Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thursday Happenings

...Today I drove 30 minutes to work, and worked for 19 minutes. And when I say worked, I mean I scanned in, walked to the warehouse, talked to the warehouse manager, walked back to the floor, straightened up a bit, and scanned out. So not much work happened at my first stop today. 

...Luckily, at my second stop I worked two hours. It made my one hour round trip worth while.

...Birthday week has begun, days early, with a manicure for Anna. Well actually, we both went just to get our nails painted and when I went to pay he charged me for a manicure. Happy was not an emotion I felt then. I remember him rubbing lotion on my hands, so I guess that was the manicure. So, not happy. What was going to cost $15, cost quite a bit more. 

Samuel is absolutely loving playing baseball this season. He comes home with bumps, bruises, sore muscles, and dirty, filthy pants. But no complaints from him, this second baseman is thriving on the aches and pains.

...Yesterday, Daniel sat and tried shooting wasps with his pellet gun in the backyard.

...Yesterday, David sat outside and burned his name in a piece of wood using a magnifying glass and the sun. 

...I hope your life is exciting as ours!