Monday, January 31, 2011

Cool Bull Rider

Julie took this with her phone and sent it to me. I laughed so hard and still smile when I look at it. Anna Kathryn in riding the bull at the Mexican restaurant in Twinkle Town. Her arm being up and that tilted head make me go crazy! What a poser. I would think she was my child, except she looks just like her mother. She is such a cute, funny little mess. I love being an aunt to this silly girlie girl and her 3 crazy brothers.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

That's Mama's Baby

Since I failed to include the little foodie on the Food Friday post, I thought this would be fun!


Friday, January 28, 2011

Food Friday

Last week I headed to the dirty delta with the hubs. He is gearing up for planting season and needed to get some contracts signed and look at his plots. He asked me if I wanted to go, and since I am a lady of leisure at the moment I said, "Why not!". So, I shipped my croupy baby off to Juju's and hopped in the truck and headed to the dirty with my man.

Why am I posing with Kermit? Because Jim Henson was from the dirty, baby! I had Randall stop at the visitors museum in Greenville. It was a joke of a museum but I got to touch Kermie and that made me feel all green and happy!

When we travel, we eat! We favor local fare. We live in a town that has very little good local places to eat, but we are drowning in chains. It is one of the things we do not like about living here, but it is something we can live with. Luckily Memphis and Little Rock are not to far of a drive. Going to new places is fun because we can try new places to eat. Randall has traveled the roads of the delta for most all his life, so he knew where to take me to eat ... and eat well.

The first night we were there we went to Cicero's. It is located in the little agricultural town of Stoneville, MS. My sweet hubs worked for Stoneville Seed in Memphis for 7 years and spent some time in this little mecca of ag research. This restaurant is located in an old Stoneville Seed building. I did not take a picture and could not find one on the internet, so the logo is all you get!
I love good seafood. I had the best baked catfish. It was covered in crusted pecans, Parmesan cheese and crab meat. I won't mention the butter sauce because it might make your chest hurt! It was delish! Randall got the rib eye. We then headed to Sonic and split a hot fudge shake. Have you had one of those? They are really, really good!

The next day we headed down the famous Highway 61. We stopped in Cleveland and ate lunch at the Airport Grocery. Randall had not eaten there but heard it was good. It has a lot of local history and was really interesting on the inside. I got the salad bar (I needed it after that heart attack on a plate at Cicero's) and he got a po'boy sandwich. I was not real impressed with it for the price. They also served Diet Rite...who serves Diet Rite?! We then stopped in the next town and got Diet Coke at Sonic!

We then ate our final meal in Tupelo at the local chain, Lost Pizza Company. They are all over the delta and really good. It reminded us of the Memphis Pizza Cafe but cleaner! I got a Happy Hippie pizza and Randall got pepperoni and sausage. I love thin crust and they did not let me down. It was a thin crust veggie pizza, for the most part. It was super yummy. It was snowing really hard while we were eating there and we were in front of the window. It was nice. We sat there for a bit and then split a sundae at McDonald's!

I hear I am heading to Mobile with him in a few weeks, so I will do some local dining in those parts and report back to ya!
Happy Food Friday!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rambling on and on and on

I have so many things rambling around in my head. I'll give you just a few.

**Daniel lost his tooth Friday. The Tooth Fairy still has not visited our home. This morning David woke up and his tooth fell out right into his hand. Now what is the Tooth Fairy to do?? Come tonight? Won't that make Daniel feel bad? Won't that make him feel like the Tooth Fairy likes David more than him? Should the Tooth Fairy come to Daniel tonight and wait 5 days to pay David for his tooth? Oh, I just don't know! I'm thinking that the Tooth Fairy may need to come clean. But, they're just nine years old. It seems a bit early. I don't like the Tooth Fairy!

**Yesterday I started thinking about believing God. Sure, I believe God. I have faith. But do I REALLY believe God is going to provide for my needs? Do I REALLY believe God is going to take care of me no matter what HE sends my way? Do I REALLY believe God? My head says yes! My heart says maybe. Am I the only one? I have so many friends that have hurts in their lives right now. My prayer list is running over. Do I believe that God can REALLY answer my requests? Am I the only one? Please tell me no!

**I think I may have taken on more than I can handle. I noticed last night that I have 10 events that I need to oversee over the next 3 months. That may not seem a lot to you, but it is to me. The logistics still have to be worked out, people still need to be contacted, decisions still need to be made. I think it may be more than I should have signed up for. UGH!

