Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Few Things

Just a few things I was thinking about...

1) When Daddy and Connie were here, a couple of my kids were displaced from their beds. One slept in the living room, and when I walked in the next morning I looked down to see him all wrapped up and comfy. In Granny's tablecloth!! In the linen closet I have one tablecloth and 54 blankets. He chose the tablecloth. In his defense, it was soft, big, and he thought it was a blanket. I'm hoping Granny was honored by his choice. I was kind of mortified!

2) Since Henry was a baby and couldn't even speak, I've been telling him, "Juju is pretty." Last week I would tell him to tell me and he would sweetly say, "Juju is pretty" wih a cute, shy smile. Melt my heart.

3) Samuel has a girlfriend now and she spends some time with us, eating, watching movies and stuff like that. Can I just say I enjoy this so much?! I know this is just the beginning of girlfriends for my boys.  and I'm looking forward to it.

4) David and Daniel are going to youth camp Monday, it'll be the first time for them to go. They've been going to church camp since before they could walk, and now they're going, without me, to youth camp. Wow, time flies! Samuel is working and won't be able to go, he wishes he could, that boy loves church camp!

5) We're planning a spur-of-the-moment beach vacation in a couple of weeks. We usually go in September, or like last year, November, so a June beach vacation is intriguing to me. I'm anticipating heat, and a lot of people. I'm not a big fan of either, but I do love the beach, so we'll make the best of it!

6) my new favorite food is Wholly Guacamole. Have you tried it? You must! It's so good, and you don't have to smush up your own avocados. Go get some!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Week in Pictures

We started off our week with Henry at our house. We had so much fun, and this coon skin cap was so cute on him.

This is Henry and his favorite toy at our house. He called it his crystal-light. We took this picture in the tent, right before it rained.

Ainslee is four also. She and Henry had fun in Sunday School together, and played for three hours at the Mcdonalds play land Sunday night during small group.

Henry left on Tuesday. Daddy and Connie came Wednesday and stayed the night. It was a short trip, but fill of fun and laughter.

Tonight, Anna made Aunt Janet's famous sweet and sour chicken for dinner. I hardly ever cook supper alone, I love the help!

Saturday, May 24, 2014


I've always believed if your life is full of drama, you must like drama.

Well, last night my life was full of DRAMA, and I don't like it!

The kids, Samuel's friend Lauren, and I met Abby and Henry for some Mexican food in North Little Rock. Abby was bringing Henry to us so we could keep him for a few days. He's been excited about coming to Juju's all week.

When they walked in the restaurant he hid behind Abby, and cried. After a while he got better and enjoyed himself. Then it got to be time to leave, and things quickly went downhill. I decided it would be best if we moved everything over to my car before we all walked outside, less drama to have happen that way. 

Oh, if only!

I sent David and Daniel outside to do the moving of luggage. Nothing can go wrong. Except that when we walk out of the restaurant Henry starts crying and causing a scene ( it's Friday night and very crowded outside the restaurant) and David tells me the keys are locked in the van. 


So, Samuel calls AAA while I take Henry away his mom. I felt like a DHS worker! I get Henry to my van where he proceeds to throw up his red fruit punch and blue sucker all over the ground. Right in front of Samuel's friend! And not just once. Oh no! Three times. It was a glorious time. 

I took Henry's shirt off of him, because gross. And we all (except Abby who was no longer in the picture but on the phone with me) walk next door to Academy Sports. And Henry is shirtless. Oh, we're something! And let's not forget all the people standing outside the restaurant watching all of this unfold! I'm sure we were talked about on Facebook and Twitter. It was quite the scene.

We get in the store, find a shirt for Henry and try to settle him down. The poor guy is sad, and sobbing. Finally I promised him I would give him back to his Mother in a few days and all was well. I mean, he quit crying and began enjoying himself. It was like a miracle!

We came home, got ready for bed and Henry slept until 7 this morning. So far, so good. 

I'm hoping for no drama today. Please!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

This Child

 This child is 13. 

This child is my middle son.

This child makes excellent scores on his tests.

This child is trouble.

He is quiet and always acts as the victim and I always believe him. He doesn't get the blame for much, because he acts innocent.

He is not innocent. 

Last night I was commenting on a Facebook comment that our cousin Sarah put on a picture Abby had posted. It was a cute picture of Henry that reminded both Sarah and myself of Abby when she was young. 

Anyway I was typing 
"Especially the bottom one"

Except every time I typed the word "the" "hello Daniel" showed up instead. I couldn't figure out why it was happening! I finally decided it must have been something Daniel had done to my iPad. I went in to his room, turned the light on ( it was after bedtime) and asked Daniel if he needed to confess anything. He looked at me in complete confusion. I looked at David in the bottom bunk to see a big smile. He was doing all he could to not laugh!

