Sunday, April 20, 2014

Up From The Grave He Arose!

I can't do Easter morning with out that song playing in my head. I love it! We enjoyed getting all festive in our attire this morning. We actually took this of ourselves using a homemade tripod of a step ladder and a Bible for the camera to sit on. One shot was all it took. We may have a new homemade system established for family selfies! Ha. 
My boys are so fine! 


This sweet thing looked like a little man and has a new found love for the bow tie. I sure missed the smocked bunny outfit after 4 years of them, but all good things must come to an end! 

Henry Patton loved his basket of goodies. He literally bolted down the hall this morning in his underwear looking for his basket. I couldn't get the lights turned on quick enough. He is all boy! He loves taking his Bible to church with him each time. Look at him holding it ;)

Nana coming for Easter is always a treat (Papa too). We love their visits. She is always so great to do my dishes for me. It makes me love her more than I already do. Henry and Nana are a silly pair!

Henry enjoyed the feast. Pork and potatoes are his best picks so Easter at our house is one of the top meals for he and his daddy. They eat it up for a few days with all the leftovers. Henry's eyelashes are my favorite....I love this child! 

Molly made a coconut jelly bean Peep cake and I made a strawberry m&ms Peep cake. It was all kinds of Peepy at our place! Ha. So festive and tastey. I sometimes think our over the top efforts are lost on our enjoy the photo with is, if you will! ;) 

Henry had his Daddy take him to buy me this tulip plant at Home Depot for Easter. God love my Henry! He is seriously a gift giver. I just hope he still gives when he has to start using his own money someday! 

Henry asked to go into big church today for Easter. His daddy agreed to it. I was leery but glad to see him excited about it. He was quiet during church but rather squirmy. It was cute but will not be an every Sunday thing yet. We had a great Easter celebrating our Savior. As Henry chants, "He's Alive! He's alive!"