Sunday, August 16, 2009

Making Room for the New

Red Dress Gala 2009 - 23 Weeks Pregnant

We have been busy making room for the "new". Tonight we shredded 4 trash bags full of old documents that we have accumulated since we were both in college, our early marriage in our apartment, our home in Byhalia and from our most recent life here. All these things were housed in what is now Henry's closet and we decided it was time to do the dreaded deed. I am actually surprised our little home shredder did not burn up from the 3 hours of me constantly feeding it paper. Randall and I realized we hold on to too much. He had all his report cards from each semester in college ....I mean, come on!

Randall made a good statement while we sifted through all the mess of papers, "Well, we are cleaning out our old life to make room for our new life with Henry." It sort of made all those papers bittersweet. I realized how blessed we are as I skimmed over all the history of documents that we have hoarded for the past ten plus years. God is good all the time.

Everyday lends itself to new projects, excitement and stress as we prepare for our little guy, but we count it all as joy and look forward to the day we get to kiss his sweet little face. Randall thinks I will kiss him too much...he could be right!



Kelley said...

You look beautiful! Henry will be blessed to have you two as parents.