Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Angel

We woke up yesterday morning to snow,snow, snow! Henry saw snow when he was 3 weeks old but it was nothing like this. He did not know what to think about it. He was not fond of how bright it was. We heard kids playing in it down the street and it made us long for the day he will be out in it making snow angels and snowmen in the yard.

This is what it looks like at our house. We are snowed in as you can see. I don't know about you but I am ready to hide Easter eggs and be done with this Winter mess. Urrggh!


Friday, January 29, 2010

A school dilemma

One of the benefits of homeschooling is that our schedule is flexible. We can decide to go out of town and not have to worry about the kids missing school. We can have school in the morning, afternoon, night, weekends, whenever we want. We can do 2-3 days worth of school in one day and other days we barely get through one days worth of work. The flexibility has me spoiled.

The dilemma of homeschooling is that my kids know the public school schedule. They know that school was out for MLK day and will be out for President's Day. Our school does not take those 2 days off. And they also know that today the public school was let out at 8:45 because there of ice in the trees.

So my dilemma is to have school or not. I've decided that since the public schools went to school for an hour, we will also do a little bit of school. The kids seem fine with it, since they enjoy what we will be doing. Test prep for the standardized test they take in April. I think I have strange kids!


Monday, January 25, 2010

Go West Young Man

Henry and I headed west this past weekend to visit the Fort. He was anxious to meet more family and friends. We traveled with Nana and that made it fun since Daddy had to stay home and work. It was a fun filled weekend with lots of hugs, kisses and sweet faces.
Henry and I loved being at Marmie's for his first overnight visit. Marmie was most excited to have her newest baby boy at her house.

Henry was the handsome guest of honor at a sip & see hosted by our dear friend Genia. She threw the party for Marmie's friends and family to come meet Henry. (sip on cider or tea and see the baby - in case you are wondering)

Marmie loved showing him off and he was such a good boy. He never made a sound the whole 3 hours he was on display. He is near perfect, I must admit!

All of us girls loved seeing all of our old family friends and our family that lives near by. It was such a special day.

Genia really knows how to throw a party and love on babies. Henry was right at home at her house and we love that she is always the hostess with the mostess!

Henry finally got to meet Cousin Sarah "Sa". She was all smiles as you can see.

Nana and Jane came to see Henry. Nana says Henry must have a magnet that pulls him towards her. She is a wee bit in-love with my boy.

Henry will have to take his first swim in both of their pools this summer. We won't tell them who was first as to make sure we don't hurt any feelings! I love these 2 precious ladies.

Emily & Gay made over the little prince as he sat on his throne.

Can you believe I babysat this pretty girl on the left and her mother surely must have babysat me. I feel old and I know this makes Gini feel older. Sorry!

I adore this picture of Henry & Aynn. She is the mother and grandmother of the girls in the above picture.

Brittney said she really wanted Henry to like her. I think he does.

My heart always smiles when I see Elise & Vicki. Henry seemed to take to them real well also.

Our cousins came to town just to see Henry. We were so glad. We were also so glad they did not take him home with them. They were tempted. Clay is the sweet cousin you helped us pray for last Winter/Spring. He is a healthy blessing thankful.

Anna was so glad all the guests went home so she could have her alone time with Henry.
One of the best highlights of our trip was having Henry meet Aunt Janet and Uncle Mike.

Marmie had us come straight to her work when we got to town on Friday.

She loved showing him off to all the people at her office. He was so sweet to all of them and many of the women fell in love with him. He is already a ladies man.

One of the other best highlights was introducing Henry to my BFF, Melissa. (Yes, I have 2 best buds named is a little much to keep straight at times) She has been my best bud since we were little girls. We will share a room at the home.

I loved that Henry and I got to spend a little time with her. She is 7 months pregnant with little Luke. Her 3rd. I can't wait to have all 4 boys get together. I love that it looks like Henry is looking at Luke (her stomach).

Henry and I missed Daddy so we made sure to pack our Daddy footed pjs and take a picture for him.

Henry slept and played so good in his pack-n-play. I love this face! He looks like my Mama in this cute. He is such a little Randall but so much like my Mama's side of the family too. I love how God works that out. (And no, he does not sleep overnight in his Boppy pillow. I know you must think we stick him in this pillow all day because all our pictures have him in it. He loves it and is most happy in it, so it is where he spends a lot of his time, but not all his time.)

BE STILL MY HEART! Henry's cousins are quite smitten with him. He will be rotten. I love these 5 faces so much that my heart cannot even contain it.

His shirt says "My Aunt Rocks"...and boy, does she ever! Henry love his Juju and she loves him like her own. I love that.

Look at that smile! Marmie with her 5 grandchildren. Her heart overflows with pride. Henry makes the others look so old. I am not sure I like that they are growing so fast! Henry was all grins with his Marmie and his cousins. So fine.

