Saturday, February 28, 2009

Random facts about the kids

Abby isn't home yet, so that means one more day of my kids.

And then I will let Abby have you guys for a while! I know, I know!

...I don't know if David and Daniel are identical or fraternal. The doctor didn't do the test, so I don't know. But I wish I did. It always makes me sound so strange when people ask me and I tell them that I don't know.

...All of our children's middle names are family names. Samuel's is from Stephens dad, my dad, and my grandfather. David's is from my dad, Daniel's is from Stephen, and Anna's is mine, my mothers and my great grandmothers.

...I went in to have 2 babies on a Tuesday about 3:00pm and was discharged Thursday before noon.

I went in to have Anna at 6:00AM on a Tuesday and was discharged after noon on Friday. Why I had to stay an additional day and a half when I just had one baby I'll never know.

...I never got the steak dinner the hospital bragged about when I had any of the boys. Abby, your hospital owes me some food!

...My steak dinner when I had Anna turned out to be coconut shrimp. Can I just tell you how much I dislike coconut shrimp?

...Daniel sleeps on the top bunk and has for over 2 years now. No one knows why.

...None of my children use a top sheet. Their spouses are going to hate me for that.

... Two of my children suck their thumbs. The other two never did.

... Adrian Rogers spoke a blessing over the twins when they were just 7 weeks old. It was very special and quite a memory.

Well thats enough I think. Now, you should be able to take a quiz on my kids lives and make an A+.

Thanks for reading my ramblings. I don't know why you do, but I am so thankful that you do. I think there were too many do's in that sentence!


Spotlight on: Anna

Anna. Our only daughter and our last child.
Anna was a complete surprise. As with Samuel I suffered from a kidney stone at the very beginning of my pregnancy. That should have been a tip off, but I was clueless.
When I finally decided to take a pregnancy test I was at the pregnancy crisis center where I volunteered. I took the test, saw the results and cried. I told Kim, the centers' director and my dear friend, that I needed counseling! Right at that moment, the phone rang. It was for me. This is how the conversation went.
me: This is Julie
Stephen: Is this a pregnancy crisis center?
me: yes
Stephen: I have a crisis. My wife isn't pregnant.
me: yes, she is.
Stephen: (yelling with excitement) really? Is it a boy or a girl?
me: the line was pink if that means anything.
To say this was an unplanned pregnancy is an understatement. We had no maternity insurance and no plans of anymore children. One of my friends was married to an obgyn and he took me as a non-paying patient. I will be forever grateful to the burden he lifted off of my shoulders at the same time I was telling Stephen that I was pregnant. In Experiencing God it teaches that God works through His people, and that was so true on that day.
Anna is different than the boys. She was from the moment she was born. I remember holding her in the hospital and she wouldn't stop crying, I handed her off to Stephen and still she wouldn't stop crying. We finally layed her down and she stopped.
She really didn't like being held that much. And with 3 boys that was a good thing.
Anna is strong willed. I mean, Anna is STRONG WILLED!
When she was just a year old she was at the doctor office and the doctor told me I needed to"get a hold on her." He had probably spent 15 minutes with her her whole entire life, so I didn't heed his counsel. Oh, how I wish I had. He was so right! I told him last year when I say him at a wedding how right he was. He just grinned. I love that man.
I pray that God will ease that a little in her life. That she will become a little more flexible as she grows older. But I also pray that she will be able to keep that will when it comes to making the tough decisions that life sometimes throws at us. Did that even make sense?
She loves to dress up, play with Barbies, swing on her swing set and play with "my boys" as she calls her brothers. She is a tad bit dramatic and can be so funny at times.
She is adored by her brothers and Stephen and I are truly in love with her.
Abby sent an email after Anna was born that said she added a softness to our home. I loved that because that is exactly what she did.
I never wanted a daughter and never dreamed I would have one. But I am so glad God blessed my life with Anna.


Spotlight on: Daniel

Are you bored yet? Don't worry we have 2 down and 2 to go!