**Jillian Michaels, of Biggest Loser fame, is kicking my tail. She is not nice to me. We have started a little work-out class at church. We started doing Zumba and realized that we had been Baptists for too long and we just couldn't move like that. So, we started the 30 day Shred Monday. Well, they started Monday, I started Tuesday. And after two days of shredding, my legs hurt! It hurts to sit down and to stand back up. Oh, the pain! But I love jumping jacks and crunches, this may just be my kind of work-out. It is just day 3 though. I'm sure I'll change my mind!

**Stephen has eaten 4 of the last 5 meals away from home. And let me tell you that I'm a bit jealous about it. Not bitter. But a bit jealous. I'm thinking that since this is Thursday and the Taco Truck is in town, I may go get myself a taco. It's not the same as Whole Hog, Cracker Barrel, and wherever else he ate ( I quit asking) but it will do!

You made it to the end??? I'm glad you read my ramblings, it makes a girl feel better to know that she has been heard. Not understood, but heard!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Boppy Baby

January 2010 - at Marmie's with his cousins
We love a Boppy Pillow at our house. It is where Henry laid for the first few months of his life. It helped a lot with his reflux and RSV. I am also guilty of lying my head in it a few times over the past year. It is most comfy!
There were a few months we did not use it because he wanted nothing to do with it, but he has just recently rediscovered it because his little mama got smart and put it in his reading corner. He leans against it to turn the pages of his books. It is really too cute for words.

January 2011- in the floor of our den

He has also rediscovered napping in it some, thanks to his daddy. It makes me laugh to see how big he looks lying in it compared to the picture above. He also loves this blanket the most. Of all the blankets we have, he attached himself to this one. It makes me smile.

What a difference a year can make! Is this baby boy of mine really this big?! Wow.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No Pictures- You're Welcome

A few months after Stephen and I got married I started working and we found some great friends. Most of my days went like this:
Wake up at 7:30, go to work at 8, stay until 5, go out with friends at 6, stay out till 9, go home & sleep.
Then we started having kids and by the time they went to bed at night I was too tired to do anything.

I say all that to confess that I do not clean my house. It is just a mess! I sweep, mop and dust. I make my bed, but there is clutter EVERYWHERE!!!

Yesterday I cleaned. I scrubbed the kitchen floor on my hands and knees, not really my knees more like my bottom. I moved the refrigerator and the stove and cleaned underneath them. It was at that moment that I was so thankful that I do not feel the need to document my life in pictures.

If I felt that need you would have been so grossed out this morning! You're welcome.

Today, I'm cleaning carpets with a carpet cleaning machine that I inherited from my in-laws. This could be a really gross day also. I won't document today in pictures either. You're welcome!

Can you relate to this????

Monday, January 24, 2011

Juju's Joy

Henry's Juju had been begging for him. Relentless begging. So, we let her have him. We even let her have him with Croup. She is a jewel of an aunt for that, and I am one naughty mama. We took him to her house and then meet her 2 days later to pick him up in Little Rock.

This is Henry seeing me for the first time in 48 hours. We had not been away from one another that long since June, the last time he stayed with his Juju. He was emotionally conflicted, as you can tell. Juju and Anna did not want to hand him over. She had just changed his diaper in the bathroom, that is why the reunion took place case you were wondering.

I got to see 3 of my fab 4. I love seeing there little faces in person. Their little smiles and hugs make my heart happy. Aren't they the cutest things?! I missed you, Samuel!

Henry headed home with his daddy and me admiring the new lovie we bought him while we were away. Henry would have been happy to stay with his Juju longer, I am sure. She took him to McDonald's and got him his first Happy Meal. I love that! What a fun memory. Being an aunt is so much fun and having a sister who enjoys it just as much is such a treat!


Friday, January 21, 2011

Food Friday

We branched out this week a bit and tried this. It was pretty good and healthy. Even Henry liked it. I served roasted potatoes, salad and yeast rolls with it. It was yummy. We had it two nights in a row. I love leftovers!