We had to go home after such a fun time. We could have stayed a full week and still not seen all the people we would have loved to see. We were blessed to have the time and see the people were were able to though. Henry was looking at me like, " Do we really have to go? I sort of like the attention I am getting here." We got home safely and our little Daddy was MOST glad to see us and love on his boy. It is funny how Henry is the one who gets the first kiss these days. :) I like that is just so funny how things change so fast. We are so blessed.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Bluff City Outing

Today Henry and I took a quick trip across the Mighty Mississippi to see Mama's former work friends, Grandaddy and to go to Ross Dress for Less. He was such a little trooper being in his carseat/stroller most of the day.
Seeing Grandaddy is a given when we cross the bridge. No visit is complete with out a little G'Daddy love for the Henster. He sat with us at Wendy's while I fed Henry and then he strolled Henry around Ross while I tried on a few dresses and such. He made up a song for Henry and sang it out loud in the store. The sad thing is that it did not embarrass me. I was just glad he was able to keep our little mister content and happy. Henry appreciated the paci patrol more than anything. Thanks, Grandaddy.

We got lots of love from our Aunt Babs and Sassy while on our trip to ECS today. Babs loved showing Henry off to everyone and we loved seeing Sassy for the first time since the weekend we found out Henry was a boy. It had been WAY too long. We had some good laughs on our short visit and Henry smelled like his own brand of cologne when we left after being loved on by so many good smelling people.

A few of the White House gals. I miss their sweet faces so much. For me not to have worked there any longer than I did, I sure have a heart for all the wonderful people there. Patty put her puppy down to hold Henry. I am so glad the baby beat the dog. When I walked in I was worried there would be competition. Ha. It was so nice to catch up a wee bit with everyone. I could have stayed a week and still not feel caught up.
Wayne is one of the sweetest men to walk this earth. He is a fellow Arkansan who moved across the muddy waters to the Bluff City. Not sure if you remember the incredible Razorback Christmas sleigh he made for our yard 2 Christmases ago that I posted? (If not go back to Dec 2007 and find that post. I have an infant who is fussy so I am not backtracking tonight.) I can't wait for Henry to see it next year. Henry enjoyed meeting Wayne today. He took to him quiet nicely. He knew he was a fellow Hog fan.

I worked for this sweet man during my short tenure at ECS. Everyone should get to report to a man like Rex. He is one in a million. He offered to take Henry and get him to sleep through the night for $3000. I am still pondering on it....hmmm. Anyway, Rex is also the proud papa of Alabama's #75 who is on the cover of Sports Illustrated this month. Rex is the most humble man I know and would never boast about Barrett's success. I hope to be that modest when Henry wins the Heisman one day.

I was alive in '85

Thank you for all the Disney help!

I think we have finally decided where to stay and when to go. Now to make reservations for dinner and breakfast!

I haven't been to Disney World since 1985. I went for one day with some relatives. I remember riding Space Mountain and the parade. And that's it. And I was 15! I sure hope my kids remember more than one ride and a parade.

When I called Disney for information the girl asked if I had ever visited before. And then she asked when, I told her, and she giggled. Giggled! My guess is she wasn't even alive in 1985 and probably doesn't think Disney Word existed. Well, it did. I don't know how much of it existed, but I know Space Mountain was there.

A couple of days later I called Disney again. The girl that answered reviewed my information that I had given last time and said "and the last time you visited was in 1995". I corrected her!

The other girl didn't even believe me. She couldn't believe that there was life in 1985. I wish I still had my green extra long tank top with Mickey's face on it that I got way back in the dark ages of 1985. I would take it right up to that girl and show her that yes, even Mickey was alive in 1985.

Ooh, that sounds like a senior class motto. Mickey Mouse was alive, We're the class of '85!

And if that incident wasn't enough. Sunday morning at church some friends of mine found out what year I graduated from high school and looked at me like I should have a cane and orthopedic shoes.

Come on people! 40 is the new 20, or something like that. This is my year. I thought about losing 40 pounds to commemorate this great event, but the way its going it looks like I may be adding 40 pounds! HA! Just kidding, I hope!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Henry's Happies

Wearing blue jeans and loafers like a big boy makes Henry happy and dapper. It also makes Mama laugh and Daddy beam with pride. He truly is most precious, isn't he?! Daddy called him "Henry High Pockets" because of his jeans being too big and pulled up all the way. So cute.

His first trip to Target made Henry gitty...and it made his Mama both nervous and glad. Mama loves Target and having my baby boy with me made it even better. Despite the white trash woman who got 'tude with me in the check-out and shoved my cart with Henry in it, we had a nice trip. Yes...she did! Anyway, I chose Target for this outing instead of Walmart because I felt less chaos and germs would be at Target. I failed to think of the classless breed of folk that seem to be everywhere I go. Oh well, he is now aware that there are classless folk in this world and they follow Mama everywhere she goes. Bless his heart!

