Saturday, January 24, 2015

Skutt Family Christmas 2014

Skutt Family Christmas is always too much fun. Each year there is that one funny gift that gets the most attention. One year it was knitted hats with beards, a personalized deviled egg tray, the annual calendar with the wrong birthdays, etc. This year the fun was on Claire Allyn. It it was a t-shirt and it was sheer perfection. The humor is lost on those who do not know her and the situation, yet for those of us in her was hysterical.

 Beyonce. oh, for the love of Beyonce. It could not be worded more perfectly, if Claire had written it herself. "Beloved by the elderly" was the best part of the whole shirt....because to Claire we are all the elderly and she makes us love it, even though we really don't want to! I love my Beyonce loving baby cousin more than words!!

 Grandaddy and his basketball team, as he lovingly calls them. I think Henry is about to be the only one shorter than him. Anna is quickly gaining on him! I know she is taller than me and wears a bigger shoe than me now too. You just cant bottle up a lot of Skutt, it's just too much for the world, so God made us short!

These precious boys are something to be proud of. I loved this picture of them. David and Daniel are so handsome, smart, funny and the sweetest boys around. God did good blessing us with a double dose of them.

This year we all met in Memphis at Aunt Babs' house and ate BBQ and celebrated Jesus together in our best loud and fast fashion.

Hollye ran a close tie with my Beyone shirt when she gave Anna this tshirt and matching shorts. It is a toss up on the top gift of SFC this time, yet, since I am writing this post, I get final say! (I love you, Hollye)  Anna LOVED this so much. It was perfect.

 Charles and Wilma would be so proud of this crew. Their 3 grandgirls did good producing this crop of cuties. They all love God, have sweet spirits, dress well, can throw a ball, are smart, and laugh a lot...what more is there?!

And lets admire that decorated mantle over aunt Bab's fireplace for a second. Take it all in. Yes, I did that. I surely did. :)

Hollye, Julie and me. We have been standing in this room since knee socks and shorts, taking pictures together. I love these two rocks of mine. I could not do life without their guidance and love. They keep me grounded and love me like crazy.

 He says he is the only Skutt now (Connie too) so he is in charge. I think we all beg to differ. We are all in charge...we are Skutt's, after all! lol. I love this ole man and his hat. David and Daniel bought him that. Samuel got him a Cardinals hat too. His head should stay warm this winter.

 Our matriarchs. They are a fine crew. I love how they keep us all together and make sure we do this each year, no matter what, where or how. They are teaching us the importance of staying together years on down the road when it's us 3 girls standing in their spot.

 Christmas is also when we celebrate the birth of our sweet Daddy. We are so glad God saw fit to give him another year to spend with us, filling us with more text messages full of useless information, useful information and texts full of laughter. I love having parents who love us unconditionally.

 And this...this is too much. These girls had a slumber party without me and had Thew take pictures to send me, while lying to me about where they went and what they did. I know they really missed me or they would not have spent so much time pining away for me through photos!!! ha. We were blessed to have Lauren come spend SFC with us this year. She is such a precious and beautiful girl.

I have 2 more posts to wrap up Christmas. I am trying to get it in before end of January! I know you are losing sleep over it. lol

Abby Jo

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I'll Be Home For Christmas

Christmas in the Fort with mama started at Ed Walker's for lunch. I love a local dive and my people. Perfection.

Henry was excited to be at Marmie's. We had fun shopping at a local gift shop we love. Creative Kitchen. He found the reading glasses ;) 

My girls. My heart. My loves. 

Marmie and her fabulous five grandkids. Henry cracks me up! Never a dull moment. 

We surprised mama with a little seasonal saxophone serenade. It was ah-mazing!!! 

My favorite guys with their new wall bling. 

Aunthood is bliss and so is the Truck. It completes his set. Juju rocks. 

Marmie made him a ninja! 

I love Christmas with this one. 

The big man stopped by Marmie's on Christmas Eve morning before we headed home to make sure Henry was obeying and that he had his list straight! It was a magical Christmas at Marmie's. 

It is not a trip to the Fort with out this....I adore this. Melissa's boys and mine. Friends forever. 

My best girl and me. I loved my trip "home" for Christmas, yet hate how short it was. I loved making special Christmas memories with all these sweet loves. 

Abby Jo 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Tidings Of Joy

December was the busiest and most festive month ever. All the traditions we have started with Henry, plus adding new activites into the mix, made for a whirlwind of fun. We took our 6th annual trip to the lights of the Delta and then drove Into Missouri to see a light display on a house that was all over our local news. It's always a fun, predictable outing, that includes eating in a booth at Perkins. Ahh, and if you REALLY know Randall and me, you know Perkins is where it's at! ;) I miss eating the salad bread bowls and I always think of Meemaw and her love for that apricot syrup. 

