Monday, February 10, 2014

A Few Pictures

I usually drink my coffee out of an insulated tall coffee cup, because I don't drink it very fast and it gets cold. I bought this mug at Dillard's on bigtime sale ( it was $2!), and love it so much, I use it often.
I had to have a head shot taken last week and this is what it looked like. I don't know why the left side of my hair looks like it is missing. Yes, I do, it's my hair! 

I took Daniel and David to lunch Friday. They had been wanting  to go to Wings To Go for some wings and somehow they made it seem like they wanted to spend time with me and not just eat wings. I fell for it, and we had such a good time. We laughed and laughed together. I can't believe they're going to be 13 in April. Teenagers, two at a time.