Saturday, February 8, 2014


11 years ago today I married the first man I ever loved and gave my heart to. My Randall. 

These past 11 years have flown by, yet been jam packed with lots of love, laughs and life. We have worked hard, loved hard and played as hard as two high strung loves can play! ;) 

This cake photo was the photo on our first Christmas card in 2003. I remember asking a man in a neighboring office at my work if he knew how to scan it in the computer for me. Oh, how technology has changed in 11 yrs! I loved that cake! I also loved that arch over the cake...and my groom! 

I had baby's breath in my wedding before it was cool! I get on Pinterest now and see how baby's breath and champagne colored dresses are the in thing. I literally snicker. We used baby's breath because it was cheap! I loved the color of the dresses and debated going for it because it was not seen that much in weddings 11 yrs ago. Maybe I'm a trendsetter?! Ha. That's funny! 

Setting out to do life together 11 years ago today. Look at the joy and excitement on those young innocent faces. Oh, we were so innocent. 

Here we are 11 years later with a different, yet same, joy and excitement.. And a Henry! What a blessing marriage is. Happy Anniversary to us!