Thursday, January 31, 2008

Converstaions with Aunt Abby

I always love talking to my niece & nephews on the phone. Since we live so far apart, it is our most utilized form of communication. It also provides much entertainment for me and the rest of the family who get to share all the funny stories.
This afternoon I called Jules to gab about life and hear her gab back. She left me on the phone with Dave, Dan and Sissy (a.k.a - Anna) while she ran Sambo up the street. Yep, I was a telephone babysitter. Don't call DHS on us, please!
David and I chatted first. I asked if it was David or Daniel. He said "It is D-A-V-I-D". He was so proud of himself and I was pretty proud of him too. I asked him what he was learning in school and he told me that he was learning to tell time and to add his 3's. I asked him what 3+1 equals and he said "4" real loud. I am so proud of his teacher!
Anna was screaming in the background to talk, so Dave gave up the fight and handed her the phone. Sissy LOVES to talk to Aunt Abby. She has a play cellphone that she uses all the time and most of her outgoing calls are to Me. I love it, of course. Julie often says "Anna talked to you all day on the phone." I call their house ALOT so we wonder if she thinks I live in the phone. So funny. Anyway, she always wants to know what I am doing and why I am doing it. She is your typical preschooler.
So, I break up that "why? why?"nonsense and say, "How is Becca's Mom" (Read past posts concerning Becca - the baby doll). She gets very dramatic and tells me that "Becca's Mom, well...she got died." As I hold back laughter, I ask her how it happened. All I made out from the jibberish ramble was "Her got shot is the tummy and got died". I told her that was sad and she says " Well, I have to call her now to come get Becca!" I question Sissy on the death and she says "Oh, her is alive!". I am soooo confused and really think she needs a break from all the guns and light sabers in that male dominated home!
Daniel took the phone as Sissy ran to call this character we call, Becca's Mom. I asked this sweet boy what he was learning in school and he told me his 3's. I asked him what 3+2 equals and he said, "5, I think". Too cute. He then reminded me he wants a Blue Angels birthday cake and asked me when I was coming to make it. His birthday is the last week of April. He has a while to wait on that cake and I have to figure out how to make it!
Jules got home as Dan and I were winding up. I am such a good telephone babysitter and so honored to do the job.
Aunt Abby

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I've Never Seen the Wind

"Can you see God, have you ever seen Him?
I've never seen the wind.
I've seen the effects of the wind,
but I've never seen the wind"

How many of my "homies" can hear Billy Graham reciting this line in Mind's Eye on the famous Jesus Freak album by DC Talk? As the wind whips around my house this evening I thought of this line and it made me laugh. It is so true though and a great lesson about faith.

Ok, while we are on the Jesus Freak album, I have to mention Mrs. Morgan. Do any of you remember her?

"Well, I'm Catherine Morgan and I'm the next-door neighbor to the Gotee's and uh, the Gotee's were over there and they had a drummer that came in here to play the drums that day And he played it early in the mornin', and he played it. I had him for breakfast, and for lunch, and for dinner. So I hollered at Todd and told him that I couldn't stand that drummer any longer, that he was driving my crazy! And Kevin spoke up and said, "Mrs. Morgan,"; says,"that's a live drummer we've got over there today" and I said, "If he hits the drum one more time, he's gone be a dead drummer" and that was the last I heard of the drummer that day "

Ok, so some of you are like..."okay, she is so odd!" Yep, I am. I love being goofy and having innocent fun. My sister and I memorized every word and would recite this to each other in our best "Mrs. Morgan dirty south" accent while driving from Leachville to Memphis on many a fun occasion, way back in the day. I still know all the words and sound like Mrs. Morgan when I do it. Love it! Anyway, I just tried to call my sister to throw a little "Mrs. Morgan" at her, but she must be at Boy Scouts or something of the sort....dangit! I can hear her laughing and trying not to blow Coke out her nose though, so that makes me happy.

Anyway, work is crazy busy this week with pre-auction jitters and thinking about all this has made me relax. I love how God just used this crazy wind to calm my soul and make me laugh. He is truly my protector. I am also so very glad He gets my sense of humor!

Floaties, A Snotty Nose and $1 meat = Great Day!