This child had put a shortcut on my iPad so every time I wrote the word "the" it would type "hello Daniel". THE! 

Oh, this child! David is his name. He is a joy to be around, makes me laugh, warms my heart, and tries my patience! Oh, how I love him.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Grades Count

The anticipated day came today. Test scores. 

As homeschoolers in Arkansas, students in grades 3-9 are required to take a standardized test each spring. It's just one day of testing and hey get to spend the day with friends and have snacks!

Today we got the test scores and they did great! It's nice as the mom to know that I'm teaching them what they need to learn and that they are actually learning it. We usually so something fun as a family for good test scores and today was no exception.

After Samuel's ball game (to clarify, he doesn't start nor does he normally play on the varsity team but he always dresses out and travels with the team. He is treated as a team member.) today we headed to Kobe's. 

Kobe is an Asian restaurant where they cook the food at your table. David and Daniel love it, but Anna doesn't like it at all. I hated that we were going there, but really hoped she would like it.
And look at that picture! She liked it. She even ate a salad. She is our pickiest eater, and does not eat salad. She ate everything tonight and liked it. I was thrilled!
These two are so funny, always keeping me laughing.
Finally a picture of Stephen. They were being goofy, they hate getting their picture taken.

It was a fun day of celebrating good grades, hard work, perseverance, and learning!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mother's Day Love

I forgot to tell you what my loves gave me for Mother's Day this past Sunday. I got handmade cards from each child.

 Samuel's was on half a piece of paper and he wrote Yo Mama on the outside. Thankfully, the inside was sweet and loving. It had been a rough week, the words brought tears to my eyes. 

Daniel used a template online and printed a card for me. It was sweet, and mentioned that if I wasn't his mother, he would roundhouse kick, and punch someone in the throat to get to me. The boy loves me!

David also used a template to print a card, and wrote that I was always behind him, you know, had his back on things he wanted to do. He then listed the things I wasn't behind him on, having a pocket watch, playing the clarinet, and letting him shave his hair off. The sweetness was more subdued but the love was still there.

Anna was more crafty and colorful with hers. That girl knows how to make me smile and feel loved.

Samuel gave me a Sonic card which is great because I stop there and get a 99 cent Coke a couple times a week on my way to work. This will last a while!

The others pooled their money and gave me a fern. It was what I wanted and I love it. They don't know it, but Stephen's gift from him and the children is a family portrait. They will not be excited about that gift AT. ALL.

It was an excellent day, full of love.

These boys left to spend time with the grandparents that afternoon,
They need to hurry and get back here, I miss 'em! 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


In the great outdoors...It is a rainy cloudy day. I love it! It rained all night, it was glorious.

Within our walls...David and Daniel are visiting Stephen's parents for a few days so we just have two kids at home. The lack of noise and activity is weird,

A heart of thanksgiving...Thankful for my mom, and Mamaw. What beautiful examples they have been of motherhood. 

Random observations...I cleaned David and Daniel's room yesterday. I went through their school books, and was amazed to see how they take notes, do work, and keep all of their work together. They do it differently, but they do it well.

My silly children...Anna is obsessed, yes obsessed, with somersaults. She either does them or talks about doing them all the time,

Thoughts from the kitchen...Last night we had nachos, it was just Stephen, Anna, and I so it was an easy dinner. I bought generic taco seasoning for the meat and it was AWFUL! I won't do that again.

What I'm reading...Still reading the Insanity of a God by Nik Ripken. It's so very good.

Projects...I finished a project last week, and have no projects in my mind. I need to think of something.

Sounds of the moment...The washer and dryer are going, the tv is on, and Samuel and Anna are laughing.

What I'm wearing...Blue jeans, striped t shirt, white socks, tennis shoes

A favorite thing from last week...Saturday night we went to Little Rock on the spur of the moment. We ate at a new restaurant and just had a good time. Happy Mother's Day to me.

On the Calendar...Samuel's ball team has made it to he state finals. We play Thursday morning, and if we win we play Friday morning. We're excited!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Spring, Sprang, Sprung

We are doing our second round of swim lessons this spring. We are taking from the same instructor as last year. This sweet child refuses to float. So, we are bribing him and threatening him into it...or at least attempting it. He is a stubborn and cute little love. We have a trip to the Dells planned this summer, a beach trip or two and lots of swimming at Nana's and our pool we go to here. Randall told him he will put him in a sweater and make him stay inside all summer if he doesn't float!!! Ha 

We 3 Lee's went to a neighboring town to pick strawberries recently. This is our third year to do this together. We picked so fast this time. Henry is getting old enough to pick and not run through the rows. It was so nice to have a calm pick this time! Ha.  The crop was wonderful this year. We will enjoy our two buckets for a while. 

