Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Tomboy

This child has brought so much laughter to our house recently. I guess growing up in a house full of boys has adversely affected her. 

During the Olympics, which we watched a lot of, anytime President Putin was mentioned she would smile and then laugh, and laugh! She would say, "they said Pootin!" Well that would make all of us laugh as well. And she did it every single time. 

There is a new commercial on tv now advertising a medication called Latuda. Stephen saw it first with her, and said once he heard the name he looked at her, knowing what she would do. And she didn't disappoint! She laughed and laughed. So now every time it comes on, she laughs. And then we laugh.

The picture above is from a little photo shoot Anna and I had a couple of weeks ago. She had received a free photo book from Shutterfly with one of her Christmas gifts, and the deadline was upon us, so we went to take some pictures. We got the book today and it is precious. It's like a scrapbook that didn't use any glue or stickers! We titled it The Book of Anna, an American Girl. She loved it, I can't wait to show it off.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Daybook Entry

In the great outdoors...Today was a cool day, a nice day to wear my army green jacket that I wear ALL the time.

Within our walls...We bunked David and Daniel's beds today, for the first time in 2 1/2 yrs. 

A heart of Thanksgiving...While shopping at Walmart today I was feeling a bit lonely, I guess that's what I get for always taking someone with me when I go, and I noticed all the moms with their children in the aisles. I just wanted to thank each one of them and thank them for shopping with them, it brightened my day.

A heart of prayer...I'm praying for Samuel more than ever these days. As he gets older he is facing experiences that are new to him and he's having to figure out the mature, Christian way to handle himself and others. It's not always easy to sit and watch it happen.

Random observation...Teenage girls are still mean.

My silly children...I bought a 10 lb tube of ground beef today and you would thought it was a toy. All four kids carried it around and played with it. It was wierd.

Thoughts from the kitchen...Nachos tonight, but to Anna's dismay we just had shredded cheese,  no cheese dip.

Projects being worked on...Stephen is making desks for David and Daniel. Now that the beds are bunked, theres room for desks. Another place to put stuff.

Sounds of the moment...Stephen is running the saw outside, building the desks. A few minutes ago he cut the saw cord with the saw. It was funny. Very funny!

What I'm wearing...Levi's, burgundy short sleeved sweater, navy socks.

On the calendar...Samuel's baseball season begins this week. Yay! We're very excited about watching him play ball again.

This picture is of Stephen and Samuel from Sarah's wedding in 2001. The eyelashes on this little guy are just too much for his mama to bear. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Daybook Entry

For Today...February 19

In the great outdoors...cloudy and cool today. The last few days have been so nice a great break from all the cold weather.

Within our walls...I bought curtains! Well, I really bought tablecloths but I'm making them curtains. I can't wait to put them up.

A heart of thanksgiving...I'm so thankful for a loving husband and a home in a safe neighborhood that my kids love and have friends in. 

A heart of prayer...two sweet families have lost loved ones this week. A mother in one family and a child in the other. Praying for God to give them comfort.

Random observation...if I sit on the couch I like to be covered up. I always have a blanket or throw nearby.

My silly children...Anna spent last night with her BFF, and texted today to ask if she could spend another night! I miss her.

Thoughts from the kitchen...well, last weeks meals weren't any better than the week before. So this week we're going back to the staples and hoping for the best!

On my bookshelf...Who am I kidding? I haven't read anything this week either.

Sounds at the moment...everyone has gone to church, and I'm home alone with just the washing machine going. Quiet is good.

A favorite thing from last week...Valentines Day! Stephen and I love this day. We don't give gifts but we do go out to eat and spend time together. This year did was so nice, we talked and laughed. We needed it!

On the calendar...Duck Duck Goose is this week in Pine Bluff, I'll be working there a few days. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Loads Of Love

We had a fun time creating our Valentine's Day goodies this year.  Julie and I are polar opposites on things like this. I love our differences and are likenesses! :)

Henry requested the dig me ones for the girls and the fish/wheelie ones for the boys. I took the photo of him in the wagon and made his card. It was fun to do all this together this year. 

