Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Engagement Anniversary!

Yesterday Stephen and I celebrated our 16th engagement anniversary.
The year he proposed, Valentines Day was on a Sunday, so he proposed on Saturday night the 13th. We went to a nice restaurant (that is no longer around.) I was dressed in my most figure flattering dress and heels. The restaurant was packed with people all around us, but we didn't mind at all. We were in love.
When we were finished eating, but I don't think my rainbow trout dinner had been cleared yet, Stephen handed me my Bible. I knew he had it with him when we walked into the restaurant, and I thought it was very strange but remember I was "in love". So he hands me my Bible, turned to one of the blank pages in the front. He had written his marriage proposal in my Bible. It was based on James 1:2-6. It was our favorite passage at the time. It talks of being joyful in the trials we face, and that through those trials we gain patience and wisdom and that he wanted us to do all that together.
So sweet. We celebrate Valentines Day as big as we celebrate our anniversary. We have gone away on this weekend many times, but tonight we have called in our favorite babysitter and are going to dinner. We don't know where we are going. I'm sure everything will be SO crowded, we may end up at Mickey D's. But that will be ok. Because I love the man I married and I love that he proposed on this most romantic of holidays.

Happy Valentines Day!!!!!


Sisters said...

See, you are mushy too! I must have learned it from you:)

Anonymous said...

How sweet that was! And you deserve the romance!

Love you,