Tuesday, April 29, 2014


A couple of months ago I noticed a wart on the bottom of my right foot. And then I noticed one on the bottom of my left foot. I ignored them for a few days and then realized I needed to get rid of them.

So, because I have a medical degree I headed to Walmart. I found some Walmart brand wart remover bandaids and bought them. All I had to do was put the wart bandaid on the wart and change it every two days.

Have you ever tried to keep a bandaid on your foot for two days? It's difficult. I changed them almost daily. And the pain just got worse. 

So today I was working and knew that I had to go to a doctor. Stephen had been telling me the whole time to make an appointment so I did. For May 15!!!

Luckily, right after I made the appointment they called back and said I could come in at 1:00 today! I told the doctor I wanted them off, I didn't care how she did it, I just needed them gone! 

She put some liquid on them and told me I was good to go. And I was, until about five hours later. I am in PAIN. Oh my goodness, the fire that is in my feet! 

Oh well, I'm convinced that they will feel all better in the morning. Either that or I'll have to just cut them off.

Sunday, April 27, 2014


In the great outdoors...It's looking to be a stormy day. We woke up at 6:00 to thunder, lightening, and rain. Waiting on tornado's now.

Within our walls...Stephen is grilling chicken for supper (doing it early before the storms), Samuel is at baseball practice, the rest of us are just chillin inside.

A Heart of Thanksgiving...Samuel safely attended prom Friday night. I don't know why everyone expects kids to lose their heads on prom night, but we do. Samuel had fun and looked quite handsome.
A Heart of Prayer...Praying for Delta Baptist a lot lately. 

Random Observation...Speeding through Star City isn't a good idea!

My silly children...Stephen just overheard Anna tell a boy outside, " I wouldn't mess with me, I have tons of guns at my house."

Thoughts from the Kitchen...Grilled chicken tonight with potato salad and a veggie. 

Projects...The only project I have going on is making a list of places to go for Anna's birthday shopping trip!

Sounds of the moment...The television is on, Daniel is reading the comics and I can hear him turning the pages.

What I'm wearing...Don't be surprised. Black yoga pants, white t shirt, and white socks.

A Favorite Thing from Last Week...I have more than one. 1) Taking pictures of Samuel and Lauren before prom
 2) Working in two new stores and spending quite a bit of time (4 hours) in the car alone! 
3) Celebrating David and Daniel's 13th birthday with them.
 4) Watching Samuel play baseball and making great plays.

On the Calendar...Anna and I are going on her birthday shopping trip Thursday to Little Rock. Samuel has two ball games and Saturday Stephen and I are going to the 175th Pine Bluff Birthday Gala. I have to find a dress.

Friday, April 25, 2014

So Different

Tonight has been a night of elegance and dirt. 
Samuel went to prom tonight with his girl Lauren. They make the cutest couple, and man they clean up good! They both play ball and can get pretty dirty and sweaty. But not tonight. Tonight, they were elegant, and beautiful/handsome.

And then we had this. To celebrate David and Daniel's birthdays we had a campout tonight with their buddies. Daniel started a campfire, we roasted hot dogs, they had an air soft battle, and then got into the tent and had many, many laughs! I could hear them laughing from inside the house. Oh, the fun boys can have.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Double Digits

Sunday, Anna turned 10. 

Unbelievable. All of our kids are double digits now. My how time flies!

This isn't the cake she requested, but one that Stephen's dad surprised her with. We hadn't picked up her requested cake yet. But the girl loves birthday cake, so the more cake the better!! Marmie even made an Easter peep cake. Three cakes in one weekend!!

Anna, we love you so much and are proud of the girl you are.


13 years ago today I was surprised by the birth of David and Daniel. When I woke up that morning I had no idea that when I went to bed that night I would have two more babies in my life. 

