Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Tomboy

This child has brought so much laughter to our house recently. I guess growing up in a house full of boys has adversely affected her. 

During the Olympics, which we watched a lot of, anytime President Putin was mentioned she would smile and then laugh, and laugh! She would say, "they said Pootin!" Well that would make all of us laugh as well. And she did it every single time. 

There is a new commercial on tv now advertising a medication called Latuda. Stephen saw it first with her, and said once he heard the name he looked at her, knowing what she would do. And she didn't disappoint! She laughed and laughed. So now every time it comes on, she laughs. And then we laugh.

The picture above is from a little photo shoot Anna and I had a couple of weeks ago. She had received a free photo book from Shutterfly with one of her Christmas gifts, and the deadline was upon us, so we went to take some pictures. We got the book today and it is precious. It's like a scrapbook that didn't use any glue or stickers! We titled it The Book of Anna, an American Girl. She loved it, I can't wait to show it off.