Saturday, May 25, 2013

It's been a while

I didn't realize my birthday post for Anna didn't post on here, I have no idea why except that the computer I'm using doesn't like for me to blog!

Daniel and David had their birthdays too, and then we headed to Branson to celebrate all three April birthdays. As hectic and costly as it is to have 3 birthdays in a week, it sure is fun!

So this is what has happened since...

D&D have finished elementary school!! And they had a graduation ceremony. Our homeschool group had two senior that were graduating, five 6th graders, and two Kindergarteners. It was a great night! We had Mexican food for supper and then a sweet, special graduation. Homeschool graduations are really great. They're usually small and personalized and super sweet.

We went to Branson for a few days. David and Anna didn't want to ride any roller coasters this trip so eh hung out together. They rode the log ride and the river raft ride, I was freezing and they were walking around soaked and very happy. The others rode roller coasters for two days and loved it. The Beavers' just enjoy being around us so they had a great time too.

Abby told about mom coming to our house. We enjoy her visits so much, and really had a fun time just hanging out!

Stephen took a group from the BCM to se the Passion Play in Eureka Springs and took my van. And also took his truck keys, so I was left stranded at home for the day. Thankfully mom was here for a bit and then a friend came and picked us up for a while. There are days in a row that I don't have to leave the house, but that wasn't one of them!

So much more has happened, but this has gone on long enough. Anything exciting happening with you?


Anna's 9th birthday

After about 15 days of Anna waking up each morning with a countdown of how many days until her birthday, the day finally came.

When she woke up on Saturday as precious as I've ever seen her. She came into my room with a sweet smile on her face, so excited about being 9!

We all ate donuts for breakfast and watched as she opened her presents. She was so cute! We then headed to Beebe for Awana games. She enjoyed being with her friends so much. She didn't have a party this year because we were busy with other things, but she managed to have a pretty great day.

As our tradition holds, she chose where we ate dinner Saturday night. She first chose El Chico and then switched to Outback. We were all very pleased! However, I have a deep deep love for El Chico so that would have been terrific too.

Happy Birthday Anna, we love you so very much!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Yo Mama, My Mama

Mama visited both of us this Mother's Day weekend. She started at Julie's house on Friday morning and stayed until Saturday afternoon. I love this picture of them. My big mama and my little mama. Being eight years older, Julie is truly my little mama. She learned from the best.

Mama and Julie's crew (minus Samuel who was on a youth trip) ate catfish and had a big time. I love my sister and the example she sets for me as a mother. She is one of the best.

Mama arrived at our house Saturday evening. We had fun playing in the backyard. Henry showed her all his tricks and toys. She was excited to be able to watch him in action.

Mother's Day is so fun with a little one. His daddy has trained him for 3 days to be nice on Sunday, to not tell me what they bought me and to say "Happy Mother's Day" on Sunday morning. He has tried his best, bless his heart. It is hard being 3 and being a mother of a 3 year old is not an easy assignment either. I love the challenge though.

Spending this sweet day with my mama is a nice little gift. I have not spent Mother's Day with her since I was pregnant four years ago. It was time to celebrate with her in the flesh. I love this woman!

Friday night Randall, H and I headed to the mother-in-love's to celebrate with her. I thank God for the love she has shown my husband, my son and myself and I always appreciate her sweet smile.

Henry was so excited to give me my gift. He got me rubber duckie soap that smells like Kool-aid, the perfect plate for my kitchen and he planted some seeds of some sort. He even signed his card himself. I loved it so much. Randall said it is a $7 bar of duck soap. I just laughed. Only Henry, only Henry!

I had to share this little funny. Julie greeted Mama at her house with her favorite drink and then ragged me about it on Facebook.We love to battle back and forth on things like this. So, I decided to try and one up her with a lemon chiffon pie that Mama loves, but it is very hard to make.

