Thursday, August 13, 2009

Someone you love is...

...playing in BRANSON!!!

Stephen and I received a letter in the mail back in February asking us to come to a pastors and wives getaway for a week in August. So, we are here!

In Branson, at Wayne Newton's former house. With four other preacher couples. Doing whatever we want during the day and eating dinner together at night.

This could be the best week ever!

The house is beautiful. We are staying in the Master suite. The bathroom is as large as our bedroom at home (and it is good size). It is amazing. The view overlooks the lake, the tv... Well, the tv is amazing. I have never seen such a clear tv. I don't think we will be able to watch the tv in our bedroom at home again. The grainy 16 inch circa 1985 tv may have seen its last day!

The other couples here are fun and funny and we are enjoying getting to know each other. I had prayed that we would make friends, and be able to be of help to them, and them to us. God is good and answered my prayers. ( I think I may hate it when I say God is good when He answers my prayers the way I want them answered. God is good all the time, whether He answers my prayers my way or not! His will is soveriegn and perfect.)

Yesterday we shopped( it was my day). We didn't buy too much, the kids all got an item of clothes, I got a couple of shirts, poor Stephen didn't get anything. Today we are playing golf. Ok! Stephen is playing golf, I am just going to ride along and read a book. It looks like a beautiful day so I'm excited!

The kids are doing good. Daniel lost a tooth yesterday, I hope the tooth fairy visited last night.
Although if she didn't it wouldn't be anything out of the ordinary. The tooth fairy hardly ever visits in a timely fashion. I sometimes wish we could rent-a-toothfairy. If you know of a service like that let me know!

Ok, I'm off to the golf course (and Dressin' Gaudy-I love this store. Do you know this store? Our family was introduced to it in Longview, TX at Mamaw's and now they have one in Branson. Can't. Wait.)

Ps. And don't you just love the name Henry?! I can't wait to see that little curly dark headed boy and whisper in his ear " Aunt Ju-Ju loves you Henry!



Kelley said...

I know you are having fun! I have been to the Dressing Gaudy store and love it!

Chad said... much are you willing to pay for that "rent-a-toothfairy" service?

Anonymous said...

Why did you refer to the tooth fairy as "she". I have seen alot of guy fairies, too !
Happy wedding anniversary on the
14th to you and Reverend Beavers.

Megan Huckaby said...

Jules, I am glad that no one was murdered on the Branson trip. Our suspicions that you and Bro. Stephen are axe murderers is now extinguished. ;) that is a funny inside joke lol