Thursday, January 3, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from South Arkansas

My Boys Shooting their New Guns at Nana & Papa's

Anna Loves Christmas

Christmas at Marmie's

Gracie & Anna had Great & Loud Fun

Stuffed in and Bound for Home

We have partied, decorated, undecorated, celebrated, traveled, visited, worshipped, and now we are getting back to normal! We had a wonderful Christmas season visiting with our families, and exchanging gifts. Some families I know have stopped exchanging gifts, but not us. Giving gifts is a huge part of who we are and how we show our love to each other. My hubby gave me the Internet for Christmas! I can' tell you how excited I am to be typing this at my own desk in my own house. I feel like a big person now!Back to Christmas, we sent the kids to Fort Smith the Saturday before Christmas so they could have some alone time with Marmie and Abby and Randall. I think the kids pretty well wore them out, but everyone had a good time, and it gave Stephen and I some time alone that we really needed. (I tell people this all the time, but there is no better gift to a couple with children than free childcare during the Christmas season.)I got to spend time with my Aunts, and Mamaw and Uncle David, and Anna got to know Gracie a little better(man, can those girls SCREAM!!!).We unbelievably got everything stuffed into the van and were able to make it home with everything (except a package of 24-roll toilet paper that Charlie got us) in just one trip. It wasn't a comfortable trip, but well-worth the discomfort knowing we didn't have to wait to get some presents home. All the new toys have been played with and old toys have been given away, or thrown away. It has been such fun cleaning, and reorganizing. I love a new year!!!!!


Sisters said...

Don't Gracie & Anna look like Sa-Sa and Me 25 years ago? So fun!
And yes the fab four did wear me out but it was most fun.

Anonymous said...

It was a great Christmas for all of us...the time we spent on the
14th at Byhalia was special and one of the best we've had in a long time. The photos from Fort Smith are neat. Looks like the kids loaded up for another year.
I figure the bows and arrows are already history. The biggest hit of the season here has been the 20 Questions games. Thanks AJ for thinking of it and thanks Jules for coaching me on it.
Happy New Year from "The Haven".