Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I've Never Seen the Wind

"Can you see God, have you ever seen Him?
I've never seen the wind.
I've seen the effects of the wind,
but I've never seen the wind"

How many of my "homies" can hear Billy Graham reciting this line in Mind's Eye on the famous Jesus Freak album by DC Talk? As the wind whips around my house this evening I thought of this line and it made me laugh. It is so true though and a great lesson about faith.

Ok, while we are on the Jesus Freak album, I have to mention Mrs. Morgan. Do any of you remember her?

"Well, I'm Catherine Morgan and I'm the next-door neighbor to the Gotee's and uh, the Gotee's were over there and they had a drummer that came in here to play the drums that day And he played it early in the mornin', and he played it. I had him for breakfast, and for lunch, and for dinner. So I hollered at Todd and told him that I couldn't stand that drummer any longer, that he was driving my crazy! And Kevin spoke up and said, "Mrs. Morgan,"; says,"that's a live drummer we've got over there today" and I said, "If he hits the drum one more time, he's gone be a dead drummer" and that was the last I heard of the drummer that day "

Ok, so some of you are like..."okay, she is so odd!" Yep, I am. I love being goofy and having innocent fun. My sister and I memorized every word and would recite this to each other in our best "Mrs. Morgan dirty south" accent while driving from Leachville to Memphis on many a fun occasion, way back in the day. I still know all the words and sound like Mrs. Morgan when I do it. Love it! Anyway, I just tried to call my sister to throw a little "Mrs. Morgan" at her, but she must be at Boy Scouts or something of the sort....dangit! I can hear her laughing and trying not to blow Coke out her nose though, so that makes me happy.

Anyway, work is crazy busy this week with pre-auction jitters and thinking about all this has made me relax. I love how God just used this crazy wind to calm my soul and make me laugh. He is truly my protector. I am also so very glad He gets my sense of humor!


Anonymous said...

Who is mrs. morgan and why don't i know about her?? I love to read stories about you and your sister. stories that i haven't heard about.