Thursday, August 22, 2013

Elvis 5K Fun

When Daddy got his new knee back in the spring I told him I wanted him to do the Elvis 5K in August as an incentive to rehab it back to good use. This past Saturday we met up at Graceland to walk it out.

Our initial plan was to make it a family affair and have some walk and run but when the rubber met the road we were the only 2 at the start line. I decided to walk it with Daddy instead of run because I didn't want him to walk alone.  This is one of my favorite 5ks and it did pain me somewhat not to run it, truth be told....but, I love that old man.

Connie tried to persuade Henry to stay and look at the Lisa Marie (airplane) and Elvis' cars but he insisted on going with us, or course. I was never so glad I had decided to walk it. Pushing  Henry's heavy booty while running is a feat these days. Randall was stuck in Louisiana working on his combine and couldn't make it that morning. Henry and I got up at 5:00  and drove over to the race.

Daddy wore those socks to embarrass me and that he did. We had a coach growing up that always wore them with shorts and we made fun of him. Thankfully Daddy is at a stage where he doesn't care and I have resolved to living life without caring about such things. It was fun to watch people look at him though. Oh, that hat was a bit much too.

We did not finish last. That became our goal at the mile 1 marker when Daddy looked behind us and said, ""I'm just telling you straight up, there ain't many people behind us". We made many laugh along the way and Daddy finished! Our goal was to have him finish and he did. I was proud of him for sticking it out and participating. It was a fun little morning with him. I think the "King" would have been proud!