight up, there ain't many people behind us". We made many laugh along the way and Daddy finished! Our goal was to have him finish and he did. I was proud of him for sticking it out and participating. It was a fun little morning with him. I think the "King" would have been proud!


Friday, August 16, 2013

A Short Vacation

If you know anything bout me you know I love to go to Branson. Stephen doesn't like it very much but it's an easy get away for us and his parents like to go.

Since Samuel is going to be going to public school we couldn't go to the beach so we made a quick trip there and celebrated our 20th anniversary at Silver Dollar City. Not the most romantic, but fun for the family. And if there's something I've learned its that I would rather be with my family than without them. Now don't think I won't love being an empty nester but for right now, I'm loving this season of life!

At Silver Dollar City David finally rode roller coasters! It was awesome! He has been afraid of heights forever. I mean ever. And he rode all the roller coasters and one of them on the first row. When Stephen texted and told me I got tears in my eyes. He overcame a fear and did it boldly. 

Most of the time we walked around the park Anna held my hand. It was sweet. She would just put her little 9 yr old hand in mine and we walked around the park. Precious. 

We made good memories, no pictures, but memories. We ate a lot, shopped a lot, and laughed a lot. But yes, I would have rather been at the beach!

Have you gone anywhere lately?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

20 Years of Beavers Bliss

I am sure Julie will post about her anniversary but since she is not the photo savvy sister that I am I wanted to ensure we celebrated with some photos. I happened to have these two because they were framed in Meemaw's house and I somehow ended up with them when she went to live with Jesus 11 years ago. I dug them out last night and took photos of them with my phone. It made me smile.

Her wedding was beautiful and the ceremony was incredible. The music was like no other wedding you have ever attended. God was glorified and their love for each other was confirmed with marriage. Sweet times in my hot pink dress, for sure.

I was 15 and a happy little chub. I was starting high school 1 week after her wedding. I was in all sorts of panic about that hot pink dress and high school without my sister next door to my bedroom like she had been my whole life until the day she put on this big dress and drove off with that neighbor boy we all knew and loved. I hyperventilated several times that following week and cried in her bedroom more times than I remembered. Oh, to be the little chubby sister of this wedding queen was too much to stand. I loved her like crazy then and still now. I am still upset I was not her maid of honor but we will discuss that at another time. :)

Watching her marriage has helped me with mine. We wed 1 decade apart from each other and having them to look up to has been such a blessing. I love celebrating 20 years with them today through these fun photos. She was such a beautiful bride in 1993 and still is today!


Thursday, August 8, 2013


 I haven't blogged in so long. Not because I don't have anything to say, which is usually the case. But because I couldn't remember the password. Whenever I thought about it I would ask Abby for it and she was busy. When she wasn't busy, I didn't think about it. Isn't that the way it goes! 

This has been such a busy summer, and then some days, like yesterday, I didn't even leave the house.

... All the kids went to children's camp last week. Samuel went as a counselor, Daniel and David went as 6th graders( their last year as campers) and Anna went for the very first time. And she did great. We were both worried, but she didn't cry, call me, or get homesick. Fantastic!

... We enrolled Samuel in public school for geometry and to play baseball this year. I hope it goes well. The schools disorganization was surprising to me, and I hope does not continue through the school year.

... Today is my birthday. Abby was so sweet in her birthday post. It was a perfect day. It began with gifts, and donuts. I laid by the pool and played with the boys in the pool. Then I went to Little Rock with a teenage friend to shop and the guys met us for dinner. Fabulous! 

... Except that Stephen left for for Ft Smith after dinner and I am ending the day alone. Well, the boys are here. But you know what I mean.

... Anna has had sewing camp this week. She has made a pillow, purse, and an apron. She has loved it so much, and hasn't been bothered a bit by being away from us again. Since when did she become so independent?

... summer is almost over and I'm ready to get back to a routine. But first a trip to Branson!! 

Birthday Beauty

I am so excited to say that today is my one and only beautiful sister's birthday!!! She is 29 for the 14th time today. This is one of my favorite old photos of us. It is displayed on my deep freezer for life!

Her smile and excitement for the simpliest things in life make me happy. I am so glad God gave us this sweet soul to celebrate each year on this date. She is perfectly wonderful! I got her this dispenser 3 years ago when we celebrated her day as a family in the Fort. Her smile in this photo is the best way to depict her. Priceless and perfect, it is.

Here is to celebrating my witty, wise, and beautiful sister today.
 I hope your day is as perfectly splendid as you are, Julia!