Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I Just Found A Blog I Forgot To Post!

It is from early December but I thought it was something ya'll would enjoy!

This weekend was our family Christmas with our Dad and his family. We all met at Abby's house for pizza and presents! I walked into Abby's home and was immersed in Christmas. She had Christmas music on, wassail on the stove which smelled wonderful, and decorations everywhere-even on the toilet seat lid!The ornaments on her tree all have special significance and all have a special place. She even adjusts them when they get moved on the tree by someone passing by. I was so tempted to move all of them after she went to sleep!We had such a good time with our aunt, uncle, cousin, her husband, and daughter, dad and his wife Connie, and of course Abby and Randall. I haven't spent time with that side of my family in about 2 years, it was so good to be with them again. We laughed, cried, and opened great Christmas gifts. Dad played Santa's helper and pulled fun presents out of a huge stocking for all the kids. My kids loved playing with Claire, they were so excited to be playing with a cousin. Anna is still talking about her cousin!



Sisters said...

You make me sound so Martha like and I really do not care for her so much. I want to be like Sandra instead!I am so happy you came to my home and hope you come back real soon!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad we all came. It was great.