I have some of the best friends. After my post about the treading water and being helped out by a raft, my bff emailed me and said she couldn't send me a "raft" but she was sending some "cool floaties"! Well, my cool floaties arrived by UPS today while I was gone.
Let me digress- Samuel woke up yesterday with a runny nose, and headache, so today I called the dr to get him in. Well, even though this dr was his pcp, Samuel had never seen her, and they couldn't get a new patient in until Feb. Well, I was thrilled with that news as you could imagine. Their solution to the problem was to take him to the ER where they have a kind of "quick care" set up. We've been there and done that, and don't care to repeat! So I called the local village dr and they can get him in but I first have to change his pcp. Once again you can imagine how thrilled I was with that. I get that done, and head out to the dr office with all 4 kids (hubby is in LR with a church member who is having surgery and later has a conference to go to). It is now 9:20, at 11:15 we leave the dr office with 2 prescriptions and an allergy diagnosis. We then go to the pharmacy to get them filled, I leave the boys in the car, and they begin to beat each other up. Again, I'm thrilled! Finally we leave town, because as you know it is Monday and I must grocery shop. I am not going to dare and fix lunch at home, I would much rather order and have someone else cook and clean. So we head to PB and first stop at a furniture store because we are still looking for a couch!UGH! Then to MCD's with a playland. While there I meet someone from SC who actually grew up in the church we are at. The MCD's stop was much longer than anticipated! Then we go to Walmart where Samuel still isn't feeling any better so I let him sit in the MCD's in Walmart at the back booth and facing the wall. I thought this would be the safest place for him, and it turns out he did fine! What a great young man he is turning out to be!We finally get through and can head home, only to have to go to our local grocery store because they have pork chops for $1.00 a pound and chicken breasts $1.00 a pound.
Then we go to Kingdom Kids at church and I get to be with adults for about 45 minutes while the kids are in choir rehearsal. Ok, now you know how my day has been, and you can imagine (this time for real) how thrilled I was to see a box outside my door! My cool floaties turned out to be snicker bars and scrapbook stuff, a note pad with my initial on it, and other little note pads! My kind of stuff. My bff has been that for 22 years. 22 years, WOW it seems like I should have met her when I was just a baby, how time flies! My darling sister also sent pictures from Christmas and some stickers to scrapbook with today. I think it is a hint to stop cleaning my house and scrapbook!!! I will take the hint!


Thursday, January 24, 2008

I Always Picture Her Laughing...

I like to make a point to thank God often for special friendships. I blame it on moving away from everything familiar and safe when I graduated from college and got married. I love making new friends, but nothing replaces those solid, "been through it all" friends.
Friendship. It comes in the most unlikely places. God has blessed me with a handful of long-lasting friendships and my heart swells with pride when I think of each one of them. One of those beautiful friends is, Paige.
We met one another while working at a fitness center in our last year of college. I knew who she was. She was Miss. Conway…and the chance of making this girl a friend of Abby Jo's was well….slim! God had other plans. We became instant friends the first night I folded towels with her at the front desk of the gym. We found out we had the same major, same quirks, same sense of humor, same faith, some of the same friends and we wore the same Conway Regional Lands End polo three or four days a week.
We had different circles of friends. She was big into Greek life on campus and I was big into escaping campus as soon as I could each day. We connected though. We even made the Conway Regional newsletter with a funny write up on our abdominal routine. It was most funny and our proudest highlight. I would give anything to workout with her everyday. She had me in the best shape of my life. Anyway, we had good times.
When I think of Paige I see her laughing. That is pretty neat. How many people do you picture laughing when you think of them? I can only think of a few and her laughter is one of my most favorite.
We have shared many ups and downs with one another over the past seven years. She listened as I cried, I listened as she cried and then we laughed about it afterwards. She sang my "life song" (while playing it on the piano) at my wedding. It meant the world to me. I regret having a huge misunderstanding with her last summer while she was preparing for her wedding, Yet I am so glad we worked it out before Christmas. It was one of my best presents this past Christmas season. I think we are deeper, stronger friends now. I get sad when I think about missing seven months of her life and her missing seven months of mine. We got caught up though and it was good times. I am so excited about a lifetime of laughter with my beautiful friend, Paige.

