Sunday, August 30, 2009

Where Simple Goodness Begins

Randall has scored a new job! I am so elated for him. The pride beaming in his smile is something a picture couldn't capture, so I haven't even bothered (plus, I have bronchitis and taking a picture of anything right now is effort I can't muster up at this point).

He is finally getting to do what he has worked up to for the past decade. We are in awe at how all this came about and we are praising Jesus for all of it!

So, why the butter picture? Well, he is working for Land O' Lakes but he will not be making butter. Since this is the only thing most of us know about Land O' Lakes, I thought it was most fitting. I am still trying to figure out if there is an employee discount on butter, but I am doubting it real seriously.
P.S. Yes, the post title is the Land O' Lakes slogan. I am already drinking the Kool-Aid, so to speak.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sometimes I don't like myself!

Are you like that too?

Please say yes!

Today was the Harmony Association's( the group of Southern Baptist Churches in Jefferson and Lincoln counties) first ladies conference. I was asked along with 3 other preachers wives (Rachel, Melissa, and Stephanie) to coordinate this event. We thought the most that we would have this year would be 150. But 220 signed up and came!

It was great! Lots of women, lots of hairspray, lots of cute shoes, and lots of laughter. Lots of music, lots of fellowship, and lots of Jesus!

Lisa McKay was our speaker. She flew in on Friday and flew out this afternoon. It was my job to get her to the airport. And I did.

And then I left.

And she didn't.

Apparently they wouldn't let her board because it was less than 30 minutes until takeoff. It was 27 minutes until takeoff!

We missed it by 3 minutes!


And I LEFT her!!!

Seriously, I was given charge by my fellow preachers wives to get this darn cute preachers wife back home, and I didn't do it.

I'm hoping she got some good airport food and a starbucks to make her smile.

Its almost midnight and I'm still awake, I just found out about this whole fiasco and I may not be able to sleep the rest of the night.

I'll try not to sleep during church tomorrow!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

6 Month Ramblings

6 Months
This is me with the big belly. All belly, that is me. Sometimes I forget how big it is until I look in the mirror and it tickles me a bit. We are having fun getting ready for Henry. I am working hard and coming home too tired to do anything at night, but I am being a weekend warrior. Randall is an evening and weekend warrior. Someone asked me if I had started my nesting yet. I told them no, that it was too early for all that and I would not have to nest because Randall is already covering that for me. The guy is something else. You have got to love him!
I am terrified of the H1N1 virus and in panic mode/germ combat mode. It is amazing how I have acquired a horrible cough knowing how obsessed with germs I have been lately. It is nothing but a cough/cold type thing though. I think I will call tomorrow to ensure there is nothing else I should be taking other than the over the counter, disgusting tasting cough syrup I am consuming every 4 hours. I sound like a sea loin in heat when I cough and people look at me as though I am the walking H1N1 death and it is quite embarrassing. I have not the flu, but they don't know that...poor people.
I am finding all kinds of cute websites with bubble suits/rompers for little boys. I love the idea of Henry sporting those cute little outfits. I think there is nothing cuter than a baby boy in a little bubble suit/romper outfit. It is the only time in a boy's life they get to look frilly and sweet and not been seen as a little light in their loafers. I love it!
Christmas shopping is about to get in full swing here. I want to be finished by mid-October or the first of November. Everything I have purchased so far is wrapped and in a closet. It is funny, but necessary, if you know me and my love for Christmas. Having a baby in the slap middle of my season was not intentional, believe you me. I am glad he will be making it for Christmas this year, don't get me wrong. I am excited about Henry celebrating Jesus with us from now on.
Well, I best get my feet up and some cough syrup in my system. Comment on our blog from time to time...we know you read it, let us know what you think about our ramblings!

Monday, August 24, 2009


There are so many things I would like to blog about but have neither the time or the ability to write them out so I shall give you a list!

I love a list!

