Saturday, September 27, 2014

What's in a Name?

Stephen and I are the slowest people when it comes to naming our children. I was in the hospital with all of the boys before we decided on heir names, and decided on Anna's the night before I went to have her. We take names pretty seriously and want them to be just right. 

Daniel Stephen and David Robert were not names I came up with, they're all Stephen. I had other names picked out but we compromised a bit and the boys are very happy with their names.

Being that David and Daniel look so much alike they are often called by the wrong name. Being a twin is fun, they have fun with it. I love having twins, it's the funnest thing I've ever done and am so honored God saw fit to give us twins. Being called the wrong name is the downside of being a twin. People tend to think of them as one person. People often don't take the time to look/study their differences and know them. David and Daniel don't act like it bothers them and will laugh it off, but think about it. If no one knew your name, even those closest to you, it would bother you.

Last night we were at Samuel's football game, and since it was an away game he was wearing #20 again. Everytime he went out to kick the announcer called him Joseph Valient. He did really good last night but didn't get any credit for it from the announcer. It reminded me of how important it is to know people. Know their names and their personalities. Knowing makes people feel special, worthy, cared for. 

It takes effort, but the reward is great! Get to know someone, call them by name, it will make you both feel good.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Pictures, Football, and Fall

School has started, football is being played. Bible verses are being memorized and I feel a rejuvenation in my soul.

Our mornings are full of school. I work three mornings a week and when I get home we start school, ( usually around 9) so besides laundry, nothing else gets done in the morning. It leaves my afternoons busy and productive. Which is a good thing seeing that my summer was anything but productive! 

Football is keeping us busy! Samuel plays every Friday night, but also some Monday nights and he practices until 6 or after every night. He's loving it, and we're loving it!
Samuel and Lauren, could they be any cuter?
His number is really 10, but they don't have a 10 in the away jerseys. When we travel he wears 20, but the program has Joseph Valient listed as 20. So when Samuel goes out to kick, the announcer says " And Joseph Valient is out to kick." It makes me laugh! 

David, Daniel, and Anna aren't loving football as much as the rest of us are.
That is Stephens leg, I wore jeans (and shaved!)

This is one of my favorite pictures. We're watching the game and Anna is taking selfies! 

Awana is in full swing at church. D and D are in Trek, which is the high school version of Awana and they are memorizing long passages of scripture. Anna is in her next to last year of Awana and loves it. She always has her book with her, even at football games. They all love studying the Bible and memorizing Gods word.

Today is the first day of Fall and I couldn't be more excited! It's my favorite time of the year and today feels cool and crisp. I just might make some chili tonight to celebrate! 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

September Smiles

This month has proven to be one full of some of our favorite faces! We had our best newlywed friends come visit us for the weekend. We had not seen them in 8 years. They have moved back to north Mississippi and we are so glad!! It was fun to meet up again with children. It was like we never missed a beat. True friends. We live life alike and I really like that about us :)

This meet up was good for my heart. Our sweet Aynn at my Mama's house for supper and laughs. She lost her precious husband a few weeks ago and I missed the funeral. I needed to see her, hug her and hear her laugh. It was wonderful and Mama cooked a yummy supper for us. We all celebrate September birthdays so a cake was on the menu too. 

No words for how much I adore this visit to Sandy Ridge Farm. Our friends Dustin and Anna farm sweet potatoes in Senatobia, Mississippi. They invited us to see the harvest. We were thrilled to check it out. Dustin gave Henry the grand tour and even purchased a toy tractor for him just like the one you see Henry standing on. Rotten boy! It was really quite cool to see how they harvest the sweet taters. 

Since we visited the farm on my birthday, Dustin treated us to Como Steakhouse in Como, MS for dinner. I loved visiting with Anna. She is truly a southern belle and we are soul sisters. She gave me the cutest cookbook and made me feel extra special. 

Hugging this old handsome fella was the icing on my birthday cake! I got to see him on my birthday while driving through to go to the farm. My Daddy is a sweetie to have helped get me here 36 years ago! 

Nothing like a Marmie/Mama hug the day after my birthday! I'm thankful this woman had me 36 years ago. She is a saint to put up with me all these years. She always reminds me that I was late arriving and they had to force my stubborn self out. I can see all these qualities in me still yet after all these years! 

Being at "home" with my homegirls is therapeutic to my whole being. There is nothing better than an old friend. I thank God for the treasure of friendship, both the silver and gold friends of life. Sliver has always been my go-to though! We met up for dinner and talked about life, laughed and smiled a lot. A real smile and honest laugh with friends who really get you are precious to the soul. 

This. Just this. It's like a Life commercial in reverse. Melissa and me. These boys are destined to be buds for life. Luke and Henry got a quick visit in while Melissa treated me to my favorite homemade birthday cake and an ice cold Diet Coke. I love that girl more than cake, words and Diet Coke.. And that's big! This month is probably one of my favorite Septembers in my history of 36 Septembers... And it isn't over yet! ;) 

Abby Jo