Valentine morning Henry and I had a donut date on the way to school. I just love that sweet, sugary face!

His school party was wild and fun. He got lots of yummy treats and he was hyped up on sugar for the rest of the afternoon, of course. I love the fun he has at his school.

Henry was so excited to take his box of love home with us. That smile...oh, that smile! 

Henry bought me a new watch for love month. It may have been the cutest outing yet! He was so funny and took charge and acted like a grown man. I know he made his Meemaw proud! ;) My watch is beautiful and he checks my wrist everyday to make sure I have it on! 

My mama loves mocha brownies. I saw this cute idea and had to send this to her! I think she liked it and I hope she waits to make them upon our next visit! Hint, hint :) I like Pinterest, and I cannot deny it. 

My valentine and I had a wonderful little anniversary trip leading up to Valentine's Day. I will post more on it soon. I sure do love this sweet man and so thankful God saved his heart to join mine all those years ago. He is a treasure beyond measure! How could anyone not love this handsome face?! 

I hope you have felt love this month. If not, know that I love you and so does Jesus! 

Abby Jo

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentines Day Recap

We love Valentine's Day at this house. We don't go all out with decorations and gifts, but we do celebrate love on this day.
David, Daniel, and Anna had a VDay party with some homeschool friends, (22 of them!) and brought home lots of valentines and candy. I thought my kids would be the only ones with store bought valentines, since this was a homeschool party and the assumption is that we do things like homemade valentines. But to my surprise, only one person brought a handmade valentine. I love these people! Ha! 

As an aside, making homemade valentines is not my love language, but it is for some people. I appreciate their creativity, imagination, time, and effort. There are so many ways to speak love to people, let's not ever make snide remarks or think it silly when people make their own valentines, or buy gifts for "Hallmark" holidays. It's how love is spoken for them (us).

I give the kids small gifts. This year Samuel received three cans of Pringles, his fave chip right now. David & Daniel got bags of candy, and Anna got a homemade Edible  Arrangement. She has always wanted one, but oh my goodness the cost! So I made her one with strawberries, bananas, and strawberry heart shaped marshmallows. She was happy with it, but still wanted a balloon. Oh my!

 The next token giving holiday is Easter, which also happens to be Anna's 10th birthday. We're trying to decide if we're going to decorate with eggs or cupcakes! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Daybreak Entry

Outside My window...Cold!! We had been forecasted to have 2-4 inches of snow this week, but they changed the forecast because the snow just wasn't coming. It's just cold, like 25 degrees cold.

I am thankful for...older children. It sounds weird, but having children that are able to fix their meals, stay by themselves, and not cry when I leave the house is a blessing!

In the kitchen... We just finished a lunch of leftovers, so it's quiet now. Soon it will be 3:10, which is Anna's snack time. She's so funny about it, she chose the time herself and waits expectantly for it everyday. Supper tonight is a new recipe, Chicken pesto penne. We'll see.

I'm yoga pants, and a long sleeve black t shirt. I took a friend and her baby to Children's hospital last night and didn't get home until 2:45 this morning, I'm proud I'm not wearing my footed pj's!

I'm be working hard this week. It's Valentine's week and that's a big day for the company I work for. Thursday and Saturday I'll be traveling quite a few miles and working quite a few hours. Once again, I'm so glad the kids are older.

I'm wondering...if I'm the only one that doesn't mind this cold weather.

I'm go on a Valentine's date with Stephen this weekend. I love that man and love to celebrate our engagement together.

Around the house...I just poured Comet in the bathtub and the whole hallway around the bathroom smells so clean. I feel like a real wife and keeper of the house! Funny how smells effect us.

A few plans for the rest of the out a couple of closets and buying Valentines gifts for the kids, nothing elaborate just something to show my love.

Monday, February 10, 2014

A Few Pictures

I usually drink my coffee out of an insulated tall coffee cup, because I don't drink it very fast and it gets cold. I bought this mug at Dillard's on bigtime sale ( it was $2!), and love it so much, I use it often.
I had to have a head shot taken last week and this is what it looked like. I don't know why the left side of my hair looks like it is missing. Yes, I do, it's my hair! 

