Thursday, January 31, 2008

Converstaions with Aunt Abby

I always love talking to my niece & nephews on the phone. Since we live so far apart, it is our most utilized form of communication. It also provides much entertainment for me and the rest of the family who get to share all the funny stories.
This afternoon I called Jules to gab about life and hear her gab back. She left me on the phone with Dave, Dan and Sissy (a.k.a - Anna) while she ran Sambo up the street. Yep, I was a telephone babysitter. Don't call DHS on us, please!
David and I chatted first. I asked if it was David or Daniel. He said "It is D-A-V-I-D". He was so proud of himself and I was pretty proud of him too. I asked him what he was learning in school and he told me that he was learning to tell time and to add his 3's. I asked him what 3+1 equals and he said "4" real loud. I am so proud of his teacher!
Anna was screaming in the background to talk, so Dave gave up the fight and handed her the phone. Sissy LOVES to talk to Aunt Abby. She has a play cellphone that she uses all the time and most of her outgoing calls are to Me. I love it, of course. Julie often says "Anna talked to you all day on the phone." I call their house ALOT so we wonder if she thinks I live in the phone. So funny. Anyway, she always wants to know what I am doing and why I am doing it. She is your typical preschooler.
So, I break up that "why? why?"nonsense and say, "How is Becca's Mom" (Read past posts concerning Becca - the baby doll). She gets very dramatic and tells me that "Becca's Mom, well...she got died." As I hold back laughter, I ask her how it happened. All I made out from the jibberish ramble was "Her got shot is the tummy and got died". I told her that was sad and she says " Well, I have to call her now to come get Becca!" I question Sissy on the death and she says "Oh, her is alive!". I am soooo confused and really think she needs a break from all the guns and light sabers in that male dominated home!
Daniel took the phone as Sissy ran to call this character we call, Becca's Mom. I asked this sweet boy what he was learning in school and he told me his 3's. I asked him what 3+2 equals and he said, "5, I think". Too cute. He then reminded me he wants a Blue Angels birthday cake and asked me when I was coming to make it. His birthday is the last week of April. He has a while to wait on that cake and I have to figure out how to make it!
Jules got home as Dan and I were winding up. I am such a good telephone babysitter and so honored to do the job.
Aunt Abby


Auntie J said...

Those kids do love their Aunt Abby!

Abby, just wanted to wish you a "Great Big Good Luck" for your Winter Fling or whatever its called. I know it will be a great success!!!


Anonymous said...

Good Luck Tonight! You are going to make a great MOM one of these days! You are soooo good with your little ones
Love Ya