Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Baby Mama Drama...Yeah, Right!

I sometimes laugh at the things that take my time these days. I always knew being a mama would take on new meaning and create new interests, but I never thought I would get excited about dressing my child for a bargain and end up stessing over it a wee bit!

Like today, I am debating what trunk show to have this spring, Rags Land or Kellys Kids. Dilemma, I tell ya. I am leaning toward Rags Land because I like the Spring line a bit better. Decisions, decisions...

I am also getting really excited about Valentine's Day and ironing out all the details for Henry. I have a shirt being made for him that is super cute, and decorated sugar cookies that compliment his shirt are going to be his Valentine to take to his friends and teachers. I have to laugh at my sister's response about my excitement of having a matching Valentine/cookie to match his shirt, "Really, no one will notice but you". She may be right, but I will know and that is what matters, right?!

Another thing I am gearing up for is the first spring consignment sale in less than a month. Whoo hoo, I am already creating a list. I love this particular sale, KidsTown. My friend and her family own the sale and she gives us preview passes. I owe her big for allowing us to come get first dibs without volunteering a minute of our time. She loves us, I reckon. We got Henry so many wonderful things at the fall sale, I can't wait to see what we find this time around.

And then there is Easter to think about, but I promise to not do that yet...or at least I will try not to. You know, it is sort of nice to know this is my "baby mama drama". A nice little blessing, if you ask me!



Kelley said...

I love Kelly's Kids and Rags Land. I think his outfit and cookie matching is so cute.