I took Daniel and David to lunch Friday. They had been wanting  to go to Wings To Go for some wings and somehow they made it seem like they wanted to spend time with me and not just eat wings. I fell for it, and we had such a good time. We laughed and laughed together. I can't believe they're going to be 13 in April. Teenagers, two at a time. 

Saturday, February 8, 2014


It snowed Friday night! We were up late watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony and went outside to see if we had any snow. We did! Anna had already had a shower, but that didn't stop her. Wet hair, no socks and summer pj's on.
This is our yard this morning, many kids have walked in the front yard andhad lots of fun.
 This is our neighbors yard, they have no children.
David and a neighbor getting ready to have fun in the snow.

I also decided Friday to defrost our deep freezer. It needed it badly, and with it being below freezing outside it was the perfect time. We boxed up everything in the freezer, and put it in the carport. Everything stayed frozen, and my freezer looks great! Yay for cold temperatures.


11 years ago today I married the first man I ever loved and gave my heart to. My Randall. 

These past 11 years have flown by, yet been jam packed with lots of love, laughs and life. We have worked hard, loved hard and played as hard as two high strung loves can play! ;) 

This cake photo was the photo on our first Christmas card in 2003. I remember asking a man in a neighboring office at my work if he knew how to scan it in the computer for me. Oh, how technology has changed in 11 yrs! I loved that cake! I also loved that arch over the cake...and my groom! 

I had baby's breath in my wedding before it was cool! I get on Pinterest now and see how baby's breath and champagne colored dresses are the in thing. I literally snicker. We used baby's breath because it was cheap! I loved the color of the dresses and debated going for it because it was not seen that much in weddings 11 yrs ago. Maybe I'm a trendsetter?! Ha. That's funny! 

Setting out to do life together 11 years ago today. Look at the joy and excitement on those young innocent faces. Oh, we were so innocent. 

Here we are 11 years later with a different, yet same, joy and excitement.. And a Henry! What a blessing marriage is. Happy Anniversary to us!


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day to Day Delights

Our day to day life is my favorite. I treasure the simple, mundane things.

This child is growing at warp speed it seems. This picture reminds me of a Life cereal commercial. Henry loves to come to "the hot air balloon place" and help me work. Thankfully I work in an environment where this is accepted. In fact, a client was on the other side of my desk signing papers! 

These two are a pair. They crack me up how much they are alike. Henry has no idea how blessed he is with that precious daddy of his. My house is covered in toys, shoes and books because of these two. Instead of letting it get to me, I have learned to embrace it....while picking up the Leggos and Matchbox cars for the love of my feet. It means there is love and life in these walls.

I love our afternoon rides together. He is usually full of all kinds of information and always excited to see me. Henry insisted he have a giraffe hat this winter. So, of course I found him one. If you don't know how funny my Henry is, you need to. He is truly one funny, funny boy. He is a great mix of his daddy's smarts/quirks and my personality/humor. God love him!! 

On this night while I was reading to him he declared he needed a photo with his girlfriend...which he said was me! ;) life is not always easy and it's not always rosey, yet we make the best of each moment...or at least that's our goal! 


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Daybook Entry

Outside my window...rain, Icy limbs on trees, puddles on the street, and cold. Cold. 

I am thinking...that I love my jeans. I usually wear yoga pants around the house but I've worn jeans the last couple of days and I'm loving it!

I'm in prayer for...a friend that just found out her cancer has returned. She is the mother of children my kids ages.

I am thankful...for a warm house, electricity, tv, and can Cokes

In the Kitchen...Amish Chicken will be for supper tonight. I can't remember what the recipe calls for I found it on Pinterest. Hope it's good.

I am wearing...well jeans like I said earlier. A 1/4 zip black pullover, and Christmas socks.

I am going...No where. No plans on the horizon for any traveling. Kinda sad.

I am wondering...about plans for Anna's birthday. She wants to make plans and I have no ideas so far.

I am reading...The Day Before 9/11 it's pretty good.

I am hoping...the electricity stays on today. Theres some ice in the trees, so everything that can be charged is charging!

