Sunday, November 30, 2014

Beavers Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! 

I'm a couple of days late, but we've been out of town having fun so I'm sure you'll forgive me. 

Thursday morning we left early and drove to Branson for the weekend. We met Stephen's parents at the world's largest Golden Corral for Thanksgiving dinner. This has become our typical Thanksgiving destination, and we don't mind it a bit. Most of us had steak, Anna had pizza, and all of us ate turkey. It isn't traditional but it's what works for us!

After lunch we headed to Silver Dollar City, but stopped first to pose in front of Ronald Reagan. Abby had sent a picture of Henry in front of this statue and we knew Stephen had to see it! This is Samuel and Lauren in front of our favorite president. (Lauren spent the weekend with us. This is her first Thanksgiving without her mom. We were grateful for the time she was able to spend with us. She is so sweet, and funny, mature, and beautiful.)

Stephen took quite a few pictures at Silver Dollar City both days we were there but I don't have them on my computer, Surprise!!  SDC was so much fun. They put lights on everything, it's very festive! There are so many fun things for kids to do, and the parade is really cool. I love SDC at night!

Anna loved calling everyone on the "real" phone at the hotel. She didn't know how to use it the first time, but then got the hang of it and we couldn't keep her off of it.

We shopped, ate, walked many a mile, shopped more, ate more, and watched a few football games.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to reflect on all God has given me and offers me time to return thanks to Him. There are many things I know I take for granted, the health of my children is one of them. There are so many children suffering with horrible illnesses, and as I sat outside the van door as Daniel threw up at my feet on our way home today, I was thankful. Thankful for my children who are otherwise healthy. I was also reminded to pray for the moms whose children are so very sick, my heart is tender for them tonight.

Thursday, November 13, 2014


I know these aren't the most fun posts, but they're fun for me to look back on. Thanks for indulging me!

In the great outdoors...It is so cold!! It was 30 degrees outside this morning and has snowed a bit in Little Rock overnight. Tomorrow nights football game is going to be brutal!

With thanksgiving,,lIts warm inside. Last week our heater was out and it was a little nippy inside. So, we're very thankful for our heater in these really cold temperatures!

Within our walls...We have been so busy the last couple of weeks. It seems like I've hardly been at home during the day. Hopefully things will slow down next week.

A heart of prayer...As you probably know, Samuel is dating a sweet girl who lost her mother in February.  It breaks my heart to think of her being 18 and a senior in high school without her mother. I pray for her a lot. I cry for her a lot also.

Random observations... I'm going heavy on the random on this one. I really dislike washing my hands in a public bathroom. When I raise them up to get a paper towel to dry them, the water from my hands runs down my arms and in the winter it makes me really cold. See, random!

My silly children...Stephen loves magic tricks and has shared this joy with Daniel and David. They are always shuffling cards and asking if I want to see a magic trick. They're getting pretty good, maybe I should hire them out for party's.

Thoughts from the kitchen...Luckily tonight I don't have to cook. The Pregnancy Resource Center is having their banquet tonight and I am helping with it, the kids are serving, and Stephen is working. Nothing is going on in the kitchen tonight. But....Abby shared her bread starter with me, and one of these days I'm supposed to feed it. I'm hoping she will tell me what to do soon.

What I'm reading...I have gotten a lot of free books for my Kindle lately. I'm reading one of those now. It's slow going.


Sounds of the moment...The boys are doing magic tricks, Anna is watching tv, and I have loads of laundry in the washer and dryer.

What I'm wearing...I worked today so I'm wearing jeans, my favorite Sanuck's, hot pink shirt, and black cardigan.

A favorite thing from this week...We had Henry last weekend. He was so good, and we had so much fun with him! He even got to go on the football field with us after the game. He wanted to know if the football players were nice. I guess thats a good question after spending 2 1/2 hours watching them hit each other!

He is just so cute!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Three Years

Three years ago today our family was shell-shocked. We were scared, confused, abandoned, hurt. We felt fearful, heart-broken and lost. 

Today, Stephen preached at a friend's church and during the service, they called all of us to the front and prayed over us. People left their pews, circled around us, laid their hands on us, and prayed. I couldn't help but think how far we've come. 

Three years ago we received so many sweet words, prayers, notes, gifts, visits, and even offers to beat up a few Baptist deacons and their wives! Those things got us through some rocky months. But more than anything, the comfort we received from the Lord reassured us that we were loved and cared for by Him. He saw our pain, He knew our pain, and He loved us. 

Jesus redeemed our lostness, our pain, our worry, and our sadness. One of Samuel's favorite songs when we was a toddler said, "I'm trading my sorrow, I'm trading my shame, I'm trading them all for the joy of the Lord." Oh people, we have done that! We have traded all of the happenings that day for all the goodness of the Lord. 

I'm not saying we are where we want to be. We're not. I'm not saying we are perfectly content and happy all the time. We're not. But we are working hard at doing what the Lord wants for us. 

Time does help heal wounds, but the Lord does quite an awesome job at it too!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween Fun

Halloween week was festive around here. We went to a pumpkin patch with some friends from church. Henry loved the hayride and corn maze. 

We make a cute ghostly looking pair! It was so hot that night it was unbearable, really. Mosquitoes drove us out of there quickly.

Memphis Zoo Boo was the best halloween fun we've had in years. The lady working the Panda exhibit said "we have candy and dancing inside" and I replied loudly, "yeah, you do!" And my crew almost died from laughing in embarrassment. Randall took these of us dancing it up with the pandas! 

We meet our friends there and enjoyed being with them and making new memories with our kiddos. 

This is us with Mandy and Charlie about 10 years ago and now. We have such fun times together. I'm so glad they moved back to the midsouth. 

 Elvis made his grand appearance at trunk or treat and was a hit! He would take off his wig all the time because he was so afraid everyone would really think it was Elvis and not Henry! I made him put it back on quickly because he looked like Elton john with just those glasses on! Ha 

I love my little family and the endless fun we have together. 

Our trunk or treat is also our church's annual agriculture appreciation day. We live in the delta. It's what we do. Henry and his lifelong friend √Član were testing out the vintage Allis Chalmers tractor together. 

Halloween morning was spirit day at school. Henry loves his new school pullover. I loved my porch decor and he really added to it! 

I was head of his class party....but of course! Lol. It was such great fun. We LOVE his teacher so much.  His friends are so sweet and they are such fun to watch in their classroom. I enjoyed meeting some of the moms in the class too. 

Halloween night was cold! Henry was tired and it was a challenge. We powered through it for a while. We got together with our friends at two different houses on the same street and then trick or treated as a group for a while until Randall told Henry it was time for Elvis to leave the building and get to bed! Parenting is not for the faint of heart! 

Abby Jo