Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Birthday Blessings

 There are several of our loves celebrating birthdays this week and in the coming weeks.  I thought we would give a shout out to them. We are blessed to have another year with you!

 Our Aunt Suzy is first up on the calendar. She is our grandmother's sister and a wonderful aunt, advocate, teacher and friend to all of us who are blessed to be in her clan. We had the pleasure of celebrating with her last year on her birthday. This picture is from that fun surprise party at the Clinton Library. We love you, Auntie!

It is the birthday season for aunts. Our mother's sister is celebrating a milestone year soon. Woo Hoo. We love TBEO, our Aunt Janet. She is always smiling and has such a positive spirit to share with everyone who comes in her path. What a blessing it is to call The Blue Eyed One our Aunt. Aunt J, I wish I could make you our special strawberry cake to celebrate :)

And who can forget an uncle as dear as this one. We love our Uncle Joe ("UJ"). He is married to our dad's sister, our Aunt Babs' better half.  I cannot imagine life without our animal cracker eating, Boots the dog loving, numbers crunching, wood working, unconditional loving uncle.  He is a rock for our crew and loves us girls like his very own.

What a blessing it was to see this perfectly precious girl born to our cousin Sarah. Grace Elizabeth is TBEO's first grandbaby too! She will celebrate 11 years soon and I know her talented mother has some creative and genius birthday idea on tap. She and Anna are great buddies and bring so much sweet and spice to the snips, snails and puppy dog tails in our group. We hope you have a "funtastic" year, Gracie!

 And I cannot forget this sweet and chubby tenderhearted baby...who is not a chubby baby anymore! Melissa's middle one, Grant is going to be 8. What a blessing to get to love her babies and watch them grow up to be such sweet and strong boys. Grant is one of Henry's most favorite people. He has the sweetest spirit...just like his mama!

If you are one of our loves and I happened to miss you in this post and you have a birthday in the coming weeks, it was not intentional. Shoot me a message and I'll find a picture of us and I'll add you to this celebration!!

Happy Birthday!!!
Abby (and Julie too!)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

"Have We Got A Party For You"....Henry turns 5.

I love that God blessed us with this special guy 5 years ago. We celebrated him in December, but I am still in catch up mode. We have had some fun parties  and birthday fun with Henry Patton.

  This is what 5 looks like...welcome to 5, Henry! 

When you turn 5 you need big boy he got his first Under Armour hoodie so he can look like the big kids at Valley View. Bless it.

 And when you turn 5 you get your first big boy Bible. This is the coolest Bible too. It is leather and the illustrations are the movies we is Bible perfection for Henry.

Blowing out his candle before school in his cool, 5 year old way. I love celebrating this guy.

 All ready and excited to take Smurf cupcakes to pre-k in his new hoodie as a 5 year old. It was a pretty rocking morning in Henry's world.

 He wanted a VeggieTales party at Pump it Up. So, I had the cutest cake made. He helped pick it out and design in. It tasted like wedding cake. It was an amazing cake, inside and out. It better have been....because it was not cheap.  I loved the bakery because it is all nut and allergy free so our friends with peanut allergies got to eat cake at our party this year. It was worth it just to see those excited little guys learn they could have cake!

 All ready to greet his friends at his party.

In true Abby fashion, I brought my own partyware for the place to use in lieu of theirs. Those girls there helped me make it just perfect. I had to order the balloons online and have them blown up in town. Henry loved them though and they stayed blown up until after Christmas!

The cutest crew in town, right here. We loved having church, school and neighborhood friends all join us to celebrate Henry. He sure is a blessed and loved little guy.

Blowing out his birthday candles and ready to eat cake and open presents!

 Silly and tired children about to head home. We had his party on a Tuesday night, a school night. It was the perfect time and we had a good turn out because it was a week night and supper time. was on his actually birthday too!

I am so grateful for this healthy, happy, smart, witty, loving boy of ours. We are excited about another year with him. We had such a fun time celebrating him, Veggie style.


Monday, January 26, 2015

Here Comes Santa Claus!

Christmas Eve/Christmas morning at our house means Jesus, Santa and Nana & Papa! Henry is always excited to see them drive up before dark on Christmas Eve.

