Saturday, February 28, 2009

Spotlight on: Anna

Anna. Our only daughter and our last child.
Anna was a complete surprise. As with Samuel I suffered from a kidney stone at the very beginning of my pregnancy. That should have been a tip off, but I was clueless.
When I finally decided to take a pregnancy test I was at the pregnancy crisis center where I volunteered. I took the test, saw the results and cried. I told Kim, the centers' director and my dear friend, that I needed counseling! Right at that moment, the phone rang. It was for me. This is how the conversation went.
me: This is Julie
Stephen: Is this a pregnancy crisis center?
me: yes
Stephen: I have a crisis. My wife isn't pregnant.
me: yes, she is.
Stephen: (yelling with excitement) really? Is it a boy or a girl?
me: the line was pink if that means anything.
To say this was an unplanned pregnancy is an understatement. We had no maternity insurance and no plans of anymore children. One of my friends was married to an obgyn and he took me as a non-paying patient. I will be forever grateful to the burden he lifted off of my shoulders at the same time I was telling Stephen that I was pregnant. In Experiencing God it teaches that God works through His people, and that was so true on that day.
Anna is different than the boys. She was from the moment she was born. I remember holding her in the hospital and she wouldn't stop crying, I handed her off to Stephen and still she wouldn't stop crying. We finally layed her down and she stopped.
She really didn't like being held that much. And with 3 boys that was a good thing.
Anna is strong willed. I mean, Anna is STRONG WILLED!
When she was just a year old she was at the doctor office and the doctor told me I needed to"get a hold on her." He had probably spent 15 minutes with her her whole entire life, so I didn't heed his counsel. Oh, how I wish I had. He was so right! I told him last year when I say him at a wedding how right he was. He just grinned. I love that man.
I pray that God will ease that a little in her life. That she will become a little more flexible as she grows older. But I also pray that she will be able to keep that will when it comes to making the tough decisions that life sometimes throws at us. Did that even make sense?
She loves to dress up, play with Barbies, swing on her swing set and play with "my boys" as she calls her brothers. She is a tad bit dramatic and can be so funny at times.
She is adored by her brothers and Stephen and I are truly in love with her.
Abby sent an email after Anna was born that said she added a softness to our home. I loved that because that is exactly what she did.
I never wanted a daughter and never dreamed I would have one. But I am so glad God blessed my life with Anna.



Anonymous said...

I was so excited to read a little about your children. I feel like I already knew the Fab Four thru Abby but you added a depth to them as you described each of then. God has blessed you with miracles each time one was born and I feel blessed to read about each one's special spirit.
Diana Rives

Anonymous said...

I have to agree, that Anna had a look about her from birth that said leave me alone. She was the most independent baby. but look at her now. she is in control.. i just hope you all recognize it..ha!! but she can stay with me anytime. we are kind of alike.


Sisters said...

That's MY girl!