Daniel is the last boy. I thought he would be the last child but we'll talk about that tomorrow!
While David was being Mr. Wild Child in utero, Daniel was just laid back and chillin'. I remember a lady at church telling me that when the boys were born she didn't want to know which one had given me such a hard time and which one hadn't. She was afraid she would like one more than the other.
Isn't that funny? Like that could even happen. You can't help but love both of my D boys.
Daniel is a hoot! I remember when he was little and still in the car seat. He would make a funny face and laugh out loud. He knew he was funny! And he was. And he is. His laughter brings a smile to my face and most often makes me laugh also.
Daniel loves to cuddle with me. The other boys do too, but not to the extent that Daniel does. This boy will practically sit on my lap everytime I sit down. There is no doubt that he loves his mother (or maybe just loves the cushiness of me!)
Daniel likes to ride his scooter. Marmie gave him one last year, and he has ridden the handle bars right off of it. He can even keep up with the boys when they ride their bikes.
He is a good student, he enjoys reading and does really good in math. He is the first one in the school room each morning.
Daniel is my most compliant child. He doesn't want to do anything if he thinks someone wouldn't like it. But isn't so sensitive that he would cry if that indeed happened.
Daniel was saved last year. About 3 weeks after David was saved. His salvation was also an answer to prayer. In fact he was saved at bedtime. Which is when we would pray for his salvation. It was if God was letting us know that He had heard our prayers and He had answered them.
I always wanted three boys. I thought I would only have two children, but I never got that option! I got my three boys and I couldn't ask for a better trio of testosterone!

ps. Just one more to go!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Spotlight on: David

David is the oldest twin by about 2 minutes, And he claims all 120 seconds!

While I was pregnant with the twins one of them gave me quite a hard time. He kicked, punched, layed on every nerve and in general made pregnancy a pain! The night before I had the twins he actually flipped from head down to bottom down. He weighed 5 lb 6 oz (Daniel was 5 lb 8 oz) and he still managed to find room enough to practice gymnastics.

Stephen and I tend to put off giving names to our children until the night before they are born. The fact that this delivery was 4 weeks earlier than expected put us in a time crunch.

So as the anethesologist (I know that is spelled wrong but spellcheck will not help me with this word!) was getting everything ready, Stephen and I began talking about which baby was going to get what name. I decided that the baby that had caused me so much pain and anguish should be David. After all King David caused the Lord much anguish but still was a man after God's heart. But God loved him still. I felt the same about David.

Now David is 7 1/2. He doesn't cause me near as much pain now! HA!

David loves to read, he takes a book with him everywhere he goes. Even ballgames. Its in his genes! I can't even keep up with how many books he has read.

He also loves to write.

And he loves to ride his bike.

His latest fascination is with plastic army men. He has a hundred of them at least. He lines them up on our hearth in perfectly straight lines and plans his war. He knows which ones are going to die and which ones are the heroes. He has such an imagination.

David was saved last year, right after his 7th birthday. Once again our prayer was answered that he would be saved at a young age. David has a sensitive spirit and is not afraid to show his emotions. He makes friends easily and likes to watch tv and lay on the couch.

He is a good student and enjoys learning and actually asks for more work.

I pray that he will always want to do more than is expected and be a man after God's heart.


The picture of David is having problems. I hope to get it up soon!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spotlight on: Samuel

Instead of telling secrets about Abby I have decided to write about each of my children for the next 4 days. This isn't so much so that you can get to know them, but so that I can have something written about them at this age. But I do hope you enjoy these little snapshots into their lives. Samuel Charles was born October 11, 1997. My pregnancy with him was very unplanned but once we found out that what the doctors thought was a kidney stone actually turned out to be a baby we could not contain our excitement!
Samuel was born 2 weeks early due to a once-in-my-lifetime bout with pre-eclampsya. As the doctor looked at him for the first time he called him a miracle baby. His cord was in a knot. The dr said most babys don't live when this happens. He didn't think it had anything to do with the car accident I was in 4 weeks prior, he said it probably happened early in the pregnancy.
Samuel is the first born grandchild on all sides, so to say he got everything he wanted or needed would be an understatement. The attention given to him was enormous and exciting. Our youth group loved him as did the rest of the church.
As soon as he learned to talk and walk all he wanted to do was play ball, and nothing has changed now that he is 11. He has a competitive streak that can hardly be tamed. He wants to win at everything he does. I'm praying that the competitive spirit he has is one that God can use greatly for His kingdom.
Samuel was saved when he was 6. Stephen and I were so excited. That he would come to know Christ at a young age was a prayer we had prayed since we first knew about him. I remember helping him after his baptism, he said "now I can go be a missionary." I know if that day comes, that he leaves for a foreign land to tell others about Jesus, I will be sad and tearful but I will also know that he is "going about the Lord's business."
Samuel, who when he was about 8 decided he really liked to be called Sam, has played baseball every year since he was 5. He loves it. He eats it up. He has been on 3 all-star teams and has represented his team well.
Samuel is an excellent student. He doesn't believe that, but he is. When he puts his mind to something he will succeed(the competitive spirit kicking in!) He has done well in both public and home school.
He is loving, sensitive, helpful and has a sweet heart. He is ALL boy and I love that about him.