I love lemon icebox cake. I make it lowfat. This week we needed something sweet that was not chocolate or heavy. Randall always likes this and even Henry was a fan!
Lemon Icebox Cake
Lemon cake mix - make according to directions, but use applesause instead of oil. Bake in 13x9 pan
1 can fat free Eagle Brand
1 container fat free Cool Whip
1 packet lemon Kool-Aid
Bake cake. While baking, heat Eagle Brand with Kool-Aid packet sprinkled into it. Poke holes in baked cake and pour Eagle Brand mixture on top. Cool and top with Cool Whip. Chill overnight and serve. It is better the longer it sits.

Ugh, the pantry/food cabinet! I organize it and it goes back to being a mess in just a few days. I would love to know how you organize yours and keep it tidy. PLEASE comment and tell me. We end up misplacing food! My shelves pull out and you know I NEVER pull them out. I really am a dork at times. If I pulled them out I might see all that is in there. Maybe that should be my first step...hmmm. Seriously, I would love to hear helpful hints from you????

The foodie found the coffee and used it as a drum. It was hillarious. His Daddy brought in my Sam's purchases and put them at the foot of the stairs. I was in the kitchen and heard Henry banging on something. I looked over the kitchen bar to find this.

It was time for his medicine and he would not leave his coffee. His Daddy fed him his medicine filled yogurt (he loves yogurt and hates medicine, so we trick him!) while he was holding the coffee, in order to keep the foodie happy. Life is never dull with my little foodie and big foodie.

Happy Food Friday!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sonic- A copycat post

The Pioneer Woman has a post the other day about Sonic.

I was so excited to read it when I saw the title. I love Sonic. I've always loved Sonic. I remember goin to Sonic with my Mamaw when I was a little girl. It was spring and I thought the napkins said Happy Easter. I remember thinking how nice it was of Sonic to have Easter napkins. Mamaw told me to read more carefully. Indeed, the napkins said Happy Eating. Well, Happy Eating or Happy Easter, I like Sonic.

Here is my Top 10 list

1. Rt. 44 Coke. Oh my! I love Sonic Coke and Sonic ice

2. The fact that in some towns (not mine) Sonic is a drive thru and a drive-in. You get a choice of how you want to receive your food. Their is a Sonic in central Arkansas that has indoor seating too! Oh, the choices!

3. The Chili-Cheese Coney. There really isn't anything else to say about the wonderful goodness of the Triple C.

4. Tator Tots. The french fries at Sonic aren't consistent in their tastiness but the tots. Well, they never fail.

5. Cheddar Peppers. The best snack! Fried, hot, and cheesy. Dipped in Ranch dressing. Oh, the calories!

6. Styrofoam Cups. In the world of "going green", Sonic hasn't waivered in their commitment to styrofoam. And it makes me smile. I can get a Rt. 44 in the morning, drink it all morning and into the afternoon and it still has ice and isn't watery. And, sometimes if I'm feeling particularly attached to the cup, I wash it out and keep it for the next day.

7. Happy Hour. From 2-4 everyday drinks are half price. It makes buying a drink at any other time of day difficult.

8. Grilled Cheese sandwich. I remember the days when they served them with a pickle on top. I don't know why they don't do that anymore, maybe the price of pickles skyrocketed. I don't know. But the cheese melted on two pieces of Texas toast is yummy.

9. Chocolate Shake. I've heard rumors that I shouldn't eat the ice cream at my neighborhood Sonic. But sometimes I just NEED a chocolate shake.

10. The memories. I remember when my friend Amanda stole the red tray that they used to use to bring out the food. Remember? They would attach it to the car window. I miss those trays. I don't have anywhere to put my trash now.

Do you love Sonic? Why?


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Croupy Cutie

This is my Croupy Cutie. Bless his little congested heart! I took him to the doctor yesterday morning after he barked like a seal all in the night. This is our third time to have it since early fall.
I really hate to hear the barking cough because I know steroids are required. Our sweet Henry gets the roid rage and becomes a little bear. I took this of him running around the dining room like a wild man. He took a great nap soon after. There is an upside, I reckon!

It is nothing Mama can't fix though. I love holding him, kissing him, and singing to him when he feels yucky. He is pretty fond of his Mama too! It makes him more clingy and there is nothing wrong with that...unless you are his Daddy and he is clinging to Mama!

So, we are making our Henry Patton comfy and nursing him back to health. He is watching lots of his Baby Einstein and Praise Baby DVDs in front of the fire and taking long naps. I do hope the Croup moves out for the winter, I am so tired of seeing it rear its ugly head. We are blessed this is all we really have to deal with, it could be something so much worse. So, I best get off here and go give my boy his morning dose of the steroid...yikes!