It was a day full of surprises, suspense, and changes in plans for quite a few people. I was a nervous wreck that afternoon. Knowing I was going to have a c-section, no family being with me when I got to the hospital, and the thought of having two babies at one time a month early, 

But God, of course, was so good. Stephen came home early, my daddy kept Samuel for us, Mom called and calmed me down a bit, and Stephen's parents came in time to hear their first cry. It was a good day 13 yrs ago today.

Happy Birthday David!

Happy Birthday Daniel!

You are loved more than you know!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Up From The Grave He Arose!

I can't do Easter morning with out that song playing in my head. I love it! We enjoyed getting all festive in our attire this morning. We actually took this of ourselves using a homemade tripod of a step ladder and a Bible for the camera to sit on. One shot was all it took. We may have a new homemade system established for family selfies! Ha. 
My boys are so fine! 


This sweet thing looked like a little man and has a new found love for the bow tie. I sure missed the smocked bunny outfit after 4 years of them, but all good things must come to an end! 

Henry Patton loved his basket of goodies. He literally bolted down the hall this morning in his underwear looking for his basket. I couldn't get the lights turned on quick enough. He is all boy! He loves taking his Bible to church with him each time. Look at him holding it ;)

Nana coming for Easter is always a treat (Papa too). We love their visits. She is always so great to do my dishes for me. It makes me love her more than I already do. Henry and Nana are a silly pair!

Henry enjoyed the feast. Pork and potatoes are his best picks so Easter at our house is one of the top meals for he and his daddy. They eat it up for a few days with all the leftovers. Henry's eyelashes are my favorite....I love this child! 

Molly made a coconut jelly bean Peep cake and I made a strawberry m&ms Peep cake. It was all kinds of Peepy at our place! Ha. So festive and tastey. I sometimes think our over the top efforts are lost on our boys....so enjoy the photo with is, if you will! ;) 

Henry had his Daddy take him to buy me this tulip plant at Home Depot for Easter. God love my Henry! He is seriously a gift giver. I just hope he still gives when he has to start using his own money someday! 

Henry asked to go into big church today for Easter. His daddy agreed to it. I was leery but glad to see him excited about it. He was quiet during church but rather squirmy. It was cute but will not be an every Sunday thing yet. We had a great Easter celebrating our Savior. As Henry chants, "He's Alive! He's alive!"


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Shake your Keister, It's Easter!

We have geared up for Easter this past week or two. Henry says Easter is mine...meaning, he knows I love it a lot. It is truly one of my most favorite things. 

He dyed eggs with Kool-Aid at his Nana's house this week. He enjoyed that as much as she did, I'm certain! We are thankful for her being close and able to keep him on a whim. This time of year is nutso for real estate and agriculture! 

In the midst of our week of Easter fun we went to see about some prekindergarten options. He enjoyed it more than me, I'm certain! Lol. 

We decided it was time to introduce him to the fire at the steak house this week.  He loved it! It was hysterical to watch him. 

Henry enjoyed his Easter party at school. He is the cutest bunny ever! 

Good Friday was spent egging some friends. We left filled eggs and one empty to symbolize the empty tomb. At each stop I had him tell me why we left an empty egg and he would tell me "because Jesus is not in there. He's alive, Mama!" ;) 

We went to the Elks egg hunt. We are members but really only for the pool!  We decided to take part in the egg hunt this year. It was fun and he got a bucket full of candy filled eggs. It was short and sweet. Everyone was happy. 

Watching the preschool choir sing their Easter song last Sunday night was precious. Henry knows the Easter story inside out and front to back. Nothing pleases my mama heart more. I pity the children who don't have parents who teach them of Christ's love. It's so easy and our purpose.  Next time you see Henry in person I encourage you to ask him what kind of king Jesus is. You will love to hear him say, "He is a servant king". Be still my heart!

No more smocked Easter wear for my sweet big boy...sniff,sniff. This big bow tie wearing cutie is ready to celebrate our Risen Saviour tomorrow on Easter.  I took pre Easter pictures of him last year and it worked so well I did it again this year. Makes Easter morning less hectic because we all know I love Easter and I love pictures!!! Ha. 

