Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Daybook Entry

In the great outdoors...Today was a cool day, a nice day to wear my army green jacket that I wear ALL the time.

Within our walls...We bunked David and Daniel's beds today, for the first time in 2 1/2 yrs. 

A heart of Thanksgiving...While shopping at Walmart today I was feeling a bit lonely, I guess that's what I get for always taking someone with me when I go, and I noticed all the moms with their children in the aisles. I just wanted to thank each one of them and thank them for shopping with them, it brightened my day.

A heart of prayer...I'm praying for Samuel more than ever these days. As he gets older he is facing experiences that are new to him and he's having to figure out the mature, Christian way to handle himself and others. It's not always easy to sit and watch it happen.

Random observation...Teenage girls are still mean.

My silly children...I bought a 10 lb tube of ground beef today and you would thought it was a toy. All four kids carried it around and played with it. It was wierd.

Thoughts from the kitchen...Nachos tonight, but to Anna's dismay we just had shredded cheese,  no cheese dip.

Projects being worked on...Stephen is making desks for David and Daniel. Now that the beds are bunked, theres room for desks. Another place to put stuff.

Sounds of the moment...Stephen is running the saw outside, building the desks. A few minutes ago he cut the saw cord with the saw. It was funny. Very funny!

What I'm wearing...Levi's, burgundy short sleeved sweater, navy socks.

On the calendar...Samuel's baseball season begins this week. Yay! We're very excited about watching him play ball again.

This picture is of Stephen and Samuel from Sarah's wedding in 2001. The eyelashes on this little guy are just too much for his mama to bear.