Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dear Mr. President

It seems like I am always talking about Anna so I decided to share something that David did at school today.Yesterday I gave D&D a writing assignment, they were to begin a story and add to it each day this week. Daniel raised his hand (yes, I know they are homeschooled, but they will one day go to "real" school and have to know about raising hands) and asked when he could write a letter to the President. (Samuel had written a letter to the President a few years ago, and got a picture and letter back and a Christmas card the next Christmas). I told them that I would hold off on the story assignment and let them write letters to the President this week. This was going to be a whole different learning experience for them, they were going to have to learn to write a formal letter, and address an envelope have a rough and final draft.. Samuel studied this this year in 4th grade!So here is David's letter. Even though the idea was Daniel's his was very short so I am letting you read David's instead.

Dear Mister President,I am six years old. I am sorry this is your last year in the White House. Do you have any children? My name is David, and I'm home schooled. my mom is a great teacher. How are things going around the White House? Please write me back.
Isn't that sweet?
Samuel also wrote a letter and said we "live in a small but thriving city in South Arkansas"- how funny is that? small is right, but thriving I'm not sure about!
OK, I feel bad, here is Daniel's letter-
Dear Mr. Bush, I am 6 and my name is Daniel. I am sorry it is your last year in office. Please write me back.
Short and sweet. I know they both put in that they were sorry it is his last year in office, I didn't tell them to write it, they just came up with it on their own.

Congratulations to my boys they all made A's this quarter at school!!!!!!!!!


Sisters said...

"Thriving" & "city" about Star City? I laughed outloud!
Aunt Abby

Anonymous said...

I am most proud of the boys and their letters. School seems to be agreeing with them. Wonder what Anna would write the president. I am almost afraid to think of it. ha!.

Anonymous said...

Too cute :)