  • My sons have fingers like my Pawpaw. I love that. I love that I can remember what his fingers look like and I love that I can look at the boys fingers and think of him. He was a really, really great man. I was in 8th grade when he died, but my sister and 1 cousin were in kindergarten and another cousin wasn't a year old. They didn't get to know him like I did. I hate that for them.
  • I was at a meeting the other day and the person leading it said, " we know it do work". I laughed inside myself and wrote it down so I would remember it. It was so funny. And so sad.
  • One of my sons, the comedian of the group, was eating Cheetos the other day. He came up to me with his foot outstretched and a Cheetos stuck between his toes. He said, "look mom, a chee-toe!" Isn't that funny??
  • I know I should blog with pictures. But I am too lazy to do it. I have pictures in my head, but it is too much for me to upload them. Isn't that terrible?
  • One of my favorite bloggers is coming to my area to do a women's event for us this weekend. I am so excited to get to meet her in person and hug her sweet neck.
  • I dreamed last night about vacations. I have thought about vacation all day today. I need a vacation. I'm getting one in a couple of weeks.
  • I'm working a little part-time job. I can take the kids to work with me and they help. They really like it and so do I. I know what I do at home is important and that I'm needed, but I feel needed by other people and it feels good.
  • God is teaching me something. I don't know what yet. Have you ever had experiences where God was working around you but you didn't know what He was up to? Well, that is where I am. I'm excited and a little nervous!
  • Ok, I think I have exhausted all my random thoughts. Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment and add your random thoughts!


Saturday, August 22, 2009

3 Little Monkeys Working On The Bed

Today we were surprised with a visit from my in laws with Henry's bed in tow in the back of the truck. I came home from a work event around lunch time to find this sweet bed sitting in his little room. It was so awesome to see it just as I had pictured it! Molly (my MIL) then made the bedskirt and the curtains this afternoon before they drove home. Our pal Richard then brought us the mattress for the bed and we were most excited. We have such great friends and family who are loving sharing in all this Henry excitement. I am so thrilled to see it all turning out just as I had planned. It is so much fun!
Henry's bed with his mattress and bedskirt.

Henry's curtains

Henry's Nana, Papa and Daddy working on his room

Stay tuned to see more pictures of Henry's room in the coming months. It is a work in progress with all kinds of family and friends helping decorate it with love!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

School Daze

This is it.

The first day of school.

I have a 6th grader, 2 3rd graders and a kindergarten-er.

All my kids are now school age. I am no longer a mom of a preschooler. My life is changing.

The kids are excited about school.

I know some of you are wondering about homeschooling. How I do it, why I do it, and how it works.

I will attempt to describe it for you.

All the kids have their own desks in our office. I also have a desk. The kids each have a plastic container that they keep their books in. They have pencil boxes with everything a kid needs for school, crayons, pencils, markers, calculators, erasers, and pencil sharpeners.

We try to start out the day with a Bible reading. Then we go over spelling words, writing them and doing a spelling lesson. During this time, Anna and I will be reviewing her letters and the sounds that they make. As the year progresses what Anna and I do during this time will become more involved but I haven't done any formal school with her so she is not as advanced as the boys were in K-5.

After that we will stagger math lessons with the boys and reading with Anna. And we will do history and science together. I will expect more from Samuel since he is older, but the material is written for 3-6th grades. D&D will probably review this same material in 6th grade when Anna is in the 3rd.

It seems so hectic when I think about it. But since I have just written it out it doesn't sound so bad. It is a lot. But I am prayed up and prayed for.

I homeschool the kids because Stephen has asked me too. We began homeschooling for different reasons than we are now. I believe that the Bible says that I am to submit to my spouse. And I believe that he is listening to the Lord and knows what is best for our family. I don't always want to homeschool. There are days that I would love to send them to school. But then there are days that I teach them something and I watch them GET it. That is the best feeling in the world.

I miss out on a lot by doing this. I miss out on girls only lunches, shopping trips and time alone. I've even lost a friend because I do this, but I have gained so many more friends and so much more appreciation for teachers and mothers who teach at home.

The kids and I pray for the school teachers and the students. We pray that they have good days and good attitudes. In fact, we probably pray for them and their schools more than we pray for our little school.

Even though the majority of the people we surround our children with don't think very highly of our choice to homeschool, I am always honoring and try to teach my children to be honoring of those that feel that way.

It isn't easy to homeschool or to be homeschooled. But I'm sure my kids are getting a good education and are being taught in a structured, loving environment. Like so many of our friends that go to big-school(as we call it).

So, there you have it. The answers to your burning questions! HA!

Today our cousin Grace starts kindergarten. I know she is ready and I pray her mother is. Our other cousins Lilly and Cally and beginning this school year in a new school in a new state. Keep them in your prayers. And today is our friend Kaley's last first day. She is a senior this year. Oh! That makes me feel SO old. And rightfully so.

I am praying for all you moms, dads, and teachers out there. This is a tough day no matter how old your child is or where your child goes to school. I mean I have a 6th grader. Where does the time go? I remember walking him to his first day of kindergarten and now a 6th grader. WOW!