This is one of my favorite pictures of us. We were leaving Destin and headed to Memfrica after a long weekend with the JAPA's (a special group of college girlfriends…Jenny, Ashlea, Paige and Abby) and almost missed our flight because we were being our high maintenance selves. I almost always wet my pants talking about it. We sprinted through the airport barefoot with our flip -flops in hand, trying to catch our plane….I am laughing out loud as I type. "Love It" …"Shut It!"

Nothing like a good and warm fuzzy post for a cold, miserable day.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Seasons of Joy

Last night one of the womens Sunday School classes and I hosted a womens dinner in the fellowship hall at church. Our goal was to get women of all ages together, and get to know each other so that we could form relationships that would help us along our spiritual journey through life. We had 59 women sign up to attend! We were so excited! The class did a wonderful job of decorating, they chose colors of turquoise and black. They hand delivered invitations to the women in their SS classes and then made place cards that were little bags with candy inside them at each table. It was so much fun. We made sure that everyone had a "buddy" to sit with but other than that we tried to put everyone with someone they wouldn't normally come in contact with. We had 6 teenage girls work as servers, they even dressed in white shirts and black pants. They did a wonderful job, of plating food, and making sure everyone had enough to drink. The class, whose name is the Joy class, so the evening was titled Seasons of Joy, even gave out CLASS awards, I think it stood for Christian Ladies Are Something Special, things like Most comical, sweetest smile, best dressed, best hair, most gentle spirit, best laugh, best influence, most outgoing, etc. And those of you that know me will not believe this one-I won most outgoing!!!!! Can you believe it? Wow, I must really have them fooled!We had such a good time, the ladies that helped me pull this off were terrific. There wasn't much of a spiritual emphasis on the night, I really wanted all of us to get together and get to know a little about each other. I had everyone (well not everyone did it, but I asked) fill out a survey that asked questions like what are your hobbies, would you attend a Bible study, what activities are you interest in, etc... and out of the 42 surveys that were returned 33 said that they would attend a womens Bible study if one was offered. I am so excited!! I know that 33 women won't come, but I'm excited that we got such a good response back from these women.


Monday, January 21, 2008

You Know You're A Redneck When...

I was sitting here tonight thinking about my chore tomorrow afternoon and thought "You know you're a redneck when you trade a cooler of duck for a cooler of deer." Yep, that is what the mother-in-law and I will be doing tomorrow afternoon when I get off of work. Tonight I have made room in the deep freezer for a doe and picked out some good looking duck for her freezer. Oh, the joys of marrying a hunter! Love it.


Diaper Cake

I am not one to boast too much, but this is so stinking cute! I am hosting a baby shower in a few weeks and made this diaper cake for the gift table centerpiece. Having only seen one of these before, I really had no idea what I was doing. With my hubby's engineering help and the Internet, I made this sweet little thing last night while he watched football. I think I could make these and sale think?

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Treading Water?

I'm not sure who reads this blog, it may just be my mom and dad. On the off chance that it is more than just that I thought I would share with you my thoughts and see what you think!
Do any of you feel like you are just treading water? You are doing all the things you are supposed to be doing, washing clothes, cooking dinner, vacuuming, dusting, bathing the kids (and yourself!) but it seems like you never have time to clean the baseboards, sit and read a book for more than 5 minutes at a time, or even put the clean clothes up, because it is time to start the list all over again? I am with you if you feel like that!
Now that I have the Internet at home, I have begun reading different blogs of people I don't know ( i just find them through links on other peoples blogs) and man do they seem to have it all together! One girl has 3 kids under 6 and is knitting sweaters, hats, and even the 3 little pigs, wolf and all!
I am trying to teach my children the 3 R's, obedience and, common sense(which I'm not sure can be taught!), cook, clean and be the wife that I need to be(which usually just means cook and clean!HA!). And it seems like I am just treading water. Like I'm yards from the seashore and am doing all I can but still can't get back to land.
For those of you that are feeling my pain, let me tell you that obviously you are not alone. And that God loves you and is smiling down on you when you are treading water. He wants you to reach the shore, to be successful and happy and content. But if it didn't take effort to get to the shore, we might not appreciate it when we get there.
Some of the best times I've had at the beach with Stephen have been when we were yards from shore, treading water and just talking and laughing. There have been times when I have floated out by myself and Stephen has come to rescue me with a raft.
Don't you think that God is waiting somewhere with a raft?! He is! Reach out to Him! Pray, read the Bible, it is how He communicates with us. Start in Proverbs, Psalms, 1-2 Corinthians, Genesis somewhere and God will meet you there with a raft. Girls (boys) don't just stay out there treading water, use the raft. It may still be sometime before we reach the seashore, but lets enjoy being yards away while we are there!

p.s. Mom, I'm not depressed, just learning to be happy where I am!!!!