Monday, January 17, 2011

A Prick and a Prod

I got the opportunity to spend Friday and Saturday with some pretty great preacher's wives. You know how I love being a preacher's wife and how I love other women that are. Getting to spend some time with some I had had only emailed back and forth was a joy.

On my way home I had some prayer time for my children. Don't you just love being alone in your car, playing Klove, or other Christian music and praying? It doesn't happen very often for me, but I am so glad when it does.

Anyway, I was praying for my kids. I prayed specifically that God would prick their spirits when sin entered their lives. I had spoken to someone a bit older than me about being around people that didn't have the same values as she did and how she felt a prick in her spirit that reminded her that the situation was one that God was not in.

I told her I thought it was cool that God would still prick the hearts of those of us that are older. You would think that by now, at our ages, mine being 40 (thank you very much), and hers being even older than that, that we wouldn't feel those pricks anymore.

But God is always working. Always. He is a constant, never changing God. Always pricking, poking, prodding, and guiding us along. Isn't He just great??!!

Last night Sam went with the youth group to see a movie. There was no school today, so they were going to the 10:00 movie after church. (This brings up a whole other topic of having to stay up late waiting for the boy to come home. I'm not liking this part very much!) It turns out that although the movie had a rating appropriate for these teenagers, it wasn't appropriate for my son.

He said the language was terrible and he had had all he could take after about an hour and left the theater. He hung out in the lobby until the movie was over.

Now I know some of you are thinking. He needs to get out more. People talk like that all the time. You shelter him too much.

Let me tell you what I'm thinking. I'm thinking that God is answering my prayers. That He chose to answer a prayer I prayed Saturday afternoon at 3:30 on Sunday at 11:00! That He indeed pricked the heart of my son when sin was around him. That God made Himself so real to Samuel that he couldn't stand to be in the same place as that language.

Now, you're right if you are thinking that he doesn't hear those words, or that he is sheltered. He is a bit. Although I'm writing to tell you what happened last night I'm not tooting his horn. If you have read this blog anytime at all you know that I don't write about Samuel that often anymore. Something about being 13 doesn't lend itself to sweet posts about his actions. So, instead of writing something less than stellar, I write nothing.

So, I'm not bragging on Samuel. I'm bragging on God. He is still answering prayers. He is still pricking the hearts of those that will listen to Him.

Are you listening?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Food Friday

I am so over the cold weather. I am ready for Spring. In honor of the cold, I made pot pie this week. We also had deer chili and chicken stir fry, with a plethora of other things that really don't deserve any mention. The cold makes me lazy. This is the recipe I decided to highlight since the deer chili was out of the freezer from last year and the stir fry was made up as I went about it and not anything stellar. So, here you have it...
Crescent Pot Pie
I used my new black baking dish I got for Christmas from my cousin Hollye for this dish. She gave me a black one to match my kitchen and she gave Julie a red one to match her kitchen. We both squealed when we opened them!
I also used turkey I had left over in the freezer, instead of chicken. This is a pretty basic and popular recipe, but I thought I would share it anyway. It is always a hit at my house.

2 cans crescent rolls
2 cups chicken or turkey
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 can mixed vegetables (drained)
1/4 cup chopped onion
1/2 cup chicken broth
salt and pepper
Spray pan with cooking spray. Line with 1 can of crescent rolls. Combine rest of ingredients and place over layer of crescents. Top with the other can of crescent rolls and brush with egg whites. Bake at 350 degrees until golden brown and bubbly.

The foodie...what a little eater he is! Green peas and mashed potatoes are a few of his faves. I try to have them on hand most nights. I took this last night as I was finishing supper. He was ready to dig in but the chicken was still in the oven. He lacks patience with his food, but don't we all at times?!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Doctor's Appt and a Prayer

The day after Thanksgiving Anna smashed her finger in a door at church. Smashed it flat. It was ugly. It bruised her nail really bad.

It was her middle finger and if you asked to see her hurt finger she would show you. Just like you think she would show you her middle finger! Poor naive girl, still doesn't know why people were laughing.

Well, the nail has been coming off slowly. Very slowly. But the last couple of days it has started to come off of one side, and has been bothering her. And me. And now, maybe you.

