Thursday, January 3, 2008

2008 Goals - Abby

I just read my sister's post with her 2008 goals and it inspired me to make a list of my own. I also think posting it will make me feel more accountable, otherwise I would not be so candid & transparent on the world wide web! So, here goes...

I will learn how to REALLY sew and use my Janome
Exercise more
Reach Lifetime with WW
To invite those most precious to us to visit us more often or for God to take the Hospitality gift away from or the other!
Think about having a mini-me or mini-Rand
Join a new church
Finish scrapbooking my vacation & friend albums (up to present date)
Pray about volunteer missions
Take more time to visit my family and bestest girlfriends that live away from us

Those are my goals. Thanks for the motivation, Sis.

By the way, Rand has set his 1 is to be nicer...he is 3 days into it and he is still nice to me. Really, he is always nice but 2008 has been much nicer! I love my Rand.
So, who is coming for a few days to help me with goal #1...any takers...Mama, Molly, Diana, Mawmaw. Come on, I see those hands going up...don't fight over it ladies!


Anonymous said...

I'm hurt that you didn't list me as one of the people that could help you learn how to sew. Come on, Abby, you know how crafty I am :) And Randall's goal made me laugh out loud. I've never known him not to be nice!!