Sunday, April 27, 2014


In the great outdoors...It's looking to be a stormy day. We woke up at 6:00 to thunder, lightening, and rain. Waiting on tornado's now.

Within our walls...Stephen is grilling chicken for supper (doing it early before the storms), Samuel is at baseball practice, the rest of us are just chillin inside.

A Heart of Thanksgiving...Samuel safely attended prom Friday night. I don't know why everyone expects kids to lose their heads on prom night, but we do. Samuel had fun and looked quite handsome.
A Heart of Prayer...Praying for Delta Baptist a lot lately. 

Random Observation...Speeding through Star City isn't a good idea!

My silly children...Stephen just overheard Anna tell a boy outside, " I wouldn't mess with me, I have tons of guns at my house."

Thoughts from the Kitchen...Grilled chicken tonight with potato salad and a veggie. 

Projects...The only project I have going on is making a list of places to go for Anna's birthday shopping trip!

Sounds of the moment...The television is on, Daniel is reading the comics and I can hear him turning the pages.

What I'm wearing...Don't be surprised. Black yoga pants, white t shirt, and white socks.

A Favorite Thing from Last Week...I have more than one. 1) Taking pictures of Samuel and Lauren before prom
 2) Working in two new stores and spending quite a bit of time (4 hours) in the car alone! 
3) Celebrating David and Daniel's 13th birthday with them.
 4) Watching Samuel play baseball and making great plays.

On the Calendar...Anna and I are going on her birthday shopping trip Thursday to Little Rock. Samuel has two ball games and Saturday Stephen and I are going to the 175th Pine Bluff Birthday Gala. I have to find a dress.