Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Floaties, A Snotty Nose and $1 meat = Great Day!

I have some of the best friends. After my post about the treading water and being helped out by a raft, my bff emailed me and said she couldn't send me a "raft" but she was sending some "cool floaties"! Well, my cool floaties arrived by UPS today while I was gone.
Let me digress- Samuel woke up yesterday with a runny nose, and headache, so today I called the dr to get him in. Well, even though this dr was his pcp, Samuel had never seen her, and they couldn't get a new patient in until Feb. Well, I was thrilled with that news as you could imagine. Their solution to the problem was to take him to the ER where they have a kind of "quick care" set up. We've been there and done that, and don't care to repeat! So I called the local village dr and they can get him in but I first have to change his pcp. Once again you can imagine how thrilled I was with that. I get that done, and head out to the dr office with all 4 kids (hubby is in LR with a church member who is having surgery and later has a conference to go to). It is now 9:20, at 11:15 we leave the dr office with 2 prescriptions and an allergy diagnosis. We then go to the pharmacy to get them filled, I leave the boys in the car, and they begin to beat each other up. Again, I'm thrilled! Finally we leave town, because as you know it is Monday and I must grocery shop. I am not going to dare and fix lunch at home, I would much rather order and have someone else cook and clean. So we head to PB and first stop at a furniture store because we are still looking for a couch!UGH! Then to MCD's with a playland. While there I meet someone from SC who actually grew up in the church we are at. The MCD's stop was much longer than anticipated! Then we go to Walmart where Samuel still isn't feeling any better so I let him sit in the MCD's in Walmart at the back booth and facing the wall. I thought this would be the safest place for him, and it turns out he did fine! What a great young man he is turning out to be!We finally get through and can head home, only to have to go to our local grocery store because they have pork chops for $1.00 a pound and chicken breasts $1.00 a pound.
Then we go to Kingdom Kids at church and I get to be with adults for about 45 minutes while the kids are in choir rehearsal. Ok, now you know how my day has been, and you can imagine (this time for real) how thrilled I was to see a box outside my door! My cool floaties turned out to be snicker bars and scrapbook stuff, a note pad with my initial on it, and other little note pads! My kind of stuff. My bff has been that for 22 years. 22 years, WOW it seems like I should have met her when I was just a baby, how time flies! My darling sister also sent pictures from Christmas and some stickers to scrapbook with today. I think it is a hint to stop cleaning my house and scrapbook!!! I will take the hint!



Sisters said...

You are blessed to have a BFF like Cindy Lou. Those kind of friends are few and far between. How thoughtful of her to put so much thought into making you smile!