Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Loads Of Love

We had a fun time creating our Valentine's Day goodies this year.  Julie and I are polar opposites on things like this. I love our differences and are likenesses! :)

Henry requested the dig me ones for the girls and the fish/wheelie ones for the boys. I took the photo of him in the wagon and made his card. It was fun to do all this together this year. 

Valentine morning Henry and I had a donut date on the way to school. I just love that sweet, sugary face!

His school party was wild and fun. He got lots of yummy treats and he was hyped up on sugar for the rest of the afternoon, of course. I love the fun he has at his school.

Henry was so excited to take his box of love home with us. That smile...oh, that smile! 

Henry bought me a new watch for love month. It may have been the cutest outing yet! He was so funny and took charge and acted like a grown man. I know he made his Meemaw proud! ;) My watch is beautiful and he checks my wrist everyday to make sure I have it on! 

My mama loves mocha brownies. I saw this cute idea and had to send this to her! I think she liked it and I hope she waits to make them upon our next visit! Hint, hint :) I like Pinterest, and I cannot deny it. 

My valentine and I had a wonderful little anniversary trip leading up to Valentine's Day. I will post more on it soon. I sure do love this sweet man and so thankful God saved his heart to join mine all those years ago. He is a treasure beyond measure! How could anyone not love this handsome face?! 

I hope you have felt love this month. If not, know that I love you and so does Jesus! 

Abby Jo