 We love our little Christmas Eve pajama and ornament tradition. I actually made our pants this time and that was a fun experience. Randall and Henry gave me a camera ornament and I gave Randall an elephant in a box singing "I want you to want me" and Henry got the best ornament in the history of ornaments...a Santa semi truck singing "Christmas Convoy". I love this little tradition we have. I know they moan about it sometimes, but one day they will look back on this and appreciate me, surely!

Every year I take this photo and put it on the tree. This will be our 6th Christmas of this...and I cherish all 6 of these pictures so much.

One of the best parts of our Christmas season is our Jesse Tree. This was Henry putting the last ornament on it before bed on Christmas Eve. We put colored lights on our Jesse Tree this year to be different and I loved it. I like to use the lights like the colors in the salvation bracelet and make it have meaning. I love Henry's mouth, concentrating on his ornament.

Henry put his milk and cookies out for Santa and he was so proud. he brought his cookies from Marmie's house. She let him pick out what any cookies he wanted for Santa. Our Aunt Babs gave him this little Santa set when he was a baby. We love using it. Santa really enjoyed the Paul's Bakery cookies from Van Buren from Marmie.

Henry got everything he asked for from Santa. It was a job keeping up with his changing list, but Santa always pulls through. He was one excited little guy to see it all. 

This is what Henry walked into on Christmas morning. It was so fun to get it all together for him.

This is it...this is the shot that makes all that effort worth it. Christmas morning fun. 

 Making sure it is all in his stocking as he requested. He was very specific and Santa granted his wishes.
 Just too excited. He had to sit a spell and see how that chair felt. I don't think he has sat it since then, but that's a subject for a different post. This chair....oh, this chair.

 Testing out his new Hot Wheels bike from Nana & Papa was big time fun in the house. Notice those two in the background. Henry and those two are a trio, that is for sure.

Playing in his tent with the felt fire I had his Nana make for him. That was a funny gift and I love that she will do most anything I request of her, even though she knows it may be ridiculous! 

This is the best gift. We have had so much fun having snowball fights. They feel like real snowballs but they are made out of cotton and felt. Henry spotted them in a store and put them on his list. I am glad he did!

We had a great 2014 Christmas and hope you did too.

Abby Jo


                                   This is how we started 2015. It is SURE to be a good year!!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

All Aboard the Polar Express

We took Henry to Branson for a little Christmas fun the week before Thanksgiving. He loves Dolly Parton and the books he got from her in the mail each month for the first five years of his life. It was like a farewell event for us to go to the Dixie Stampede as the last book arrived for his 5th birthday the following week. We loved Imagination Library. It was a treat each month and I honestly think it has helped cultivate his love for books.

The main reason we took him to Branson was to ride the Polar Express. He knew nothing about it. We surprised him with these pajamas and told him to put them on. He was very confused because we had not even eaten supper yet and we were in the truck in the mall parking lot. We told him to look out the window at the train on the tracks. We told him then. In true Henry fashion, he got a bit anxious, but he was speechless and in awe for a few minutes. He could not express his excitement because it was just too much!
 We boarded the train with all the other pajama wearing children and were thrilled to get out of the cold. It was a perfect setting for the Polar Express ride...cold, dark and festive decor everywhere.
We got into our train car and located our table. It was perfection. The movie soundtrack was playing and the waitress was going around reading the book to everyone. Henry yelled, "I have that book! I know it". He could not take it all in fast enough. The decor on the train car was precious and the scenes out the window were cute too.

The train conductor came to check for our tickets. We had them ready to be punched!

Here he is punching an H on Henry's ticket. He told him to hang on to it and not let the hobo get it. The hobo came into our train car twice trying to find loose tickets. That was a bit much, but cute too.

Henry was watching the elves at the North Pole and spotted Santa. It was big time excitement in that train car, as you can imagine.

And then Santa appeared in our train car! It was the most magical Christmas moment in the history of Henry's life...and possibly ours too. He was perfect the perfect Santa, in every way.

