Friday, February 27, 2009

Spotlight on: David

David is the oldest twin by about 2 minutes, And he claims all 120 seconds!

While I was pregnant with the twins one of them gave me quite a hard time. He kicked, punched, layed on every nerve and in general made pregnancy a pain! The night before I had the twins he actually flipped from head down to bottom down. He weighed 5 lb 6 oz (Daniel was 5 lb 8 oz) and he still managed to find room enough to practice gymnastics.

Stephen and I tend to put off giving names to our children until the night before they are born. The fact that this delivery was 4 weeks earlier than expected put us in a time crunch.

So as the anethesologist (I know that is spelled wrong but spellcheck will not help me with this word!) was getting everything ready, Stephen and I began talking about which baby was going to get what name. I decided that the baby that had caused me so much pain and anguish should be David. After all King David caused the Lord much anguish but still was a man after God's heart. But God loved him still. I felt the same about David.

Now David is 7 1/2. He doesn't cause me near as much pain now! HA!

David loves to read, he takes a book with him everywhere he goes. Even ballgames. Its in his genes! I can't even keep up with how many books he has read.

He also loves to write.

And he loves to ride his bike.

His latest fascination is with plastic army men. He has a hundred of them at least. He lines them up on our hearth in perfectly straight lines and plans his war. He knows which ones are going to die and which ones are the heroes. He has such an imagination.

David was saved last year, right after his 7th birthday. Once again our prayer was answered that he would be saved at a young age. David has a sensitive spirit and is not afraid to show his emotions. He makes friends easily and likes to watch tv and lay on the couch.

He is a good student and enjoys learning and actually asks for more work.

I pray that he will always want to do more than is expected and be a man after God's heart.


The picture of David is having problems. I hope to get it up soon!


Sisters said...

I love this boy. I see him laid on the couch with a book and it makes Aunt Abby smile inside.