Ok! On to teach school!


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Making Room for the New

Red Dress Gala 2009 - 23 Weeks Pregnant

We have been busy making room for the "new". Tonight we shredded 4 trash bags full of old documents that we have accumulated since we were both in college, our early marriage in our apartment, our home in Byhalia and from our most recent life here. All these things were housed in what is now Henry's closet and we decided it was time to do the dreaded deed. I am actually surprised our little home shredder did not burn up from the 3 hours of me constantly feeding it paper. Randall and I realized we hold on to too much. He had all his report cards from each semester in college ....I mean, come on!

Randall made a good statement while we sifted through all the mess of papers, "Well, we are cleaning out our old life to make room for our new life with Henry." It sort of made all those papers bittersweet. I realized how blessed we are as I skimmed over all the history of documents that we have hoarded for the past ten plus years. God is good all the time.

Everyday lends itself to new projects, excitement and stress as we prepare for our little guy, but we count it all as joy and look forward to the day we get to kiss his sweet little face. Randall thinks I will kiss him too much...he could be right!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Someone you love is...

...playing in BRANSON!!!

Stephen and I received a letter in the mail back in February asking us to come to a pastors and wives getaway for a week in August. So, we are here!

In Branson, at Wayne Newton's former house. With four other preacher couples. Doing whatever we want during the day and eating dinner together at night.

This could be the best week ever!

The house is beautiful. We are staying in the Master suite. The bathroom is as large as our bedroom at home (and it is good size). It is amazing. The view overlooks the lake, the tv... Well, the tv is amazing. I have never seen such a clear tv. I don't think we will be able to watch the tv in our bedroom at home again. The grainy 16 inch circa 1985 tv may have seen its last day!

The other couples here are fun and funny and we are enjoying getting to know each other. I had prayed that we would make friends, and be able to be of help to them, and them to us. God is good and answered my prayers. ( I think I may hate it when I say God is good when He answers my prayers the way I want them answered. God is good all the time, whether He answers my prayers my way or not! His will is soveriegn and perfect.)

Yesterday we shopped( it was my day). We didn't buy too much, the kids all got an item of clothes, I got a couple of shirts, poor Stephen didn't get anything. Today we are playing golf. Ok! Stephen is playing golf, I am just going to ride along and read a book. It looks like a beautiful day so I'm excited!

The kids are doing good. Daniel lost a tooth yesterday, I hope the tooth fairy visited last night.
Although if she didn't it wouldn't be anything out of the ordinary. The tooth fairy hardly ever visits in a timely fashion. I sometimes wish we could rent-a-toothfairy. If you know of a service like that let me know!

Ok, I'm off to the golf course (and Dressin' Gaudy-I love this store. Do you know this store? Our family was introduced to it in Longview, TX at Mamaw's and now they have one in Branson. Can't. Wait.)

Ps. And don't you just love the name Henry?! I can't wait to see that little curly dark headed boy and whisper in his ear " Aunt Ju-Ju loves you Henry!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Baby L's Name

"A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches,
and loving favor rather than silver and gold. "
Proverbs 22:1

I promised you the big name reveal was around the corner and here it is:
Henry Patton L.

Our son will have a strong, traditional, manly name. Henry is a German name that means "Ruler of the home"...and that I am sure he will be! Henry also happened to be the middle name of my fraternal grandfather and my maternal great-grandfather. Patton is the middle name of Randall's maternal grandfather and he goes by this name. He is the only one still living of our son's namesake and he teared up when we told him our son would have his Great-Grandaddy's middle name.
Naming a child is a tough task and I am so pleased we have both agreed on such a precious name for our little one. I can't wait to meet our little Henry and call him by name!

Monday, August 10, 2009

24 Years Ago Today...

These 2 lovebirds got hitched

We had big hats, cake and champagne
(not the children, of course)

And we were all so thrilled that these 2 fell in love!
Happy 24th Anniversary
Mawmaw & UD
We love you!

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like A Baby

We have been so busy since we found out we are having a baby boy! This past weekend Randall "Baby Daddy" worked hard and said "It is all about my boy now!" It was so cute. He gave up weed eating/ edging to work on baby stuff....and if you know Randall you know that is huge!