Friday, January 18, 2008

"A Puppy?"

As some of you know, I am planning the annual auction & dinner for my school. I work for a private Christian school. Many of our families are very wealthy and have expectations for this event ever year. It is my job to make sure all those expectations are met and that we raise the money we need for our Annual Fund. We plan for months to make sure the food, decor and auction items are pleasing to our audience. This auction raises money for tuition assistance which was given to 318 students this school year. The event is in 2 weeks and it is crazy times.
I have a very energetic lower school mother who has helped me get random auction items. She told me the other day that she had asked the pet store for a puppy. I said "A PUPPY!?!?" with a sheer look of horror on my face. She almost squealed with excitement and gave me a big hearty "Yes! I am so excited!!!". I think my eyes rolled up in my head as I broke out in a mild sweat. Anyway, I said a little prayer and asked the Lord to help the pet owner to not be gracious. Well, the pet man ended up feeling gracious! I have a Shiu Tsh puppy for sale. A $900 Shiu Tsh puppy. I think I may have to go take a bath in Calgon when I get home tonight. Seriously, if you only knew the full scope of it. I am laughing but I want to cry!
Also, pray for my friend Wayne (He made the Razorback sleigh for us - December post). His wife died this week and the funeral is today. He is going to need lots of prayers as he adjusts to this new life. He has cared for his wife, as she was bedridden for over seven years. She is in a much better place now, yet his adjustment will take some time.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dear Mr. President

It seems like I am always talking about Anna so I decided to share something that David did at school today.Yesterday I gave D&D a writing assignment, they were to begin a story and add to it each day this week. Daniel raised his hand (yes, I know they are homeschooled, but they will one day go to "real" school and have to know about raising hands) and asked when he could write a letter to the President. (Samuel had written a letter to the President a few years ago, and got a picture and letter back and a Christmas card the next Christmas). I told them that I would hold off on the story assignment and let them write letters to the President this week. This was going to be a whole different learning experience for them, they were going to have to learn to write a formal letter, and address an envelope have a rough and final draft.. Samuel studied this this year in 4th grade!So here is David's letter. Even though the idea was Daniel's his was very short so I am letting you read David's instead.

Dear Mister President,I am six years old. I am sorry this is your last year in the White House. Do you have any children? My name is David, and I'm home schooled. my mom is a great teacher. How are things going around the White House? Please write me back.
Isn't that sweet?
Samuel also wrote a letter and said we "live in a small but thriving city in South Arkansas"- how funny is that? small is right, but thriving I'm not sure about!
OK, I feel bad, here is Daniel's letter-
Dear Mr. Bush, I am 6 and my name is Daniel. I am sorry it is your last year in office. Please write me back.
Short and sweet. I know they both put in that they were sorry it is his last year in office, I didn't tell them to write it, they just came up with it on their own.

Congratulations to my boys they all made A's this quarter at school!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Snow Babes

I was cleaning up the pictures on my computer tonight and found this prize. I was in my first year at UCA (my third year of college) and living with my BFF, Melissa. Jules lived in Camden at the time and Samuel was still a "special only". Oh, those were the simple days!
A winter storm was on its way to central and south Arkansas. I decided I wanted to be snowed in with my sissy and Melissa decided she wanted to be snowed in with the parentals. Before Melissa & I lived together and while growing up, we always tried to get snowed in times and funny memories with that whole situation. Anyway, back to the original story... So after my parents tried to speak common sense to me over the phone about going on a road trip in a storm, I booked the turquoise Caviler to south Arkansas ahead of the snow. I prayed the whole way that it would really snow so I wouldn't have to drive back to class early the next morning. Well, snow it did! We played in it for a couple of days. It was even Sambo's first big snow. Jules and I walked to the store in layers of clothes and had great laughs. Stephen took this picture of us all bundled up during those few days. We also played lots of Monopoly, as it is my brother-in-law's best game. It was fun times! Oh, the simple days....