Today, D&D, Anna & I were headed to Little Rock for an check-up appointment on Daniel's arm. Anna yells from the back of the van, "my finger is bleeding!!!"

I had had enough. I called the doctors office, told them the problem and get this. They said to come on in. Can you believe it?? So, we stopped by the doctor's office for what I thought would be a 5-10 minute visit. It was a 50 minute visit. But the nail is off now. Thank heavens! It looks bad, but at least its gone.

We found out that Daniel's arm is healing. We found that out after waiting in the waiting room for an hour and a half and visiting with the doctor for two minutes. 2 MINUTES!! I drove an hour and a half, sat in the waiting room for an hour and a half and saw the doctor for 2 minutes, and then drove an hour and a half back home. REALLY?????!!!

Ok, enough of me.....

I have read this blog off and on for a while, she is creative and inspirational. Down to earth and endearing. Tuesday she had a stroke while exercising. She is 38 and has two daughters, 12 and 9. She has had two operations, one to relieve the pressure in her brain. She has not woken up. Please pray for Joanne. I know some of us stalk blogs. I know some of you stalk blogs, Stacy!! I stalk Joanne's blog, and I wake up praying for her. Please join me.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Baby Mama Drama...Yeah, Right!

I sometimes laugh at the things that take my time these days. I always knew being a mama would take on new meaning and create new interests, but I never thought I would get excited about dressing my child for a bargain and end up stessing over it a wee bit!

Like today, I am debating what trunk show to have this spring, Rags Land or Kellys Kids. Dilemma, I tell ya. I am leaning toward Rags Land because I like the Spring line a bit better. Decisions, decisions...

I am also getting really excited about Valentine's Day and ironing out all the details for Henry. I have a shirt being made for him that is super cute, and decorated sugar cookies that compliment his shirt are going to be his Valentine to take to his friends and teachers. I have to laugh at my sister's response about my excitement of having a matching Valentine/cookie to match his shirt, "Really, no one will notice but you". She may be right, but I will know and that is what matters, right?!

Another thing I am gearing up for is the first spring consignment sale in less than a month. Whoo hoo, I am already creating a list. I love this particular sale, KidsTown. My friend and her family own the sale and she gives us preview passes. I owe her big for allowing us to come get first dibs without volunteering a minute of our time. She loves us, I reckon. We got Henry so many wonderful things at the fall sale, I can't wait to see what we find this time around.

And then there is Easter to think about, but I promise to not do that yet...or at least I will try not to. You know, it is sort of nice to know this is my "baby mama drama". A nice little blessing, if you ask me!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A New World

In the last couple of days we've had friends of Anna's running in and out of the house because of the snowdays.

I noticed something.

The girls want to talk to Samuel and play with David and Daniel. Not because the girls are tomboys but because they are girls and my boys are boys. Oh my word!

This is a new world. And I think its going to be this way for a while.

I remember when I was pregnant with Anna. One of the girls in my senior high Sunday School class mentioned that Anna was going to have a great life! She was going to get to be around all of her brothers friends.

I thought it was funny then. Now, not so much. This could really happen! She could flirt with the boys friends, and her friends could flirt with my boys.

I know she is 6. But Samuel is 13 and cute. It's going to happen. Oh my! I'm not ready!!!

Anyone have any advice??

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Baby

Something about snow makes me want to belt out the song from White Christmas,"Snow, Snow, Snow..." in my best opera voice. Good thing there is no voice record option on here, huh?!

Henry finally got to play in the snow for the first time. Last year he saw snow from the window, but he was too little to go out and play. We were so excited to show Henry what the white stuff was all about!
He was slow to take off but when he did he was gone! He loved it. Randall and I loved watching his face and listening to him squeal. I took the cutest video but it was set on the wrong settings and is now too large to load on the computer. Go figure.

I don't want him to grow up too fast, yet I look forward to being able to ride 4 wheelers and do a little sledding with him in the snow. He is so much fun and the cutest snow baby ever!


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow Day

It snowed today in South Arkansas!!!

It began snowing right as Stephen was finishing his sermon. Well, I should probably rephrase that. Stephen finished preaching as soon as his snow signal man signaled him that it was snowing!

We headed home and into warm clothes grabbed a bite to eat and headed to the country.

I know some of you think I live in the country because I live in a small town, but I don't. Our friends do.