This is an antique high chair my Aunt Babs bought for my cousin to use 8 years ago for her baby girl. The white wood looked good in her bright colored kitchen and Claire looked even cuter in it! My cousin, Hollye is a lot like me. She waited a small forever to have a child and also wanted to try to make her baby things blend with her house.
We also did not want a big plastic high chair in the kitchen that we worked so hard on redoing last fall (call us selfish or even snotty..but at least we are honest), so we are using the white antique high chair that Hollye had. We made a few minor changes to it, as you can see! It blends so well in our kitchen and Baby Boy L will look like a little prince eating out of it next Spring/Summer.
The fabric on the high chair is the same fabric on our dining room chairs. Baby Daddy is so crafty! (the tray was still under construction when this picture was taken)

This past weekend also brought us a special Mama. She was thrilled to get to see my growing belly and she even got to feel our baby boy kick and watch him move around my belly. It was most fun. He moved for all to see the 2 times we talked to his Aunt Juju on her birthday. She is very proud of him being so smart and is already in love with him. I can't wait to see how he reacts to her once he meets her in person. I think I may have to lock him down to keep her from taking him from me!

This is the baby's room under construction. It was a bright yellow room and now it is a soft khaki color...Navajo Sand to be exact (Mama is painting her bathroom this color because she loved it so much). We picked out and installed a ceiling fan and cleaned all the office and exercise stuff out of the room. It is getting more real as the days go by!

I am going to have a little country boy. He is going to be so cute on this little John Deere tractor, peddling up and down the long drive. He is going to make his Daddy most proud.
Randall's parents brought this to us last weekend from their house. All the previous grandchildren and my niece and nephews have ridden this in their drive. They are letting us have it at our house and I think that is super sweet and speaks tons on how excited they are that their boy is finally having a baby!

Stay tuned for the name reveal coming up soon....I know you are on the edge of your seats!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy Birthday To You

This is my sister's special day....happy day to you, Julia!

I am so glad God gave the world you all those many, many years ago.

I love you!


Friday, August 7, 2009

Julie Day

Tomorrow (Saturday) is my actual birthday. But there was a death in our church and the funeral is tomorrow. That of course put a damper on my birthday plans.

As I told you the last time we spoke, we do birthdays up big!

So, Stephen declared today Julie Day. Could I possibly have a better husband? NO!!!

We headed to Little Rock for a day of shopping and eating. I drug those kids to all kinds of stores and they didn't even complain. It was such a fun day.

We are back home now, past our bedtimes and we're all tired and ready for a good nights sleep.

Tomorrow I will turn 3? by the pool. It doesn't get much better than that either.

Enjoy my birthday, have a piece of cake in my honor. The calories won't count!!!!


Monday, August 3, 2009

Baby Boy Bedding Bonanza

Randall and I headed to Memfricia on Saturday morning to find our baby boy's bedding fabric.
We took these fine people in the picture with us (Hollye, Daddy, Aunt Babs and Connie). It was fun and we found exactly what we wanted for a price that would make your eyes pop out of your was such a bargain. I felt so blessed when we pulled out of the fabric store. I think I was beaming from ear to ear. I never expected to find the fabric I had eyed online and have it more affordable than I could have imagined.

This is the fabric we are using in our baby boy's room. My dear Mother-in-law is making the bedding and I am super excited about it. Randall will start painting the baby's room in the next week and the bed is being ordered this week, with the other pieces to follow. Folks, it looks like we are having us a baby!


Saturday, August 1, 2009

I'm Going To Be An Aunt To A Nephew

Can you believe it?

I just love boys. I love browns, and blues. Trucks, balls, hammers, and dinosaurs.

I love tennis shoes and the fact that you can put a boy in a shirt and jeans and voila! the boy is dressed!

Randall is going to be an awesome boy daddy. And Abby has so much experience with little boys that she will have no problems at all in the boy side of the kids department!

OK! Enough of that!

Do you know what today is?

Yes! August 1st.

The beginning of my birthday week and also the beginning of my anniversary month.

If you have been reading this blog for long you know that I love birthdays. We do birthdays up big at my house. No school happens. No work happens. Only birthday stuff happens on the big day!

My big day is Saturday. (And when I say big, I don't mean big as in a momentous birthday, that will be next year-and I expect a party!)

The boys have planned a trip to see the Travelers play in Little Rock. That will be just fine with me, as long as there is some shopping involved while we are in the big city.

Stephen and I will be celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary on the 14th. I will post more about that later. Maybe with pictures, but I make no promises.

I hope ya'll have a great August. I hope it isn't too hot, and that the back-to-school season goes good for all of you.

Another cute Anna quote; " I made this for your birthday. But it isn't very birthday presenty." Isn't that cute, not only is she making me something for my birthday but she is making up new words too!