Saturday, January 12, 2008

An Update on Becca's (Anna's Doll) Mom

Anna just came in with Becca. She said Becca's mom had been shot in the eye and it hurt real bad, but the hospital had put it back in with super glue! Poor Becca's mom. The Mom died before Christmas but is now in the hospital recovering from a bullet wound to the eye. Oh, what a house full of boys will do to a little girl's imagination!
(Read the early December post to learn more about Becca)


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Goofy Challenge

Pray for my old marathon coach and favorite 5k bud this weekend as he participates in the Goofy Challenge at Disney in Orlando. He will run a half marathon (13.1 miles) on Saturday and a full marathon (26.2 miles) on Sunday. Yep, he is one goofy guy! John has trained for this very event for about a year and has stayed focused on the goal. We are lifting his knees up in prayer for the next few days...thanks for doing the same!


Sealed With Love

I have the bestest mama in the whole wide world! (I guess that means Jules does too, huh?) Yesterday I had a huge box sitting on my porch from the USPS. Mama mailed me a beautiful and fun furry vest to wear to my winter gala (she wants me to be the prettiest one there). Also in the box was a scrapbook she made of my childhood. She redid the one she made when I was little into an acid free album and journaled the pages. It is most precious. I thank God for parents who love me by their actions and not just their deeds. When they buy me stuff I love it but just hearing them tell me they love me and having them spend time with me because they just want to be with me, means the world to me. I cherish saying "I love you" without reservation to my family. I hate to hear that not all people use these three precious words without reservation to their loved ones. I can't imagine how sad that must be but I would love to show them how easy it is...come meet my will learn fast!
Thanks for the fur and the pictures, always know how to make me smile!


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

What I Do for A Route 44 Diet Cherry Limeade...

I was headed to an off site auction meeting this morning and running a bit early so I decided to treat my self to one of my most favorite things. As I pulled in I was greeted by a white Honda Pilot. It came out the entrance and without anywhere for me to go...I stopped. She must have liked the Maxima too much to swerve the Pilot because she rammed that thing right into my drivers side door. We were stuck together and window to window. I rolled down my window to tell her we were stuck and she needed to work with me a bit and all I saw was Tinkerbell. She had Tinkerbell dice, a steering wheel cover and a licence plate. I knew then it was not going to be a cool situation.
After being harassed with profanity from a super nice Memfrican man who wanted his Toaster meal real bad, we finally got our cars apart. She moved to three different spots until she parked the Tinker mobile. I was getting worried she was going to roll on out there and drive off. I called the cops and the sheriff's deputy came and filed a report but wrote no ticket. So, I am a wee bit ticked, as you can imagine. I have filed a claim with her insurance company and they have a conflicting report from her. Tinkerbell is full of herself! I am filing a claim with my insurance to try to get her company to pay for this mess. So, My ride has white paint all down the side of it. It is so not pretty and it just really ticks me off! Rand waxed that car for 2 hours last weekend and now it looks like a ghetto cruiser! Well, I have had my annual wreck and it is just the 9th of January. Good deal.

Morale of the story....don't get a Route 44 and stay away from Tinkerbell!


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Anna's Phone Call

It is beginning to thunder and rain here. Anna grabbed her phone and said "I'm going to call God and have him stop this noise." So she got on the phone, and started telling him that it was too loud. When she got off the phone she came to me and said" God said he is going to stop this". It has been about 5 minutes since she "called" and she said that "he needs to hurry and stop this or I can't give him any candy when he comes down here!".


I Just Found A Blog I Forgot To Post!

It is from early December but I thought it was something ya'll would enjoy!