Ms. Melissa makes Henry get a warm fuzzy feeling inside. He is glad that someone besides his Mama and Daddy can come over anytime to feed him, burp him and swaddle him they way he likes. Being a moody refluxing baby makes him a sweet challenge sometimes and Ms. Melissa has just the right touch. Look at his face...he really likes her and so do we.

Snoozing on Mama and Daddy's bed makes Henry coo and smile. When Daddy sneaks out early to hunt, Henry gets to come to bed with Mama. He stays in his Boppy in the middle of the bed and loves it. Boppy=happiness anywhere in Henry's world. He loves that pillow and being in bed with Mama makes it even better. Sorry Daddy!

A stroller ride on our street makes Henry suck on his paci with great joy. We took our stroller out for a walk for the first time today. It was so fun to be out in the sunshine and get some exercise. Mama is so out of shape it is sad. Seriously, my street has a hill and I never knew it. Really though. Anyway, Henry liked his stroller and Mama liked having such a handsome little accessory accompany her on her walk.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Face

Henry smiled for the first time at 3:00 this morning while I was up feeding him. It was priceless. He has not done it since and I hope he does it again soon so his Daddy will see it. His Daddy is sitting on the couch looking at him waiting for him to to do it again. Poor Daddy...lucky Mama!
15 minutes after I posted this Henry smiled 5 times in a row and his Daddy saw 2 of them! We are complete mush at this house.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My "Good Friend"

This is my "Good Friend" who spends her day off every Wednesday coming over after she drops off her children to keep mine so I can go run errands and such. She does it because she wants to. I never ask. She is a God send to me. Her family is so precious to us. We are so much alike, yet different. We joke with her, but mean it, when we say, "Melissa, you know you are a good friend, right?" because she would always call me and say, "Girl, you know I am a good friend, right?" We have a good time, for sure! Our family loved meeting her at the hospital while I was in labor. Randall's Dad asked me how she and I ever get a word in with each other....we both talk nonstop! Henry adores Ms. Melissa and looks forward to his Wednesday visits with her until his Mama goes back to work.

Disney Help!!!

I am planning a Disney trip for June. And I'm confused, panicy and have almost decided to bribe the children into not going!!

If you have any helps, pointers, ideas, charts, maps, logs or journals you could loan me I would SO VERY MUCH appreciate it.

I was looking at making a reservation at Cinderella's Royal Table for breakfast and it says you have to make them 180 days out. AAAAHHHHH, I'm 154 days out! Have I missed the window for reservations? See what I mean? I need HELP!!!!

If you don't want to comment, you can email me at cooljules143 at or message me on facebook.

Please help a girl out!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Henry's Happenings

This is Henry getting an upper GI test. It looks sad, but he actually really enjoyed it, sadly enough. The heart paci in his mouth makes me smile. Poor baby. He has reflux and we are trying our best to get him relief. Between formula change, meds, and other tricks, we are trying to get drama free feedings around here. Pray for our little guy's GI tract to mature quickly!

Henry's Nonnie (Randall's mother) came to meet him over the weekend. He enjoys his weekend company. He has yet to have a weekend without a grandparent...spoiled boy!

Nonnie got to feed Henry. Our feedings are sometimes pretty stressful because of the reflux. He sure is cute when he eats though. We love all his fun burp rags (He has 22 burp rags and they are ALL monogrammed....LOVE IT!) and looking into his little eyes as he gulps as fast as he can. So cute, he is.

Henry is more alert each day. The only toy he pays any attention to these days is his new gloworm he got from Hollye, Claire and Thew for Christmas. I think it is the light on it that grabs his attention. He likes to listen to his Jesus Loves Me bear he got as a gift from Hollye's MIL and his musical horsey he got from Grandaddy and Aunt Connie when they found out I was pregnant. He listens to them on his changing table when he is getting diapered and dressed. He is so fun to observe each day.

He likes his swing and he is noticing the little mobile more each day. I think the motion soothes his reflux. He is really filling out his swing more and more each day. He will be driving a car around JTown before too long.

Henry is learning that napping in his bed and lying awake in his bed for a while is an okay thing. He is so cute when he is awake in his bed. This is what I get to see before I pick him up. I love those arms. I can't wait until they reach for me.

This is Henry's mad face. This is the face I get to see when his bottle is empty and he wants more or when the flash of the camera blinds him for the 1000th!

Henry's Daddy is a great multi-tasker. He comes down from his office to work often so he can spend time with his little guy. Henry likes working with his Daddy and his Daddy likes the companionship. He is the best coworker ever!

And this is me soaking up my baby and stealing all his kisses. I am so blessed to have this sweet baby to look after each day. Even at 2:00 in the morning, fuzzy eyed and listening to a refluxing baby scream, I count it all joy.