Around the house...We got a new doorknob for the front door. For some reason our other one stopped turning and the door was stuck. Stuck! But now, it works like a charm.

A few plans for the rest of the week...just the regular things. Laundry, cooking, eating, but David and Daniel want to go to lunch with just me tomorrow, so we'll have to do that.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Detour Down Memory Lane

I was looking for photos for Henry's album the other night and came across a bag of some old family photos. My organization is in distress when it comes to my photos. It usually stresses me out, but on this night it was right on time! I loved the unexpected smiles and laughter it provoked. 

This is our daddy with his father on the left and our UD on the right. Grandpas with our daddy. This was taken at Julie's high school graduation party in 1988. Julie is Old!  Daddy's blue pants were kicking!! I love this photo. Jules and I have had great examples of love and Jesus in these three. 

This man was the salt of the earth. When I saw this photo it was angled in a way he was looking over me. It made me smile. He died a few days after my 5th birthday. I hate I didn't know him more. I know he was greatly loved and he loved fiercely in return. He was a deacon in his church and took care of everyone.  He was our pawpaw, our mamas's daddy. Joe was a hard  working WWII veteran, who was also a POW. He never talked about it. I love this generation because they overcame. Overcame the worst. We are raising a bunch of boys who can't overcome much of anything, much less the worst. That's a soapbox for another time ;) I loved "happening"upon this photo.

If you are in our family reading this, this one surely makes your heart smile! UD doing his thumb trick to little Abby Jo at Mawmaw and Pawpaw's house on Spradling. That's my beautiful mama on the organ bench. Love! And yes, we grew up with organs and pianos and we sisters can't even play chopsticks...a true Shame! I'm thinking of taking lessons. 

If I don't ever feel like I'm woman enough, these two can whip me into shape. This was also from 1988 They were whipping my 9 year old self into shape back then just as they are today. I cannot imagine not having my nuclear family in my daily life.  I'm so glad God saw fit to give me this captain and co captain for my cheer squad! (My Daddy is my linebacker ;) )

Be still my aunt heart! This was when this sweet child admitted he adored me. I think he still does but he is 16 and a boy...bless his heart!! Henry reminds me of him sometimes. Such sweetness. And look at those tight curls on aunt Abby's head. Pregnancy sure did relax my curl! 

And I may have wet my pants a bit discovering this memory book my mom put in a bag of stuff for me. If you know Melissa and me, you have to laugh because you can picture our simple youth. I had forgotten some of the memories on these pages. It made me cry from laughing so hard! What a blessed youth I had. My favorite take away from this book that night was the question "what will your teachers remember most about you" my answer: " they always say 'there's the girl who always has a smile'". I didn't realize the truth of that then, nor the gift of that smile. Funny I thought. 

So, how was that detour for you?! Fun, wasn't it?! ;)


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Love is in the air

It's love month!! We are starting it out with a new mailbox in Henry's room. As long as he shows love each day, he will receive a little token of love in his box each morning. Today he woke up to a new matchbox fire truck. I love the dollar tree or "treat" as Henry calls it :)

Because this month is setting up to be a bit crazy, I made all Henry's valentines last night. Randall's office and my craft room are one in the same. Our bonus room upstairs. He had some computer work to finish for the big planting season ahead, so I planted myself up there with him after Henry was in bed. It was like a date, but not really. We get what we can! 

Henry picked out his valentines this year. The dig you is for the girls and the fish/cars is for the boys. It was fun to make. I told Randall I have set myself up for a future of no fun boxed valentines because of this, and I could hit myself for it now!! Maybe I can be proven wrong, but I doubt it! The past 5 years of loving creativity have been great fun! I hope he continues to enjoy it with me until he's 10 ;) 

last night we had dance party for a while. I love watching him enjoy his keyboard. He was attempting to play the "orange car song". That would be Dukes of Hazzard! 

Henry is one rotten child. Here we are on a Friday night driving around in pajamas because he loves to go for a ride. Milkshake in hand and Cars on his DVD player. I love this busy, challenging, fun and exhausting season of life. It's easy to celebrate love month around here! ;) 

Abby Jo