This weekend was our family Christmas with our Dad and his family. We all met at Abby's house for pizza and presents! I walked into Abby's home and was immersed in Christmas. She had Christmas music on, wassail on the stove which smelled wonderful, and decorations everywhere-even on the toilet seat lid!The ornaments on her tree all have special significance and all have a special place. She even adjusts them when they get moved on the tree by someone passing by. I was so tempted to move all of them after she went to sleep!We had such a good time with our aunt, uncle, cousin, her husband, and daughter, dad and his wife Connie, and of course Abby and Randall. I haven't spent time with that side of my family in about 2 years, it was so good to be with them again. We laughed, cried, and opened great Christmas gifts. Dad played Santa's helper and pulled fun presents out of a huge stocking for all the kids. My kids loved playing with Claire, they were so excited to be playing with a cousin. Anna is still talking about her cousin!


Monday, January 7, 2008

We've Done It!

We have completed a full week of a new year. I wanted to update you on how I am doing on my goals. I am beginning my 2nd non-fiction book and haven't read a fiction one yet. Which, I know for those of you that really know me might find hard to believe, but it is true. I am on my way to the Library though, so things could change very quickly!!! I have also done much better about not yelling at the kids, which they are thankful for. OK, so it isn't a big update on my goals, but those are the only two that have even been started and they are coming along quite well I think.

A funny story about Anna! She came into the bedroom the other day, spinning around, and she said" the house is falling down!". I asked her why, and she said when I go like this (spinning around) the house is going to fall down! Isn't it funny how kids find out about being dizzy. Samuel used to call it being busy!

Tomorrow the 8th of January is one of my best friends daughters birthday! Hannah will be 11. Happy Birthday Hannah!!! It was so cold and snowy that Wednesday afternoon that Stephen would not let me drive to Jonesboro to be with Dana at the hospital. (it was a big fight, but we don't have to discuss that now!). Later that same year, there were 5 other births at that small church in Leachville. One of them being Samuel, and three of them being in a 2 week period! 1997 was a busy year.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Dog Meat

I live outside of the city limits in a very redneck county in north Mississippi. We live on a 2 lane highway that is part of a subdivision, which is located behind us (we get the covenants of the neighborhood without being attached to it). Anyway, I sometimes drive back in the neighborhood to walk. I take my Ipod, phone and a cut off 2x4 to scare of dogs or crazy country people. A few weeks ago I had to swing the cut off 2x4 ( I guess it would be a 1x2 as my sister nicely pointed out to me today) at a little mutt a few weeks ago when it kept running on my heels. Until today that was the only time I had used my wooden weapon.
When you live in the sticks outside of the city limits you can burn your trash, let your dogs run loose and kill a deer from the front seat of your car whenever the mood strikes without much fear. I have yet to familiarize myself with this way of life and hope to never do so.
In our little area of the dirty south people love a pit bull. We have them all over the neighborhood. Two people we know back there have had their dogs attacked by pit bulls. The county has done nothing about the problem. It is against the law for a pit bull to roam free in the yard. It has to be in a pen or tied up at all times. But as with the trash burning and game hunting from the car, pit bulls roam free all the time without any fear of the law stopping by to put a stop to it. Who cares to enforce the leash law around here? Not a soul.
Well today I took out on my walk and found myself face to face with a pit bull. It was at the edge of its yard showing me all its dingy white teeth and lunging for me. I decided not to swing the cut off 2x4 put instead held it like my Fab Four hold their light sabers and screamed at the top of my lungs. No one came to help me so I kept screaming. I dialed Rand on my phone with the other hand while in high scream. He was at home working in the garage. As he answered, the dog owner came out on her porch and clapped for the dog to come to her. So, Rand is on the phone and I started yelling at the top of my lungs (and of course crying hysterically for fear I was going to die) to this lady who looked like she could have cared less about my need. This is what I yelled "Hey lady, get your pit bull away from me right this second! Don't you know it is against the law to have a pit bull in your yard without a leash or fence? Get it away from me now!" I walked away while I was yelling at her and Rand was just sitting on the other end of the phone going "What the heck are you doing?!" I then tell him this tale and he is in awe at me and asks if he needs to come rescue me. I tell him no and hang up. The dog goes in with its careless & clueless owner. I then turn around to head back home and the stupid dog runs for me again. She let it back out of the house as soon as I was out of her sight! I stood still in the road acting like a warrior with my light saber and she came back out the door and took the dog back to the porch with her.
I plan to call the Sheriff's office tomorrow to complain knowing it won't do any good. I will be one of many calls they have received about this problem. No one cares. I hate that I can't even walk in my own neighborhood because of these dumb pit bulls. Why does anyone feel like they need a dog like this? I know some people say it is all in the way they are raised and if they aren't taught to fight they won't fight. I have to disagree and think that they are most dangerous. I want safe streets and don't want to walk with a wooden weapon. It is just so wrong!
My throat is very sore from the screaming and I am sure the pit bull lady is telling many people about the crazy white lady with the cut off 2x4 screaming at her. Oh well, I lived and that is good. For a few seconds I thought I was going to be dog meat!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