Flowers and secrets!

We are preparing for spring. These warm sunny days are making us antsy. In the last 2 days we have made 1 trip to Lowes and 2 trips to our local feed store. We (and when I say we, I mean everyone but me) are making 4x4 raised flower beds.
Our hope is to plant lettuce, broccoli (that takes 16 weeks to grow!), cucumbers, tomatoes, a few herbs, squash, peppers, and watermelon. It should be a good-eatin kind of summer!
When I went to The Pioneer Womans website today she had pictures of her own raised beds with step by step instructions. So, I wanted all of you to know that we had ours up and filled with dirt, which also contains poop(which Anna says so cutely) before she had hers posted on her website. I'm just sayin.
We will be without any posts from Abby this weekend as she is otherwise occupied. So, I might just hijack this blog and tell Abby secrets all weekend long. So, if you have any let me know!


Monday, February 23, 2009

What A Year

This time last year we began our journey back to God's country. It has been a fun filled, fast paced year. Randall started his job in March. I quit mine in May and became a desperate housewife until July. We sold our house in June and bought our new home in August. We remodeled the new house all fall and put in many hours at work. We celebrated in our home for Thanksgiving and at Christmastime with new friends and family.

Here we are in this place, thanking God for his provision and many blessings. Last year if you would have told me I would be this happy, I would have cried bitter tears. Now, I catch myself crying tears of joy. Wow, how this ole world turns! I look back at our "We have Moved" card and we look scared. I look at our Christmas card and we look tired and overwhelmed. I look at us now and we look comfortable and in our element. I will cherish this journey, always.

*the red words link to previous posts from the past year.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Three things

#1- I took Anna to the Dr this week, while there I mentioned to her that her ears were yucky. To that, Anna replied, " you need to get the pickles".
I said "pickles?"
she said " what you clean my ears with"
I said "q-tips?"
she said "oh! whats a pickle?"
I said "the green things that you don't like to eat"
she said "oh"

#2- Yesterday the kids and I stopped by a quick mart to pick up something to drink. I decided it was cheaper than a fast food place, and I think I was right. ANYWAY! The clerk that rang our drinks up was on her phone the whole entire time we were in the store! So, when we left, I said "guys, what do we know about people that talk on the phone like that?" I was thinking that they would say something like that isn't what you should do while you're at work or it wasn't very polite. Samuel quickly answers with "we aren't supposed to marry her!" Apparently I am spending too much time talking to them about the kind of girls they should marry.

#3- Stephen is in New Orleans for a few days doing evanglism work during Mardi Gras. He left yesterday. Last night I couldn't find the remote control for our tv anywhere. I looked and looked, I even told the kids if they found it I would give them $2.00. (Which is quite a step up from the quarter I usually offer them to find something!) They were looking everywhere.
I called Stephen and told him that I thought he had packed it. He laughed and said he didn't think so.
Since he is gone, I watch tv until the very moment my eyes close for the night. And if I wake up in the night I turn it on. I fold clothes while watching tv in my room, I iron while watching tv in my room, I lie in bed in the morning while watching tv in my room. So now you understand the great loss I feel. Because we are on satelite the remotes are not easily interchangeable. It really is a tragedy.
So, back to the story. He called late last night, telling me how much he loved me, so you know right? He has the remote. It was in between two pair of jeans. Sadly, I am the one that folded the jeans, but I'm sure I did not stick the remote in between them! I like to leave him little notes in his luggage, but I'm sure not going to leave the remote.
I'm so glad my mom is coming to spend the weekend with me. This way, I won't be so lonely since I won't be able to watch tv in my room.


Open Skies

This morning I was finishing up my run and this song came on my ipod. I have heard it a zillion times, but this morning it was rather refreshing. It IS so wonderful to be here now. I hope your Friday feels wonderful!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Miss You Like Crazy

Sissy is my sister's look-a-like, but she is me in a nutshell.
Oh, how I love it.

I miss this sweet little face, the little giggle and the adorable little attitude.

"My Boys" rule the bonus room and staircase at my house. So cute, the sound of an elephant herd running overhead. It is truly the sound of fun and I just love it.

