Thursday, October 15, 2015

Awana Anna

Anna loves Awana. She has been in it since Cubbies, when she was three years old. She learned to memorize short parts of key verses in the Bible. As she got older and progressed in Awana the verses got harder and she heard the words "word perfect."  

Word perfect is how she insists on saying her verses to her leaders. The rules for memorization allow he students to have two helps when reciting the verses, but that will not do for her. She must recite me with no helps and no mistakes. 

She has memorized over 100 verses and has truly hidden them in her heart. When we have Bible study she can give book and chapter to a lot of the subjects we cover. It's amazing! 

Today we were checking out at Dollar Tree and talking about memorizing verses and having to miss church and the Bible lesson that was going to be taught. The clerk stopped us and let her know how special she thought Anna was and how refreshing it was to hear a teenager speak of Christ and learning about Him. Oh, how my heart smiled. I love what the Lord is doing in her heart and I pray that she keeps Him close to her.