Sunday, January 6, 2008

Dog Meat

I live outside of the city limits in a very redneck county in north Mississippi. We live on a 2 lane highway that is part of a subdivision, which is located behind us (we get the covenants of the neighborhood without being attached to it). Anyway, I sometimes drive back in the neighborhood to walk. I take my Ipod, phone and a cut off 2x4 to scare of dogs or crazy country people. A few weeks ago I had to swing the cut off 2x4 ( I guess it would be a 1x2 as my sister nicely pointed out to me today) at a little mutt a few weeks ago when it kept running on my heels. Until today that was the only time I had used my wooden weapon.
When you live in the sticks outside of the city limits you can burn your trash, let your dogs run loose and kill a deer from the front seat of your car whenever the mood strikes without much fear. I have yet to familiarize myself with this way of life and hope to never do so.
In our little area of the dirty south people love a pit bull. We have them all over the neighborhood. Two people we know back there have had their dogs attacked by pit bulls. The county has done nothing about the problem. It is against the law for a pit bull to roam free in the yard. It has to be in a pen or tied up at all times. But as with the trash burning and game hunting from the car, pit bulls roam free all the time without any fear of the law stopping by to put a stop to it. Who cares to enforce the leash law around here? Not a soul.
Well today I took out on my walk and found myself face to face with a pit bull. It was at the edge of its yard showing me all its dingy white teeth and lunging for me. I decided not to swing the cut off 2x4 put instead held it like my Fab Four hold their light sabers and screamed at the top of my lungs. No one came to help me so I kept screaming. I dialed Rand on my phone with the other hand while in high scream. He was at home working in the garage. As he answered, the dog owner came out on her porch and clapped for the dog to come to her. So, Rand is on the phone and I started yelling at the top of my lungs (and of course crying hysterically for fear I was going to die) to this lady who looked like she could have cared less about my need. This is what I yelled "Hey lady, get your pit bull away from me right this second! Don't you know it is against the law to have a pit bull in your yard without a leash or fence? Get it away from me now!" I walked away while I was yelling at her and Rand was just sitting on the other end of the phone going "What the heck are you doing?!" I then tell him this tale and he is in awe at me and asks if he needs to come rescue me. I tell him no and hang up. The dog goes in with its careless & clueless owner. I then turn around to head back home and the stupid dog runs for me again. She let it back out of the house as soon as I was out of her sight! I stood still in the road acting like a warrior with my light saber and she came back out the door and took the dog back to the porch with her.
I plan to call the Sheriff's office tomorrow to complain knowing it won't do any good. I will be one of many calls they have received about this problem. No one cares. I hate that I can't even walk in my own neighborhood because of these dumb pit bulls. Why does anyone feel like they need a dog like this? I know some people say it is all in the way they are raised and if they aren't taught to fight they won't fight. I have to disagree and think that they are most dangerous. I want safe streets and don't want to walk with a wooden weapon. It is just so wrong!
My throat is very sore from the screaming and I am sure the pit bull lady is telling many people about the crazy white lady with the cut off 2x4 screaming at her. Oh well, I lived and that is good. For a few seconds I thought I was going to be dog meat!


Michael said...

Abby Jo, I'm surprised at you. You were raised in the ghetto. Pit Bulls should be nothing to you. Remember that mutt my Mom pulled off the street that was meaner than a snake? I think he growled at you more than once. Heck, we had drive-bys to deal with. Remember when you ducked behind my house when Brent and I convinced you a car was coming to "put a cap in you"?

So, suck it up girl. Represent the ghetto. The dirty south ain't got nothin' on the Northside!

Just kiddin'. Sounds like you're not doin' too bad with your Hacksaw Jim Duggan impersonation.

Sisters said...

Let me correct my dear old neighbor, Collyar. We were not raised in the ghetto and no one shot at us in the yard. We just always played like we were ghetto thugs and lived for a dive-by!Oh, how I wish you were still my neighbor. I should write a blog about all our tales...

Michael said...

Well, it must've gotten worse after you moved. My mom of course still lives in the same house and I can promise you, although it is not the ghetto, it is about as close as you can get to being in the ghetto. Go about 3 blocks North and it's getting to be like Compton.

Anonymous said...

I have this mental picture Abby -- of you swinging your light sabre and screaming...and I'm laughing so hard I about fell off my chair.
I'm not laughing at the attempt on your life (ha) but my vision of you! I can't believe that dog didn't run off wailing for its mama! You've got to become a writer... you are just too funny.

love ya ... your real favorite aunt.