I miss these handsome faces, tender hearts, and great big imaginations.

Have I ever told you how much I LOVE being an aunt to these sweet faces? I think I have, but I will give you a friendly reminder. I miss them a lot this week. Looking at their happy pictures from their last visit at my house makes me smile. I am so thankful God lets me love them like I do. What a blessing.

Aunt Abby

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Q&A Time is time for "Ask the Sisters"

Comment on this post and ask us anything sisters related, etc (within reason, of course).
To comment you only need to click on comment below this post and type your comment and then click on annonymous. You do not need to log in.
Q: OK, Julie.... does anyone else tell you how much Anna looks like Suri Cruise?
(from YFA TBEO)
A: YES!! All the time.
Q:Anonymous said...
I thought this would be a great time to de-lurk and ask a question I have wondered since reading your blog: You both have the most gorgeous skin!! What are your skincare routines and what products do you use? How about makeup? I need ALL the details!! Thanks so much. I love your blog!:)
(We would love to know who asked this???)
A: Well, we both laughed outloud at this one. To be honest, we take the worst care of our skin out of anyone else we know. We use whatever, whenever and however. I guess it is good genes. What a nice compliment you paid us though, thank you so much!
We are both trying to wear sunscreen more and we are wearing moisturizer more than we used to.
Q: Its a given that the both of you got your fantastic looks from your mother (I just don't go around marrying ugly women).But, where did both of you get your amazing intelligence, great personalities, and fantastic senses of humor.
A: Of course this question came from our father. I would say we got the smarts, outgoingness and laughter from both of our parents, and the others in our life who helped mold and shape us into who we are. So, yes, Daddy, you do get some praise for it!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Welcome, Sa

Abby, Sarah and Julie - in the mid '80's.

Please welcome our cousin, Sarah to blogland!
We are so glad Sa has joined us. We can't wait to keep up with all her latest crafts and read about her baby girls, Molly Claire & Gracie. Stop by her blog and get to know her, she would love it!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Drum Roll Please...

After 6 months of living here with no master bathroom, today I moved into it and claimed it as my own! When we moved here I would not step near the bathroom. If you will remember, we bought a foreclosure. The people trashed the house before the bank took over. We had to re haul the whole bathroom in order to make it liveable/useable. Randall has done all the work himself after work and on the weekends. It is finally completed and ready to use!
It is a monumental day for us. Julie said it was blogworthy, so here I am writing about it. She, Mama and Molly knew the "wall" I had built up about the bathroom, so it is a HUGE deal that I have set up shop in it and am ready to decorate it a bit. Yay for this place becoming more of a home, room by room!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Engagement Anniversary!

Yesterday Stephen and I celebrated our 16th engagement anniversary.
The year he proposed, Valentines Day was on a Sunday, so he proposed on Saturday night the 13th. We went to a nice restaurant (that is no longer around.) I was dressed in my most figure flattering dress and heels. The restaurant was packed with people all around us, but we didn't mind at all. We were in love.
When we were finished eating, but I don't think my rainbow trout dinner had been cleared yet, Stephen handed me my Bible. I knew he had it with him when we walked into the restaurant, and I thought it was very strange but remember I was "in love". So he hands me my Bible, turned to one of the blank pages in the front. He had written his marriage proposal in my Bible. It was based on James 1:2-6. It was our favorite passage at the time. It talks of being joyful in the trials we face, and that through those trials we gain patience and wisdom and that he wanted us to do all that together.
So sweet. We celebrate Valentines Day as big as we celebrate our anniversary. We have gone away on this weekend many times, but tonight we have called in our favorite babysitter and are going to dinner. We don't know where we are going. I'm sure everything will be SO crowded, we may end up at Mickey D's. But that will be ok. Because I love the man I married and I love that he proposed on this most romantic of holidays.

Happy Valentines Day!!!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


When most of us think airbrush we think of the tacky license plates you see on red neck trucks or the t-shirts you see for sale at a mall kiosk. Well, I must say I have given airbrush a new name!
I got an airbrush tan today. Yes, the lady sprayed me with the same airbrush gun they use at the kiosk in the mall. No fear. There is no "Randall loves Abby" written anywhere on my body in hot pink and purple. It is a nice little golden tan that will last about 6 days. I got it for an event I am attending on Saturday night. Without the tan I would have looked like a half burnt marshmallow in my LBD. So, airbrush it was. It stinks like crazy...almost like that tanning bed smell, sort of. I cannot bathe until tomorrow morning, that is the catch with the paint on have to let it dry real good or you defeat the purpose. I am looking forward to that shower in a.m. hours, for sure.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Boy Scout

Last night Samuel received the Arrow of Light award from his Cub Scout troop. The Arrow of Light award is the highest honor you can earn in Cub Scouts. And the only award that transfers over to Boy Scouts.

