Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ringing In 2014

We are ready to welcome in a new year here at our house. 2013 was a wonderful year, yet new beginnings are always exciting. I have not blogged much lately because I am too busy to sit still and write. I vow to do better in the coming year. I do miss it and being still is always my goal, yet rarely achieved. Bring on 2014! 

We scored these fun glasses at a 5k we ran in Memphis last weekend. It was a night run through the light display at Shelby Farms. We ran as a family and got cool stocking caps and shirts. We have had fun with the glasses tonight, for sure. They glow in the dark! It doesn't take much to excite us around here! 

13 years ago tonight, Randall and I met on a blind date. It is always fun to celebrate that fun time and now that we have Henry it takes on a new meaning. We went to eat Mexican food and came home early to ring in the new year! We had a parade of our very own all through the house. I love our crazy life and look forward to what lies ahead! 

Happy New Year, friends!!


Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Fun!

Christmas started last Saturday for us. We drove to Jonesboro to have Skutt Family Christmas with Daddy, Connie, Aunt Babs, Uncle Joe, Hollye, Matthew, and Claire. I hadn't seen any of them ( except the Lee's) since last SFC. It's always great fun to open gifts and play a little dirty Santa. We laugh loudly, and we laugh a lot! So fun!
We also take a lot of pictures. This is one of MANY! Aren't we cute!

We then headed to the Fort for some more Christmas fun. We got to worship with our home church Sunday morning and it was wonderful. I love those people! Abby, Randall, and Henry came and spent time with us too. Somehow, I didn't get a picture of Stephen's parents. We went to a couple of movies and ate countless meals. 
Our Christmas tradition is brunch on Christmas morning after we open presents with mom. She makes eggs, biscuits and gravy(the best gravy ever), sausage, and garlic cheese grits. Oh my, the garlic cheese grits. Yummy!
We had an excellent Christmas celebrating the birth of Jesus with our family. I hope you were able to have a great time of celebration and reflection on our Savior's birth.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Merry Christmas from our home to yours! 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's Christmas Time

Well, who knew it would be weeks until we blogged again? You'ld think we have a lot going on, or something! (I don't, Abby may)
We've been enjoying Christmas shopping, being with friends, and sitting in our living room with our Christmas tree. Delta Church had a float in the Christmas parade, and that was loads of fun. Cold, but fun! 

Anna spent the night with a friend last night. Angie, Audrey's mom, said that when Anna was decorating the candy cane cookie she said she was going to decorate it as a J for me. The preciousness of this child is too much for me!
This is Audrey, Anna, and Audrey's brother Nick. Audrey also has three brothers, no wonder she and Anna are such good friends! 
I can hardly stand Anna being gone. She is my sidekick and her not being in the house is just weird. I don't think I'll let her spend the night with anyone again. Just kidding! Maybe!

We're in the final days of Christmas preparation. We're finalizing plans, buying gifts, making goodies for neighbors, and going to read The Best Christmas Pagent Ever, and watching Christmas movies ALL the time. But we're not forgetting Jesus! We know, love, and share that Jesus came to the world at this time to be our salvation. That fact is the very foundation of our family!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

All Aboard The Birthday Polar Express


Can you believe Henry Patton will be 4 years old tomorrow?! Neither can we. We celebrated his birthday last weekend with his first all boy party, polar express style.

I had so much fun preparing for it, as you can probably tell! My mother who is never at a loss for words said it looked like Polar Express threw up in my house. She was SO right and we loved it!
We had a breakfast pajama party with 7 three and four year old boys. It was such a fun time.

I had his pajamas monogrammed with a train and his name. He loved them and I liked how they sort of looked like the ones on the movie. Henry loved all the bells I had everywhere. There is no doubt we believe at this house. We had the jingle loud and proud!

I had his invitation made from a shop on Etsy and I was very pleased with them. One of his little friends came to the door ready for me to punch his ticket. It was so cute. I ran to get a hole punch and punched it for him.

Every good party has to have goodies to take home, of course. I ordered train whistles, train conductor hats, made train smoke out of white cotton candy, I had bells for each child and a fun photo prop station.

I purchased these on Etsy and had them printed. I am excited to use these all season long for my various parties and get togethers. So much fun!

Henry loved the conductor hat. I loved how much fun he had at his party. It was worth all the work just to see him smile, hear him squeal in excitement and have him say, "Thank you for my party, Mama".

I set up tables in the kitchen for the boys to sit at to eat. I had fun decorating them. I used fabric to cover them and got balloons. I had fake snow, bells and tableware. It was easy and cute.

I made snowmen out of donut holes, icing and fruit roll ups and put them on a lollipop stick. I also had sausage balls. It was cute, but 3 and 4 year old boys don't eat when they are all together, so I threw most of them away!

The cake was SO cute. Note: eating cake at a breakfast party is not normal. We had lots left over. I had the girl who made his fireman cake last year make this one. He loved it.

Happy Birthday to my Christmas and train loving little boy, Henry Patton. I cannot believe it has been 4 years since I kissed those cheeks for the first time. What a blessed 4 years it has been being this sweet child's mama!