Saturday, October 24, 2015

Judgement House

This time every year the church our kids attend for children and youth functions has a drama called Judgement House. It's a walking drama with several scenes that tell the story of several people and their decision to accept Christ or not. 

Many people make a life changing decision during Judgement House and accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. The boys have been involved in some way every year since 2012. They love being a part of something that has a lasting impact on people, and they love being with their friends!

This year, Daniel played a lead role (he did last year also), David played a Roman guard, and Samuel had a one line role. Daniel practiced his lines for weeks, he always wants to do the best job possible, and he delivers! David is the tallest of our three boys, and was an intimidating figure as a Roman guard. Samuel had a busy week with Homecoming festivities and was only able to be at JH for two nights, but his one line was a needed one.  

We've been through a lot of changes as a family the last few years, but one thing that has not changed is the love our children have for the Lord. They desire to spend time with people that love the Lord, and to learn more about Him. Don't ever underestimate children/students. When they can see evidence of God at work, they might just want to know more about Him and be a part of His work. Whenever possible make sure your children see you give God the glory and praise for what God does in your life. Whether it's a promotion at work, money for a bill that needed to be paid, or a prayer that has been answered, share it with your children so they can see God at work around them. 


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Parent/Teacher Conference

Now that all of the boys are attending school in some way or another, parent/teacher conferences are a real thing for us this year. 

For the last two years Samuel had one class each year so our parent/teacher conferences were quick and easy, not too painful. 

This year Samuel is taking a full days worth of classes, so I had several teachers to meet and visit. I enjoyed meeting them, putting a face to the name and figuring out how best to help Samuel do well this year. 

I visited with David and Daniel's teacher, and she made me smile. She has worked really hard at telling them apart and getting to know their personalities. I can't tell you how much that meant to me. Public school teachers get a bad rap, they have a tough job, but the ones I met last night have the best interest of our students at heart. 

Our boys are doing good in school, they've made the transition well and have good grades. So far so good. 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Awana Anna

Anna loves Awana. She has been in it since Cubbies, when she was three years old. She learned to memorize short parts of key verses in the Bible. As she got older and progressed in Awana the verses got harder and she heard the words "word perfect."  

Word perfect is how she insists on saying her verses to her leaders. The rules for memorization allow he students to have two helps when reciting the verses, but that will not do for her. She must recite me with no helps and no mistakes. 

She has memorized over 100 verses and has truly hidden them in her heart. When we have Bible study she can give book and chapter to a lot of the subjects we cover. It's amazing! 

Today we were checking out at Dollar Tree and talking about memorizing verses and having to miss church and the Bible lesson that was going to be taught. The clerk stopped us and let her know how special she thought Anna was and how refreshing it was to hear a teenager speak of Christ and learning about Him. Oh, how my heart smiled. I love what the Lord is doing in her heart and I pray that she keeps Him close to her. 

The Year of Samuel

Our favorite sit-com right now is The Middle. Do you watch it? It could be based on our little family. We call Samuel and Stephen by their tv counterparts names most of the time. The daughter on the show is having The Year of Sue, Sue is her name, and that made me think that this is the Year of Samuel. 

Please don't think I'm ignoring our other three children. They are being loved on, given attention to, praised, and adored. It just happens that this is Samuel's senior year and it takes up a lot of our thought and time! 
Saturday we found out he has been accepted two colleges, Sunday he turned 18. I'm not emotionally stable enough for these things to happen so close together! I cry. A lot. 

 Wednesday night Samuel was inducted into the National Honor Society. When we first got the letter saying that he was eligible to be in the NHS, Stephen and I looked at each other and just laughed! The kid has been homeschooled for 11 years! Taught by me! I couldn't imagine that he could be honored in such a way. We were so proud. (We won't talk about the 60 pounds Stephen has lost and that those are David's pants he's wearing)

If you've been reading here anytime at all you'll know that my picture taking skills are, well, not very good. This is the picture I got of him shaking hands with the principal. I'll enter it in the fair next year! Ha!

These two. Aaron is the 3rd baseman and Samuel plays 1st, we never see these two together without hats on. His mom and I were so excited to see them both with hair we had to get a picture!

And if you know my in-laws at all, you aren't surprised that when Charlie found out around noon that this was happening at 6:00, he hopped in his car and came on down. 

So the year of Samuel has begun with a bang! He's still kicking the ball on Friday nights and was 3rd in the state for last weeks games. He's loving life! He's loving school! And he's loving Jesus! The last one is the one I'm most proud of. 


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Aunt Abby's Girl

I had a fun 48 hours this past week with our best girl, Anna Kathryn. Julie and I met in Beebe for the exchange of our sweet little princess. Everyone asked her "what about your school?" while she was with me. She and I would answer, "the perks of homeschool". 

I exposed her to the chiropractor. She watched my chiro twist, pop and electrically stimulate me. I told Anna that Mawmaw used to make me go to the toning bed with her and I turned out just fine...she'd be ok! Then I had to explain to her what a toning bed was. Fun times. 

Henry loves his "Milky" and couldn't wait to get out of school to see her with me in carline. His sweet OT that sees him at school two days a week for fine motor therapy told me he was excited about Anna coming all day. It made me smile. He sure loves his cousins and he and Anna have a special little bond. 

Anna loves Chic fil a. We got cupcakes and went and ate the Christian chicken before church on Wednesday night. Anna is in Awana also so she went with Henry and was able to do her book work with our TNT girls. She had a lot of fun. Henry was so proud to have her with him at church. He won candy for bringing a visitor too. It pleased my heart also. I just love being an aunt to Julie's children. 

The real reason Anna was with me was for the Toby Mac concert tickets I had purchased for she and I to attend in Memphis. The girl is cray cray about some T Mac. A few months ago I called to tell her I had purchased the tickets and she squealed and cried. She is such a girl. 

We went to the new Cheesecake Factory in Memphis before the concert and to get her a halloween costume. She's gonna be Snow White. We had some fun girl time together. I had aunts who invested in me, I want to be guilty of doing the same for my sister's children. Being their only aunt, the task is big.  I'll also need a girl to take care of me when I'm old too...let's be real here! ;) 

We did a dirty deed and texted Marmie and Julie and told them Anna had thrown away the tickets by mistake and we couldn't get into the concert. We laughed so hard at their responses, then we said "just joking". When my sister's children describe their aunt, they usually include the word "crazy" in the description.

We made it to the concert 1 hour before it started and all was right in Anna's world. She was so glad to finally get there and find our seats. I loved watching her excitement. I texted Julie and said , "oh to be with an 11 year old girl at a concert". Nothing like it. 

I never felt like a middle aged mom until this concert. When the smoke and lights and bass started booming it confirmed to me I am truly old. I loved watching her though. She stod for 3.5 hours and sang most every song Colton Dixon, Britt Nicole, Hollyn and Toby Mac sang. I knew more than I thought, so I joined in when I could. She isn't old enough to be embarrassed yet, thankfully! 

Anna with Toby Mac's drummer. She goes "he was rubbing my back like the whole time!" LOL. I made the night with this picture. We had no idea who he was but I could tell he was somebody important by the crowds around him and those shoes, so I scurried her over to him and said "smile". Later he came on stage and gave his testimony and we both looked at each other in awe. Score! 

I was sad to meet my big sister back in Beebe to trade her off, but homeschoolers have to school still yet. Henry got home that night from school and declared he missed "Milky" and we agreed we missed her too. I'm so glad we had this fun time together to remember forever. 

Aunt Abby