Samuel had to accomplish several goals to be able to earn this award. He had to go on a camping trip and hikes, he put together a first aid kit and learned basic first aid, he assisted on basic maintenance on our car and learned how to tie a square knot. He also had to memorize the Scout Oath, Promise, 12 points of the Scout Law, and was able to discuss the basics of all of those with his family. And that is not all, but I have chosen not to bore you with all the push-ups, charts, skits, and other activities he had to complete in order to get this award.

It was a lot of work for him (and I must say, for me as well) but he was so proud of his accomplishments last night. The Boy Scout troop was at the ceremony and after he was handed his Arrow of Light award from his Pack Leader, the Boy Scout Scoutmaster handed him his Boy Scout book and he shook hands with all the Boy Scouts. He has his first Boy Scout meeting tonight!

Moms play a huge role in Cub Scouts. All of the Packs are led by moms, and moms outnumber the dads at the meetings. But in Boy Scouts moms are not as encouraged to attend. Which is fine with me. He is going on a campout in 2 weeks. Hello! Its February! I hope he will stay warm in the tent he has to pitch by himself and eats well on the food that he cooks himself.

My little boy is growing up!


Monday, February 9, 2009

It All Started In The Bathroom

So sorry about the picture quality. I need to work with my scanner just a bit more.

We have just endured,lovingly, The Week of Love, with Abby and Randall. What Abby failed to mention was my part of the whole relationship. So, I will take this opportunity to let you know my part of the story.

The picture above was Moving Day 2001. Samuel was 4, and the twins were 6 months. No one was happy about having to get up and move to a new house this day.

God had guided us through a most difficult time and we were looking forward to starting a new adventure in a new place. Stephen had been called to be Pastor at a church in Augusta. This was his first pastorate. He had been in the ministry for 8 years but had never been the Sr. Pastor.

We met many people and everyone made us feel welcome. A lady wanted to help me repaint and wallpaper some rooms in the house. I was all for that! So, we named a day and time and set out to paint the bathroom. As we were both in the bathtub trying to sand and get ready for paint I began talking about my sister. I told the lady how cute and sweet she was, about her sense of humor and style, about her thick curly dark hair and how although she was going to school in Conway she spent almost every weekend in Memphis (because she always felt like that was her 2nd hometown). She hadn't dated much and so wanted to meet the man that God had chosen just for her.
The lady then starts talking about her son(stepson really but you wouldn't have known it by the love she has for him). About how cute and nice he was, about his thick curly dark hair and how he lived in Memphis. He hadn't dated much and really was ready to meet the girl that God had chosen just for him.
We got Abby and Randall together right there in the bathroom at 806 N. Eighth Street!!!!!
We put them in contact with each other and at some point on Dec. 31, 2001 they looked at each other and knew that they had met the person God had chosen for them.
I cannot tell you how excited I was, and I cannot tell you how excited Molly was. She still thinks Abby is going to give her twin grandchildren!
So, that is how I played a role in getting the lovebirds together so that they could celebrate Love Week every year. So, if you are totally nauseated at the thought of the Love Bandit balloon, and the watching of the wedding video, looking at wedding pictures and drinking fruity drinks, I'm sorry. But I am so glad they found each other, that God allowed me to play a part in their romance and that they love each other today more and stronger than they did 6 years ago.

I love you both. And Randall I'm really glad you are a part of our family. You have enriched Abby's life so much and we are so thankful for the love you show her everyday.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thank You Lord, How Could I Ask for more

I believe we both had tears in our it!

Our Wedding Party
Tim, Sarah, Ben, Julie, Me, Randall, Melissa, Rick, Lindsey, Zach, Hollye, Caly, Samuel, Matthew

Beginning this journey together

I love that song. Our friend Paige played it on the piano and sang it at our wedding. Today I have been married to RWL for 6 years. I am so thankful God gave him to me. He keeps me level (or at least tries), loves me for who I am, reminds me of my dreams and goals when I loose sight of them, provides a wonderful life for me and makes me laugh about simple things. I could go on and on, but today those are the things I am most thankful for.

