Saturday, February 1, 2014

Love is in the air

It's love month!! We are starting it out with a new mailbox in Henry's room. As long as he shows love each day, he will receive a little token of love in his box each morning. Today he woke up to a new matchbox fire truck. I love the dollar tree or "treat" as Henry calls it :)

Because this month is setting up to be a bit crazy, I made all Henry's valentines last night. Randall's office and my craft room are one in the same. Our bonus room upstairs. He had some computer work to finish for the big planting season ahead, so I planted myself up there with him after Henry was in bed. It was like a date, but not really. We get what we can! 

Henry picked out his valentines this year. The dig you is for the girls and the fish/cars is for the boys. It was fun to make. I told Randall I have set myself up for a future of no fun boxed valentines because of this, and I could hit myself for it now!! Maybe I can be proven wrong, but I doubt it! The past 5 years of loving creativity have been great fun! I hope he continues to enjoy it with me until he's 10 ;) 

last night we had dance party for a while. I love watching him enjoy his keyboard. He was attempting to play the "orange car song". That would be Dukes of Hazzard! 

Henry is one rotten child. Here we are on a Friday night driving around in pajamas because he loves to go for a ride. Milkshake in hand and Cars on his DVD player. I love this busy, challenging, fun and exhausting season of life. It's easy to celebrate love month around here! ;) 

Abby Jo