This picture is my favorite. Henry's excitement and awe. Santa was telling him he has really grown since last year. He was a lot taller and he knew he was acting good and minding his parents and teachers. He reminded him to keep being good and he would get his Case truck for Christmas. He then gave him a bell from his sleigh. I loved this Santa. That blue inside his suit is a nativity scene. As he left our train car, he looked back and told everyone to remember the reason for the season and opened the side of his suit jacket to show the nativity. It was beautiful.

I videoed it all but Blogger is so slow on uploading videos, I did not have the patience to sit here and let it load. Come see me sometime and I'll show you the videos :)

There was nothing more magical than this night. We had the best time and we were now all ready for Christmas. Henry also sat in Santa's lap at the Bass Pro Shop and for the first time in his 6 Christmas', did not cry and actually gave Santa his list. It was a big trip for Henry and we are so glad we had the opportunity to take him. It is a fun, magical age and there were very few tickets left for the week we went. This train was sold out all but 3 nights from then until Christmas. We were thrilled to get to go and make some precious memories that will last a lifetime.


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Skutt Family Christmas 2014

Skutt Family Christmas is always too much fun. Each year there is that one funny gift that gets the most attention. One year it was knitted hats with beards, a personalized deviled egg tray, the annual calendar with the wrong birthdays, etc. This year the fun was on Claire Allyn. It it was a t-shirt and it was sheer perfection. The humor is lost on those who do not know her and the situation, yet for those of us in her was hysterical.

 Beyonce. oh, for the love of Beyonce. It could not be worded more perfectly, if Claire had written it herself. "Beloved by the elderly" was the best part of the whole shirt....because to Claire we are all the elderly and she makes us love it, even though we really don't want to! I love my Beyonce loving baby cousin more than words!!

 Grandaddy and his basketball team, as he lovingly calls them. I think Henry is about to be the only one shorter than him. Anna is quickly gaining on him! I know she is taller than me and wears a bigger shoe than me now too. You just cant bottle up a lot of Skutt, it's just too much for the world, so God made us short!

These precious boys are something to be proud of. I loved this picture of them. David and Daniel are so handsome, smart, funny and the sweetest boys around. God did good blessing us with a double dose of them.

This year we all met in Memphis at Aunt Babs' house and ate BBQ and celebrated Jesus together in our best loud and fast fashion.

Hollye ran a close tie with my Beyone shirt when she gave Anna this tshirt and matching shorts. It is a toss up on the top gift of SFC this time, yet, since I am writing this post, I get final say! (I love you, Hollye)  Anna LOVED this so much. It was perfect.

 Charles and Wilma would be so proud of this crew. Their 3 grandgirls did good producing this crop of cuties. They all love God, have sweet spirits, dress well, can throw a ball, are smart, and laugh a lot...what more is there?!

And lets admire that decorated mantle over aunt Bab's fireplace for a second. Take it all in. Yes, I did that. I surely did. :)

Hollye, Julie and me. We have been standing in this room since knee socks and shorts, taking pictures together. I love these two rocks of mine. I could not do life without their guidance and love. They keep me grounded and love me like crazy.

 He says he is the only Skutt now (Connie too) so he is in charge. I think we all beg to differ. We are all in charge...we are Skutt's, after all! lol. I love this ole man and his hat. David and Daniel bought him that. Samuel got him a Cardinals hat too. His head should stay warm this winter.

 Our matriarchs. They are a fine crew. I love how they keep us all together and make sure we do this each year, no matter what, where or how. They are teaching us the importance of staying together years on down the road when it's us 3 girls standing in their spot.

 Christmas is also when we celebrate the birth of our sweet Daddy. We are so glad God saw fit to give him another year to spend with us, filling us with more text messages full of useless information, useful information and texts full of laughter. I love having parents who love us unconditionally.

 And this...this is too much. These girls had a slumber party without me and had Thew take pictures to send me, while lying to me about where they went and what they did. I know they really missed me or they would not have spent so much time pining away for me through photos!!! ha. We were blessed to have Lauren come spend SFC with us this year. She is such a precious and beautiful girl.

I have 2 more posts to wrap up Christmas. I am trying to get it in before end of January! I know you are losing sleep over it. lol

Abby Jo