We spent the weekend with friends in north Mississippi and ate lunch with Daddy & Connie on the way home today. Tonight we will do the anniversary tradition - watch our wedding video, look through the two wedding albums, drink a fruity drink through a straw together and laugh at it all. What a full and fun 6 years it has been for us!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

He's home!

I know you didn't know my dear husband was out of town. I decided not to post such information. I get scared enough as it is, I sure didn't want to advertise the information.

Yes, you read correctly, I get scared. Before we had children, and well, even after Samuel was born, I would stay with a friend of mine when Stephen was gone overnight. When we moved from that town I didn't have anyone to stay with, so I would just sit up and watch tv all night. Fear kept me awake.
Isn't that silly? Well, it didn't seem so at the time, but when I look back on it now it seems silly. That is until I have to be without a manly-man in the house. I'm telling you what, I hear every noise, sound, creak, croak. It's awful.
Sunday night (the first night) while I was lying AWAKE in my bed I was praying and telling God that I knew He didn't want me to be fearful and that I knew there were many verses in the Bible that told of His being with me at nighttime. I just couldn't think of any. I couldn't recall any verse!! Do you know why? Yes, you guessed it, because I had not ever chosen to memorize any. So, I am now memorizing 3 verses. My favorite being Psalm 4:8 I will lie down and sleep in peace for you alone, O Lord make me dwell in safety.
My man will be leaving in just a couple of weeks for another trip and I plan to have these verses memorized and ready to face the night with me!
Isn't it wonderful that we don't have to face those scary nights alone. I'm so glad to have a God that is my Protector.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Birthday To Some Special Ladies

Happy Birthday, Granny!
The Davis cousins with Granny
Mawmaw & UD'S wedding, 1983

Our Great-Grandmother defined Proverbs 31. She died with I was 13 and Julie was 21. Today would have been her birthday. She would be 103. I can only imagine the party in heaven tonight. I can hear her laugh. Oh, sweet music to my soul.

Today is also Granny's grand-daughter's and our aunt's birthday! Granny loved having one of her girls share her birthday. It was so much fun for both of them.

Happy Birthday, tbeo!
All the girls, Christmas 2004
We love you the biggest much!

The Bandit

The Kissing Bandit

This is the beginning of Love Month for us. I know, it is cheesy, but I am cheesy!
The Kissing Bandit has been part of Love Month since 2002, when Randall and I fell in love. Last year the Bandit was not able to hold air. We blew him up for 6 years...yes, the same balloon for 6 years! I took it to random florists, Walgreen's, etc and begged for helium. It is too fragile to hold air anymore. This picture was taken during his last year with us in 2007. In order to get it aired up that year I had to buy a balloon at the flower I tied it to its arm. You do what you have to do!

Here is the history of the Kissing Bandit:

Randall came to my cousin Hollye's backdoor V-Day of 2002 with this balloon in front of his face and body. It scared the pee-waddling out of me, at first glance. Claire Allyn was only 1 year at this time and it was taller than she was. It walked on the floor as the air hit it. She was scared to death, as you can imagine. We took it across the street to Aunt Babs & Uncle Joe's house to keep Claire from being afraid in her own home. It was great comic relief after a depressing week. Our grandmother had died earlier that week and it was still very heavy on our hearts. Randall then gave me my favorite perfume (Safari, of course) and I gave him a new Bible and red throw with his name on one corner and mine on the other. We were so sappy then.

Randall's birth mom liked me alot in our early years and bought this balloon at Walgreen's and had him give it to me. It was great fun. I took it back to Conway with me and left it in the living room of my apt. My air/heat unit was not working real well and I had the apt manager come look at it. When he came in he jumped and yelled. The Bandit moved out of the corner when the door opened and startled the poor man. He was so embarrassed and I almost peed my pants from laughing.

Randall and I had only been married a week when we celebrated out 2nd V-Day. I had the Bandit blown up at Walgreen's. When he got home from work I was standing at the door with it in front of me. It was a total surprise to him. After that the Bandit stayed a surprise. I would air it up and hide it in the closet, trunk of the car, shower, etc. He was part of our family, really. I now have him in a box, folded up. He is too fragile to hold air. I plan to one day find another one like him online. I have seen them online but they are so expensive. I may wait for the 10 year anniversary and surprise Randall with a new Kissing Bandit. It is sure to make him smile.

I will share more fun highlights from Love Month in the coming days and weeks. Be prepared to gag, Julie.