Wednesday, January 9, 2008

What I Do for A Route 44 Diet Cherry Limeade...

I was headed to an off site auction meeting this morning and running a bit early so I decided to treat my self to one of my most favorite things. As I pulled in I was greeted by a white Honda Pilot. It came out the entrance and without anywhere for me to go...I stopped. She must have liked the Maxima too much to swerve the Pilot because she rammed that thing right into my drivers side door. We were stuck together and window to window. I rolled down my window to tell her we were stuck and she needed to work with me a bit and all I saw was Tinkerbell. She had Tinkerbell dice, a steering wheel cover and a licence plate. I knew then it was not going to be a cool situation.
After being harassed with profanity from a super nice Memfrican man who wanted his Toaster meal real bad, we finally got our cars apart. She moved to three different spots until she parked the Tinker mobile. I was getting worried she was going to roll on out there and drive off. I called the cops and the sheriff's deputy came and filed a report but wrote no ticket. So, I am a wee bit ticked, as you can imagine. I have filed a claim with her insurance company and they have a conflicting report from her. Tinkerbell is full of herself! I am filing a claim with my insurance to try to get her company to pay for this mess. So, My ride has white paint all down the side of it. It is so not pretty and it just really ticks me off! Rand waxed that car for 2 hours last weekend and now it looks like a ghetto cruiser! Well, I have had my annual wreck and it is just the 9th of January. Good deal.

Morale of the story....don't get a Route 44 and stay away from Tinkerbell!



Anonymous said...

I am laughing so hard right now. I'm sorry that you had a wreck but you are just too funny in telling stories.....the tinker mobile.....crack me up!!!


lindsey said...

i am sure the movie "Peter Pan" will never be the same for you. so sorry. poor abby. poor maxima.

Michael said...

No, the moral of the story is "don't ever leave the house early - either be on time or late".

Sorry to hear about your car.

Anonymous said...

I'm just so thankful you weren't hurt. Any wreck you walk away from is a good wreck. Cars can be fixed.