We braved the snowy roads and headed the 10 miles out of town to go jeep riding, and being pulled on a sled by a 4 wheeler. We ate, threw snowballs, and had a great time!

The kids had to change clothes 3 times. They would get so wet from the sledding and playing. I would put a change of clothes on them (well, they did it themselves) and put their wet clothes in the dryer and repeated that for each kid.

I think we will remember this snowday for a long time. It was so much fun!!!

Did it snow where you live?


Friday, January 7, 2011

Food Friday

I made butterscotch fudge this week for my man, and it was mighty fine. I used the fantasy fudge recipe and just substituted butterscotch chips in place of chocolate chips. I have not eaten much of it, but Randall seems to really like it. Our neighbor had given us some wonderful fudge that I thought was butterscotch, so I wanted to try to make more. It was not butterscotch that she made, now that we tasted mine. So, I am going to have to ask her what it is was. It was fantastic fudge. She is a really good cook.

Do you have these in your freezer? We do now. Randall and I discovered these while buying frozen rolls a few weeks ago at Kroger. We felt like we had hit the biscuit jackpot. For someone like my sister, this is not a good deal, but for someone like me, this is the better deal. We always threw away leftover biscuits because even a mini can of 5 would be too many for us. Score for us! I also think they taste much, much better.

Hello, bagel friend! I love an everything, love, love it. I found these at the store last week and think I smiled while on the bread aisle. What a treat. I eat them for breakfast with cream cheese, lunch for a sandwich or to dip in tomato soup. You must try them. Yum-O!

You must try this spaghetti sauce. Get over that is says "vodka" because you will not get inebriated from it or even feel the slightest me. It will send your taste buds soaring into spaghetti heaven though. I buy it at Walmart. It is cheapest there. Randall was getting tired of spaghetti and this reinvented it for us.

We are fiber bar people at our house. If we are without a box of them, it is a crime. We had eaten Fiber One up until now. Kellogg Fiber Plus Bars are sooooo much better. If you are a fan of fiber bars, you must try these.

And, need for comments from you little peanut gallery concerning these bars...just sayin!

And the little foodie loves salmon! Who knew. I love it too, and and I am so happy we can share the love together. We cooked salmon this week with peas and mashed potatoes. I am pretty sure Henry ate as much as we did. Omega 3 Fatty Acids....whoo hoo!! Brain power, baby.

Happy Food Friday!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Sister Bond

Aren't we just the cutest things?!! I took this with MY camera. And posted it here on the blog. Truly 2011 is going to be a banner year!
I was trying to decide what to write about today and remembered this cute picture and decided to blog about sisters.
While I was preparing part of supper I was thinking of Abby.

We don't get to talk ear to ear much. For reasons that are out of our control we only get to text each other most of the time. Sadly, I can go a week without hearing her cute voice on the other end of my phone. Its a good thing we get each other's text humor!!
While I was thinking of all of this, she was calling me. But since I wasn't at my desk I didn't notice that my phone was vibrating. When I saw that she called, it just made me sick that I had missed the opportunity to get to talk to her.
She called to tell me she had heard a song that I love. One Touch by Nicole C. Mullen. Have you heard it? Its on her Sharecroppers Seed cd and it is an awesome song. The song is based on the Bible story of the woman with the issue of blood. I heard her sing it at a Women of Faith event and thought that Jesus might just come for me right there, right then.
Abby said she got in her car this morning and the song was on. She said she thought of me and then had a meeting with Jesus right there in her car. She was singing loudly and raising her hands and well, having church right there on Culberhouse in Jonesboro. (Maybe she wasn't raising both hands at the same time!)

Isn't it awesome that Jesus can make Himself so real to us through a song? And that He can use that song to minister to us in such unlikely places.
And that He can put two girls in one family . Two girls that don't look alike, don't dress alike, don't act alike, but love each other fiercely. Two girls, that although grown and living apart for over 17 years now, can hear a song, worship our Jesus and think of the love we have for each other.
I'm so glad that Abby is my sister. She is loving, kind, sweet, loud, overbearing, touchy (as in likes to touch), compassionate, pushy, bold, loyal, faithful, a great aunt, gift giver, and lover of God.
Oh! And I can't finish this post without mentioning My Redeemer Lives, because really, is there a greater song? When she says "...because I spoke to Him this morning" I get tears in my eyes, and even if I'm driving, both hands go in the air.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The "S" Family Christmas

We finished the Christmas season on New Years Day at our Daddy's house in North Mississippi. The only good thing about divorced parents is that Christmas is never ending. It lasts all month at my house and it is actually a lot of fun. I think about my childhood Christmases and my adult Christmases and how incredibly different they are. It makes me laugh, an yawn a bit. I am so blessed to be born into a loving family and to have some sweet in laws to add to the mix. God is good!