2008 Goals - Abby

I just read my sister's post with her 2008 goals and it inspired me to make a list of my own. I also think posting it will make me feel more accountable, otherwise I would not be so candid & transparent on the world wide web! So, here goes...

I will learn how to REALLY sew and use my Janome
Exercise more
Reach Lifetime with WW
To invite those most precious to us to visit us more often or for God to take the Hospitality gift away from or the other!
Think about having a mini-me or mini-Rand
Join a new church
Finish scrapbooking my vacation & friend albums (up to present date)
Pray about volunteer missions
Take more time to visit my family and bestest girlfriends that live away from us

Those are my goals. Thanks for the motivation, Sis.

By the way, Rand has set his 1 is to be nicer...he is 3 days into it and he is still nice to me. Really, he is always nice but 2008 has been much nicer! I love my Rand.
So, who is coming for a few days to help me with goal #1...any takers...Mama, Molly, Diana, Mawmaw. Come on, I see those hands going up...don't fight over it ladies!

2008 Goals - Julie

New Years Eve, Stephen, the kids and I went to a bonfire the youth group was having at some friends house. I noticed that my friends daughter-in-law wasn't there and asked why. It turns out Rebecca had not finished her goals for 2007 and she was spending her NYE making sure she could check everything off her list. I got to thinking that I had not even made a list and maybe I should have. So, I have decided to set goals for 2008 and I thought I would share some of them with ya'll, maybe if I put them here, I will feel more accountable.
I will scrapbook a years worth of pictures.
I will read 1/2 as many non-fiction books as I do fiction ones.
I will exercise.
I will work on not yelling at my children.
I will invite people to church every week.
I will visit Mamaw and Uncle David.
I will successfully potty train Anna.(If I had a list for 2007 it would have been on that one too!)
I want to find a job that I can do at home and make a little money.
OK, there is a partial list. A long one, but I feel like those goals can be met. I know they don't sound hard but to someone with very little will power, exercising, scrapbooking, and reading non-fiction can seem a little tough! LOL!Good luck on any goals you have made!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from South Arkansas

My Boys Shooting their New Guns at Nana & Papa's

Anna Loves Christmas

Christmas at Marmie's

Gracie & Anna had Great & Loud Fun

Stuffed in and Bound for Home

We have partied, decorated, undecorated, celebrated, traveled, visited, worshipped, and now we are getting back to normal! We had a wonderful Christmas season visiting with our families, and exchanging gifts. Some families I know have stopped exchanging gifts, but not us. Giving gifts is a huge part of who we are and how we show our love to each other. My hubby gave me the Internet for Christmas! I can' tell you how excited I am to be typing this at my own desk in my own house. I feel like a big person now!Back to Christmas, we sent the kids to Fort Smith the Saturday before Christmas so they could have some alone time with Marmie and Abby and Randall. I think the kids pretty well wore them out, but everyone had a good time, and it gave Stephen and I some time alone that we really needed. (I tell people this all the time, but there is no better gift to a couple with children than free childcare during the Christmas season.)I got to spend time with my Aunts, and Mamaw and Uncle David, and Anna got to know Gracie a little better(man, can those girls SCREAM!!!).We unbelievably got everything stuffed into the van and were able to make it home with everything (except a package of 24-roll toilet paper that Charlie got us) in just one trip. It wasn't a comfortable trip, but well-worth the discomfort knowing we didn't have to wait to get some presents home. All the new toys have been played with and old toys have been given away, or thrown away. It has been such fun cleaning, and reorganizing. I love a new year!!!!!