Saturday, May 25, 2013

It's been a while

I didn't realize my birthday post for Anna didn't post on here, I have no idea why except that the computer I'm using doesn't like for me to blog!

Daniel and David had their birthdays too, and then we headed to Branson to celebrate all three April birthdays. As hectic and costly as it is to have 3 birthdays in a week, it sure is fun!

So this is what has happened since...

D&D have finished elementary school!! And they had a graduation ceremony. Our homeschool group had two senior that were graduating, five 6th graders, and two Kindergarteners. It was a great night! We had Mexican food for supper and then a sweet, special graduation. Homeschool graduations are really great. They're usually small and personalized and super sweet.

We went to Branson for a few days. David and Anna didn't want to ride any roller coasters this trip so eh hung out together. They rode the log ride and the river raft ride, I was freezing and they were walking around soaked and very happy. The others rode roller coasters for two days and loved it. The Beavers' just enjoy being around us so they had a great time too.

Abby told about mom coming to our house. We enjoy her visits so much, and really had a fun time just hanging out!

Stephen took a group from the BCM to se the Passion Play in Eureka Springs and took my van. And also took his truck keys, so I was left stranded at home for the day. Thankfully mom was here for a bit and then a friend came and picked us up for a while. There are days in a row that I don't have to leave the house, but that wasn't one of them!

So much more has happened, but this has gone on long enough. Anything exciting happening with you?