Daddy and his wife hosted "S" Family Christmas again, and it was a lot of fun. Connie always makes their home so festive for our gathering. We pile in and tear it apart, and thankfully, she invites us all back! Our kiddos have no idea how fortunate they are to have 3 sets of loving, adoring grandparents.

With Christmas comes Daddy's birthday. We let him lead his birthday song and blow out his sparkler candles. Due to a little Fixodent issue, we all had to help blow out the candles in order to not have teeth in the cake. That man is a nut!

Our annual family Christmas photo, minus our parentals. Our cousin Hollye, Jules and I have taken our little "S" family of 9 and expanded it quite nicely. I know our grandparents would be amazed at all the activity at our family gatherings these days.
We had fun exchanging gifts. Hollye is the family elf and hands out presents one at a time. She is pretty strict about it too. Daddy grabbed a present and opened it on his own and she let him know he was out of turn. He did not grab and open again. She means business!

The family calendar I gave Daddy caused much laughter and embarrassment. I got real crafty and added birthdays. Well, I put Julie's on August 9th instead of August 8th and I left several family members out of the calendar. Let me just say....I will never live this one down as long as I live and I may never make a calendar again! I think Daddy will laugh all year looking at that thing.
This sign brought great delight to our Uncle Joe. Julie gave him a silver ribbon off an opened package and he made a hanging sign out of it and wore it around his neck all day. It was priceless. The poor man will hopefully catch a break now. He works harder as a retired man than we did at work every day. What a man!

And this was the picture of the day. I am posting it as often as I can to prove a point. They said we would not do anything with it, so why take it. Well, boys, here you go! Our husbands are not near as thrilled to be in photos as we are. They were all 3 posing for the photo with blank looks on their faces. Aunt Babs had words and told them she wanted a decent picture of them to put on our grandparents grave. She was being funny...and it was He=lar=i=ous! I think she might have partly been serious and that is what makes it funny. I love my Babs!
Matthew knew until they smiled she was going to give them grief, so here you have it! I am going to frame it...for real! Maybe you have to know them in person to get a good laugh out of this, but I think it is stinkin funny!

After a big day with family and a little head injury from playing a little too hard, Henry was a happy boy to be home playing with all his Christmas toys. I hope no one feels the need to bestow any toys or books or CDs or DVDs on my son for a while. We have more than we can play with, read, listen to or watch. I love all the new things and can't wait to watch him explore all of it. We have the sweetest family to give us so much. Thank each and every one of you for making his 2nd Christmas so merry and bright!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A clear calendar

We are getting back to normal here in south Arkansas.

We are doing school, keeping up with laundry, cooking, eating at home, and playing games.

It is life as we know it. The best part is that there is nothing left on the calendar for this week. Well, I say that now but we know how that goes.

When I got home from Daddy's Saturday night I turned the calendar to January and looked at the first week and it was blank. BLANK! I had nothing to do the whole week. It was bliss for just a moment. Then I remembered I had scheduled a quick meeting on Monday night. So, there was something on the calendar. And then Samuel has a hurting tooth and he has an appointment today. So, there was something else on the calendar. And one of our church members died Sunday so there will be a funeral this week.

My calendar got written on, but not much. I will have time to dust, vacuum, sweep and mop, clean bathrooms, and bedrooms.

Oh, I wish my calendar was full!! Housekeeping really isn't my thing.


Monday, January 3, 2011

525,600 Moments

Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes. Five hundred twenty-five thousand moments so dear. Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes. How do you measure, measure a year?

In daylights, in sunsets. In midnights, in cups of coffee. In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife. In five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes. How do you measure, a year in the life?
Five hundred twenty-five thousand Six hundred minutes. Five hundred twenty-five thousand Journeys to plan.

You know that love is a gift from up above. Share love, give love spread love measure your life in love.

(lyrics from RENT, Seasons of Love)