The bunny has filled his new painted basket and it is ready for him in the morning. He is so excited and I am in awe and disappointed in myself. No one child should get this much stuff in an Easter basket! It is what it is, I reckon! Henry Lee is rotten yet he knows Easter is all about Jesus so it makes me feel better about the busting basket! Ha.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Daybook Entry

In the great outdoors....It's cold!!! What's the deal?

Within our walls...The kids and I just finished a game of "find the most expensive thing on eBay." Oh he laughter!

A heart of thanksgiving...Thankful that we can turn the heat on, after we've turned the air conditioner on in the house. 

Random observations...I love a house decorated for the holidays. I don't love, or even slightly enjoy decorating a house for the holidays.

My silly children...Daniel and David have been making me laugh lately. Those boys together are hilarious.

Thoughts from the kitchen...For breakfast we had homemade doughnuts with cinnamon and sugar. For lunch, whatever we can find. And for supper we're having salmon and mashed potatoes.

What I'm reading...T4T, a book on church planting.

Projects...I have no projects going.

Sounds of the moment...A little chatter in the kitchen between Anna and Samuel, and the hum of the microwave. 

What I'm wearing...A pink Nantucket shirt (Samuel saw it and asked if I had been to Nantucket, yeah right!), black yoga pants, white socks.

A favorite thing from last week...Bringing out all my summer clothes from storage, and putting up (almost) all my winter ones.

On the calendar...We're going to Ft. Smith for the weekend and celebrating Anna's birthday. Fun times!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Birthday Week

Birthday Week is upon us. Anna's birthday is Easter Sunday this year, so the week celebrating began today. Not that we do anything extra special, but we do tend to cater a bit more to the birthday child during birthday week.

Since her day is Sunday, we'll be having two birthday weeks this year. This week is hers, next week is David and Daniels' week. Oh, the streamers! Oh, the cake!

Speaking of cake...
Anna has chosen this cake to use as her inspiration.  She loves to design her birthday cakes. She really only likes the bottom of this one, the stripes. Instead of the top cake, she wants a cupcake. And she's getting it! Well, I hope so anyway, we'll see when we pick it up Saturday.

Now to go buy presents!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thursday Happenings

...Today I drove 30 minutes to work, and worked for 19 minutes. And when I say worked, I mean I scanned in, walked to the warehouse, talked to the warehouse manager, walked back to the floor, straightened up a bit, and scanned out. So not much work happened at my first stop today. 

...Luckily, at my second stop I worked two hours. It made my one hour round trip worth while.

...Birthday week has begun, days early, with a manicure for Anna. Well actually, we both went just to get our nails painted and when I went to pay he charged me for a manicure. Happy was not an emotion I felt then. I remember him rubbing lotion on my hands, so I guess that was the manicure. So, not happy. What was going to cost $15, cost quite a bit more. 

Samuel is absolutely loving playing baseball this season. He comes home with bumps, bruises, sore muscles, and dirty, filthy pants. But no complaints from him, this second baseman is thriving on the aches and pains.

...Yesterday, Daniel sat and tried shooting wasps with his pellet gun in the backyard.

...Yesterday, David sat outside and burned his name in a piece of wood using a magnifying glass and the sun. 

...I hope your life is exciting as ours!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Daybook Entry

In the great outdoors...A pretty day, although I didn't spend much time outside.

Within our walls...A lot of cleaning today, and some allergy symptoms. Anna and I have headaches, and the guys have runny noses.

A heart of thanksgiving...thankful for guacamole! I love the stuff. I know it's not really something to be thankful for, but Wholly Guacamole is pretty darn good.

A heart of prayer...I have a friend dealing with cancer. It's her second diagnosis, and now she has blood clots in both lungs and one in her leg. She has two young children. Pray for Talana.

Random observations...I spend way to much time on Facebook and Twitter.

My silly children...David takes a book everywhere, even to Samuel's games. 

