Thursday, April 3, 2014

Aunt-vestment :)

I was so glad to have this precious and beautiful sister of mine come visit for a few days. We love visitors and rarely get overnight visits from folks so we were excited! We have the same root system and as I get older I realize what a prize it is to have someone understand why I sprout, bloom and sometimes shed like I do! Julia is a real prize! We are both loud and laugh at random things that others don't find near as funny so it's nice to be understood completely every once in a while. 

She came with 3 of my 4 favorite kiddos that I have the privilege of aunting. Boy, I love these little souls. They are all unique in their own special way and so lovable, smart, kind and funny. Spending face to face time with them in these formative years of life is so vital I think. I have some sweet aunts who invested in me and I am thrilled to get to do the same. These children will be old and grown sooner than we expect and I want sharing life with me to be second nature or old hat for them, always. Children in our families should be and are our greatest investment. 

This is my illustration of investment....Juju teaching Henry how to keep things rolling away from the gutter. The ball went slow, but it went steady and had perks at the end (hitting a few pins). Lol!

This boy loved waiting on the ball to shoot back up. It was hilarious to watch his reaction. He is really a funny guy. If you know Henry at all, then you know this was great entertainment! 

This little big guy had fun bowling with his cousins. The big boys got to play lazertag at the bowling alley and had a huge time with that. They were so cute coming out all sweaty and smiling. Making memories and having fun. David and Daniel are the best almost 13 year old boys.  I wish all almost 13 year old boys were like them. Seriously. 

Uncle Randall and the boys had fun playing Henry's games while he got put in time out for being a poor loser. It was hilarious to watch. The extra sounds of laughter in our den was delightful for those few days. 

Henry enjoyed having Anna and David read to him in his bed. I hope these sweet children always love each other and take time to invest in each other throughout life. We are a small little clan so they will all need each other, I'm certain! on earth do people do without it?! So thankful for mine!