Tuesday, January 27, 2015

"Have We Got A Party For You"....Henry turns 5.

I love that God blessed us with this special guy 5 years ago. We celebrated him in December, but I am still in catch up mode. We have had some fun parties  and birthday fun with Henry Patton.

  This is what 5 looks like...welcome to 5, Henry! 

When you turn 5 you need big boy clothes...so he got his first Under Armour hoodie so he can look like the big kids at Valley View. Bless it.

 And when you turn 5 you get your first big boy Bible. This is the coolest Bible too. It is leather and the illustrations are the movies we watch....it is Bible perfection for Henry.

Blowing out his candle before school in his cool, 5 year old way. I love celebrating this guy.

 All ready and excited to take Smurf cupcakes to pre-k in his new hoodie as a 5 year old. It was a pretty rocking morning in Henry's world.

 He wanted a VeggieTales party at Pump it Up. So, I had the cutest cake made. He helped pick it out and design in. It tasted like wedding cake. It was an amazing cake, inside and out. It better have been....because it was not cheap.  I loved the bakery because it is all nut and allergy free so our friends with peanut allergies got to eat cake at our party this year. It was worth it just to see those excited little guys learn they could have cake!

 All ready to greet his friends at his party.

In true Abby fashion, I brought my own partyware for the place to use in lieu of theirs. Those girls there helped me make it just perfect. I had to order the balloons online and have them blown up in town. Henry loved them though and they stayed blown up until after Christmas!

The cutest crew in town, right here. We loved having church, school and neighborhood friends all join us to celebrate Henry. He sure is a blessed and loved little guy.

Blowing out his birthday candles and ready to eat cake and open presents!

 Silly and tired children about to head home. We had his party on a Tuesday night, a school night. It was the perfect time and we had a good turn out because it was a week night and supper time. And...it was on his actually birthday too!

I am so grateful for this healthy, happy, smart, witty, loving boy of ours. We are excited about another year with him. We had such a fun time celebrating him, Veggie style.