Thoughts from my kitchen...I was planning on having tacos/nachos tonight but Stephen said he just couldn't eat Mexican again so soon. We had eaten it Friday night and last night. So, I punted and we had comfort meatballs from Pioneer Woman. They were good!

What I'm reading...I just finished a Nicholas Sparks book. I finally started borrowing books from the library for my kindle. So easy!

Projects...Stephen and I are designing a new laundry system for me. I'm tired of folding laundry, so we're going to build shelves and have buckets that I can just put each kids clothes in and hey can take to their room. I mean, the clothes are unfolded as soon as they pick them up from the neatly folded stack I made.

Sounds of the moment..It's bedtime and the kids are using up all of the words they haven't used today. Oh my goodness, the noise!

What I'm wearing...Athletic pants, t shirt, socks

A favorite thing from this last week...Wednesday I worked in Little Rock helping out my company. I had lunch with the funnest girl. We couldn't have been more different, and we had so much fun.

On the calendar...Four ball games this week. One got rained out, so now just three. I'm glad all I have to do is watch.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Unexpected Fun In The Fort

I love this man!! He had to go over to Fort Smith to do an annual review on his Texas crew working in Oklahoma and had us go with him. We got to see Marmie and Melissa. Score! I took this of Randall at Stobys in Russellville. Oh, we had many laughs on that stop. 

Marmie! We got to eat lunch and supper with her, go to her work, go to her house to play and then have her come to the hotel to watch Henry swim. It was great! Love my mama. 

Henry got to swim twice and that was too much fun! He got to play with Luke for a little bit too at his house.I got to see Melissa and that is always medicine for my soul. I have no other friend on this earth like her and love that girl like crazy! I'm so glad she loves me too. She will have rubies in her crown for that, I'm certain! 

Our little family enjoying this season of life. Bloom where you are planted! 


Riding into Spring

Because I slack at posting these days....here is a fun recap of life lately at our house. 

This guy likes to ride and he rides fast! This little John Deere tricycle has been with Randall's dad for some years and he passed it on to Henry. Henry finally got the pedaling down and loves it! 

Henry takes after Randall and his dad by doing stuff like this....lining up all his riding toys and making a "parking lot" out of them. Henry asked me to take his photo with his parking lot. Such a little Lee!

This tractor is a favorite riding toy that came from Papa also. Henry took the bunny ears off our concrete Razorback and acted like the Easter Bunny. His little laugh is contagious! 

We are so excited for Easter. Spring is upon us and we are ready to bask in all it's fun! 

Spring means swim lessons with Mrs. Kate again this year. Bless her heart for teaching this boy to swim again. Randall and I don't feel she is paid near enough for this chore! Ha. He is a stubborn little "bossy Fred". 

Spring means this guy is going to play tball for the first time. We are a little excited and nervous to see how this transpires. Our neighbor and her son who is in the 7th grade and plays on a traveling team came to coach him some for us. He gave him his old baseball bag and some baseball pants. Henry is soooo excited! 

Spring means Daddy is here, there and everywhere and Mama has to call in the help! Henry was so excited to have his school teacher, Ms. Chloe babysit him one night while I had other duties. He adores her and I adored her for bathing him and getting him ready for bed. Love having others love my child. 

Spring means fun at school and giving. We were so proud to support St.Jude and have a sweet friend donate Henry's fundraising goal. Teaching Henry to give is so important to us and can be challenging at times. We want him to be a giver and not a taker as he grows. Our church is in a campaign to raise money for land where we will build our new church. It is a great time to really teach him to give. I'm on the stewardship committee for this campaign so he sees me serving my time and hearing us discuss it at home a lot. We also have fun telling him about a family in our church who has recently moved to Kenya to serve at a seminary there. He now likes to take money to Sunday School to help them. Our adult Sunday School class actually purchased a tea farm for the seminary in Kenya to generate income. When we all give what we can, we can do great things! 

