Thursday, February 26, 2009

Flowers and secrets!

We are preparing for spring. These warm sunny days are making us antsy. In the last 2 days we have made 1 trip to Lowes and 2 trips to our local feed store. We (and when I say we, I mean everyone but me) are making 4x4 raised flower beds.
Our hope is to plant lettuce, broccoli (that takes 16 weeks to grow!), cucumbers, tomatoes, a few herbs, squash, peppers, and watermelon. It should be a good-eatin kind of summer!
When I went to The Pioneer Womans website today she had pictures of her own raised beds with step by step instructions. So, I wanted all of you to know that we had ours up and filled with dirt, which also contains poop(which Anna says so cutely) before she had hers posted on her website. I'm just sayin.
We will be without any posts from Abby this weekend as she is otherwise occupied. So, I might just hijack this blog and tell Abby secrets all weekend long. So, if you have any let me know!



hsmomma5 said...

We are making plans for our garden too and planning to do a bigger one than usual. I will have to visit that Pioneer Woman--she has such a cool site and I am yet to spend enough time looking at it.

And BTW, I had NO idea that it takes broccoli 16 weeks to grow!!

Anonymous said...

Connie and I buy our broccoli and other veggies at Kroger. They grow it for us. Its in the raised veggie bins in the produce dept.
I am glad you are so inclined to grow veggies for all the family.
I'll bring plenty of sacks when we come to see you. Will wait 16 weeks so we can get some broccoli.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until Mike gets our tomatoes going! Oh man.. nothing better than a homegrown tomatoe! Hope you get lots of good veggies from their efforts!

Gotta love this Spring weather!


Sisters said...

I am preparing to plant some veggies and fruit in the dog pen. Can Anna's boys come help me?