Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day to Day Delights

Our day to day life is my favorite. I treasure the simple, mundane things.

This child is growing at warp speed it seems. This picture reminds me of a Life cereal commercial. Henry loves to come to "the hot air balloon place" and help me work. Thankfully I work in an environment where this is accepted. In fact, a client was on the other side of my desk signing papers! 

These two are a pair. They crack me up how much they are alike. Henry has no idea how blessed he is with that precious daddy of his. My house is covered in toys, shoes and books because of these two. Instead of letting it get to me, I have learned to embrace it....while picking up the Leggos and Matchbox cars for the love of my feet. It means there is love and life in these walls.

I love our afternoon rides together. He is usually full of all kinds of information and always excited to see me. Henry insisted he have a giraffe hat this winter. So, of course I found him one. If you don't know how funny my Henry is, you need to. He is truly one funny, funny boy. He is a great mix of his daddy's smarts/quirks and my personality/humor. God love him!! 

On this night while I was reading to him he declared he needed a photo with his girlfriend...which he said was me! ;) life is not always easy and it's not always rosey, yet we make the best of each moment...or at least that's our goal!