Spring means getting out Easter books and talking more about Jesus' death, burial and resurrection. I'm amazed at how much this boy knows about Jesus. It's easy to teach a child about the Lord. Requires little money, only time, faith and a love for Truth. I'm so glad my parents taught me so I can pass it along. 

And finally, spring means storms and this little guy curled up with me in my bed on those stormy nights our little daddy is away from home. Nothing quite like it! 


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Aunt-vestment :)

I was so glad to have this precious and beautiful sister of mine come visit for a few days. We love visitors and rarely get overnight visits from folks so we were excited! We have the same root system and as I get older I realize what a prize it is to have someone understand why I sprout, bloom and sometimes shed like I do! Julia is a real prize! We are both loud and laugh at random things that others don't find near as funny so it's nice to be understood completely every once in a while. 

She came with 3 of my 4 favorite kiddos that I have the privilege of aunting. Boy, I love these little souls. They are all unique in their own special way and so lovable, smart, kind and funny. Spending face to face time with them in these formative years of life is so vital I think. I have some sweet aunts who invested in me and I am thrilled to get to do the same. These children will be old and grown sooner than we expect and I want sharing life with me to be second nature or old hat for them, always. Children in our families should be and are our greatest investment. 

This is my illustration of investment....Juju teaching Henry how to keep things rolling away from the gutter. The ball went slow, but it went steady and had perks at the end (hitting a few pins). Lol!

This boy loved waiting on the ball to shoot back up. It was hilarious to watch his reaction. He is really a funny guy. If you know Henry at all, then you know this was great entertainment! 

This little big guy had fun bowling with his cousins. The big boys got to play lazertag at the bowling alley and had a huge time with that. They were so cute coming out all sweaty and smiling. Making memories and having fun. David and Daniel are the best almost 13 year old boys.  I wish all almost 13 year old boys were like them. Seriously. 

Uncle Randall and the boys had fun playing Henry's games while he got put in time out for being a poor loser. It was hilarious to watch. The extra sounds of laughter in our den was delightful for those few days. 

Henry enjoyed having Anna and David read to him in his bed. I hope these sweet children always love each other and take time to invest in each other throughout life. We are a small little clan so they will all need each other, I'm certain!  Family....how on earth do people do without it?! So thankful for mine!


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Daybook Entry

Outside our window...Its a cloudy day today. Warm enough to go without a coat, but not very pretty.

Within our walls...Today was testing day for the kids. We got up and got going early this morning, so this afternoon I'm catching up on laundry and straightening up the house. I seem to do more housework when I've been gone some of the day,

A heart of thanksgiving...So thankful for life. One of the first kindergarten students I taught died Unexpectantly last Wednesday night. I kept up with her and usually saw her once a year at church camp. She was always so friendly, and sweet. Her loss is felt by many people, she was active in college, and served at Camp Siloam for years. She knew the Lord, and is now resting in his arms.

A heart of prayer...I'vr been praying for sweet Shelby's family all week, Mike and Laurie are devastated and are feeling our prayers.

Random observations...

My silly children...Abby bought Daniel and David foam swords when we visited last week. Daniel said Stephen said they couldn't have them, but i didn't know why so I let them have them.  Now, David has a large bruise on his arm from where Daniel hit him with the sword! Now I know, Stephen might have been right. 

Thoughts from the kitchen...Last night was Aunt Janet's sweet and sour chicken, and tonight will be ball field food.

What I'm reading...I just started a book on sex written for boys. Oy Vay!

Projects...Anna and I were a bit crafty last week with my Cricut. This week, we're going to do it again,

Sounds of the moment...Friends is on the tv, and Daniel and David are playing Minecraft.

What I'm wearing...jeans, striped shirt, black tank, black shoes. 

A favorite thing from last week...Friday night I was all by myself for a few hours, oh it was bliss. But Saturday evening when all six of us were in the living room together topped that! I love my family.

On the calendar...A couple of ball games this week, and most importantly it's April. Birthday month!!!