We walked in the parade with the Pregnancy Resource Center. I serve on the board and we were so thrilled to drive our new mobile ultrasound unit in the parade. It will go into outlying areas and serve women who otherwise would not have access to a Center....and save babies! We walked behind it and waved at people. 

Henry had a field trip to a Christmas program at the Library. He got to ride on a school bus. That's always the best part. Watching Mama drive off in her car....that's the tough part. 

Henry had a fun snowman themed school party. We adore his teachers and all his new found friends. 

A quick visit from this beauty and her entire crew was the icing on the Christmas cake. They came to see me perform The Grinch in our church Christmas musical and help me take care of Henry that day since Randall was in Iowa that weekend. 

And of course I can't leave out our Sunday School Christmas party was at our house and it was a fun time playing minute to win it games. We are so blessed by our friends at church. It's so nice to serve and grow with a fun group of folks. 

I've decided To save our most festive event/outing of the season for another involves Santa, pajamas and a train...hmmm?! 

It may take me the whole month of January to cover Christmas. I have several posts left to write detailing our wonderful celebration with family and friends. 

Abby Jo 

Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Exchange Party Fun

I love hosting my annual cookie/ ornament exchange. It is such festive fun and a rare time to have all my Jonesboro friends all together. 

These girls all love an excuse to leave the kids at home and come visit, eat and score lots of cookies and a new ornament. I love hearing the laughter and excitement in the walls of our home. 

I always wonder how "dirty" the dirty Santa game will be, but it's usually not too bad. It's always funny to see that one friend who keeps losing her ornament. Luckily, it wasn't me this time! 

This year it was my beautiful and fun neighbor, Lindi. She got the bean bag on the floor and the brunt of the game. I loved that it was her though. It was fun and she's a great sport about it all. She did end up with a fun ornament in the end. 

My church friends and mamas make me feel so loved. I'm blessed with friends from several circles in Jonesboro. That ole saying about having a church family is truth. I pity those who do not have one. 

It's serious business when the cookies start getting swaped. This picture is perfect. I loved the sound and the excitement coming from that dining room. 

Having friends to be silly with is the greatest for a comical ole gal like me. I'm glad God sees fit to always surround me with those like myself no matter where I am in life. 

Oh, those cookies! If you don't attend an exchange at Christmas, come to mine or host one! You won't be disappointed. 

Abby Jo 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Walking In Memphis (running too)

It been forever since I have blogged. Over this festive holiday I have been chewed out by many for it. So, I'm making a vow to do better! I had no idea so many of you missed me :) Here is a recap of some of our happenings this past month in Memphis. We have been there every weekend for something or another since Thanksgiving. 

At the beginning of December we ran the St. Jude Half Marathon. We love Memphis and an excuse to run through it and to help the kids at St. Jude was a plus. We attempted it in 2013 but an ice storm the morning of the race prevented it. We were so glad to have perfect weather this time. 

At the race expo, the day before, we ran into some of our Mississippi Lee cousins. A family who runs together, stays together- ha! It was a fun surprise to see them. They are so much fun. 

My sweet man runs about 4 minutes faster per mile than me, so we did not run together... I would have died- ha! He was a great supporter though and helped me mentally prepare. His mental toughness is off the chart. I love him. 

He got a finish photo with a female Elvis. That's what happens when your wife runs slow I guess- ha! He had a great race and I did too. We both finished in the time we wanted, so it was a success. 

I love Memphis because it's where I fell in love with this man. I enjoyed a race with him but I can't promise I'll ever do it again. Big, crowded races are not for me. I did it and got the medal though! 

The Memphis Zoo is full of memories with family and friends. We met Anna and Dustin for dinner and Zoo Lights a few weeks before Christmas. They are our friends who own the sweet potato farm. Henry had so much fun with the camel  ride, riding the train, ice skating, and performing in the Magic Mr Nick show. We loved being with our friends making festive memories. It was their first married Christmas :) 

The Monday before Christmas we took this sweet boy to downtown Memphis for a greasy burger, a trip through the decorated  Peabody lobby and to FedEx Forum for our first NBA game.  

Watching the Memphis Grizzlies was fun and loud. We lasted 3 quarters and had to go. We were proud we made it that long :) 

Our seats were really good. We were surprised, actually. We bought them online at the very last minute. Henry loved it. 

Beale Street with my boys. It was all but closed this night so we felt it ok to walk Henry across it and look around at it. I love walking through Memphis with these boys. 

Abby Jo