I thought my chiffon was pretty fine looking and like to think I won the contest.  I failed to tell Julie that I had rind in my chiffon and it is pretty bitter to taste. I also failed to tell her I had to use 12 egg whites to get 5 to peak to stiffness for the chiffon. I also failed to tell Her Henry was asleep in the den and I had to beat the egg whites in the bathroom in order not to wake him up. Honestly, she won with the Perrier, but I won the A for effort...and I will never make that pie again. Mark my words. Oh, the things we do for our Mother!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bluff City Business

Last week I was in Memphis quite a bit and I loved every minute of it! I was able to eat lunch with Sassy (Mrs. Carolyn) and laugh. That is what we do best...laugh. She is me in 30 years, if I am lucky enough! We are twins in a lot of ways and I love that woman. She teaches me to just be me and laugh through life because when it is all said and done, "who gives a hairy rat!" The visits are never long enough, yet I cherish every little laugh we can share together when we get the chance.

I was in Memphis all by myself for 24 hours. It was very unusual and wonderful! I failed to take photos of all I did there, but when Henry is not with me I tend to forget about my camera. I stayed with my Aunt Babs and Uncle Joe the night before I took my real estate exam. I got there early in the day to eat with Sassy and then I was able to go pick up Claire from school and attend her AAU game with the fam. Hollye, Claire and I then went to eat dinner. It filled my love tank and made my heart happy. My Aunt Babs and Uncle Joe reassured my confidence before my test and I aced that sucker! I then met my sweet daddy in north Mississippi for lunch to celebrate the passing of my exam before heading back to Arkansas to retrieve my wild child from my mother-in-love...who is always on-call to stop everything and keep that fine boy for me. It was a fabulous 24 hours!

This above photo is daddy and me after my exam in the Arby's parking lot. Arby's. He chose Arby's. He said he loved their french dip but he ordered a Reuben. I am still confused, but I was happy to eat anywhere because I was starving and who gave a hairy rat at that point! I love an Arby's  roast beef though, I cannot lie. I would eat anywhere with that old mine of mine. I am blessed to have him.

Over the weekend we three went back to Memphis to see our cousins from Wisconsin. My Meemaw and her sister Grace each had a girl first and then each had a boy. Barbara, Bob, Dick and Nancy try to see each other at least once a year. They grew up in Wisconsin and daddy and Babs grew up in the Delta. They have always been very close, despite the miles. I had not seen them in about five years so we made a point to head over and see them this time.

All of the bedtime stories my daddy would tell me when I was little referred to playing on the family farm in Mississippi with cousin Dicky from Wisconsin. When I see these two maturing men all I can picture are those stories I was told over, over about two little city slickers causing trouble on the farm. It still makes me laugh after all these years. I love that we laugh...alot.

Cousin Nancy and Henry bonded. He calls her "Pancy" and I have not corrected him because watching him say it is just too precious. They ran around the house chasing each other until they got in trouble and had to stop. Nancy also beat me at basketball, but I am short, so I figured as much. She is a lot of fun and I wish we could see her more. It was great to visit and introduce Henry to she and Dick. I am certain he made a lasting impression!

Claire gets exicted about Henry and enjoys entertaining him. I love and enjoy it too. She has taken a babysitting certification class so I just say she is better fit then me in the safety department so I just let her have him when I am over there and I just sit inside and drink a cold can of Diet Coke!  I did venture out once or twice and I took this photo of him rebounding her shot. He would yell "I got it" each time. He was a sweaty mess afterwards, but he had so much fun.

This week we are back to a new normal at our house. I loved my week last week and the change of pace, yet so excited to be on track again. I am now waiting on my real estate license to come in the mail so I can get to work. I am all set up at Remax and reporting in everyday, getting acquainted with everything and everyone. All we are waiting on is the license so I can run on out and sell, sell, sell!


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Agent Abby

If you live in the state of Arkansas, that agent would be me! I passed my test this morning and the feeling of accomplishment when they told me I passed was almost parallel with earning my college degree, without the pomp and circumstance. That sucker was challenging! For 6 weeks I took an online course, teaching it to myself and then today I took the exam in Memphis.  I am excited about this new adventure and SO glad the endless studying has resulted in a happy ending/beginning!