This warmer weather means cookouts with friends. I love these 4 faces in our backyard. Their parents are fun friends of ours. We will all be swimming before long at the Elks. We all had our hubs become Elks a few years ago so we could use their pool. I started the trend and I  am now trying hard to start another! I don't dig a crowded public pool so much. We girls daydream about Randall putting a pool in our backyard. The girls have the snack and drink menu all planned out because the Elks pool serves everything including tang slushies....who knew?! Until Henry floats and becomes Michael phelps, we will be elking it up!!

Look at this guy. T ball season is underway and my Pirate is loving it. I love seeing him in a uniform. It is truly the cutest thing. He is #3 like Babe Ruth and he is sort of built like The Babe, so I have high hopes! Ha. 

This is our first team sport. I did not realize the time commitment. Oh my word. Randall is in the thick of planting here there and everywhere so I have become "that mom" know the t shirt wearing, snack organizing mom. I'm so ashamed of myself!! ;) 
And yes, those are my fingernails. Can you believe it?! I'm rather proud and will scratch anyones  back within reach to show them off! Freaky fingernail lady. Randall had to ask me to stop using them so much. He said it was getting out of hand!!! Lol 

Nothing cuter than this picture. Henry and Eli (also sitting by him at picnic table in above photo) hand in hand after their first game, with David and Randall. It's so neat to open Henry up to new experiences. It has been a real experience for us too! 

I had to share this fuzzy photo. Randall drove in from a near by plot to watch Henry play this week. It was so sweet for him to do that. He is so crunched for time at each location with a crew of guys  in tow at each one. He had to go back to finish after the game and took Henry with him. Randall is such a wonderful daddy. He and Henry are a tight pair. 
This is Henry and Nick in front of the planter. Henry rode the planter and he and Nick talked on the Walkie talkies. He came home telling me Nick's dad's name and all sorts of random facts about Nick. It made me laugh...and I'm sure Nick laughed too. I'm glad Randall works with great guys who love our little guy. 

This spring is crazy, but every spring is at our house. I tend to forget the battle scars year after year, and end up surprised at it. Randall has no idea how I forget, but I do, yet I always survive it and live to tell about it...laughter and all. Now throw being a Realtor in spring time into the mix and you have to laugh or you might cry, and ain't nobody got time for that!!!

Abby Jo

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


In the great outdoors...Welcome back humidity. It's warm, humid, and sunny. It's a beautiful day!

Within our walls...We're finishing school his week. Except for Samuel, who will go to public school until the end of he month.

A heart of thanksgiving...There are times when I'm reminded of the love that Stephen has for me. The last couple of days has been one of those times. I'm thankful for him.
A heart of prayer...My friend Vickie's dad died last night after a long year of sickness. Her mom died two years ago. I'm praying for her.

Random observations...We've been so excited about the new season of 24. We had a couple of friends over to watch it last night. It's really silly how much we love it. I'm actually re-watching it now with Samuel. He was out of town last night and missed it.

Silly children...Anna loves sleeping in David and Daniel's room. I've told her she can't sleep there for a week, her back has been hurting her. Last night, she slept in David's bed and he slept on the floor.

Thoughts from the kitchen... Last night we had lasagna, it was yummy! Tonight is Mongolian beef with broccoli.

What I'm reading...The insanity of God. I'm really enjoying it.

Sounds of the moment...Besides 24 on the tv, I can hear the dryer, and the washing machine.

What I'm wearing...I worked today, so I have on jeans, and a peach pico top. I put white socks on when I came home.

A favorite thing from last week...Saturday night Stephen and I went to a birthday gala for Pine Bluff. It was nice to get dressed up and meet new people in a "fancy" setting. It had been a long while since that had happened.

On the calendar...Stephen's schedule changes a bit this week, Samuel's ball schedule is coming to an end, except for the state tournament next weekend, and Mother's Day is coming up, which means my job is getting busy. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Lunch with Loves

Henry and I had the pleasure of having lunch in Memphis today with our Aunt Babs and cousin Hollye. Ahh...My people. We got to hug our Uncle Joe and let Boots (the dog) lick us on the family famous sun porch. It was great. I had a dermatology appt in Memphis so we bopped to Babs' house afterwards. 
I'm transparent yet very guarded with most in my adult life so having a few hours on a random Monday with my Babs and Hollye Ann was balm for my crazy soul. They know me better than most and love me like crazy for it. Henry is pretty fond of them too. We really missed Claire though! Tonight as Henry was falling asleep he said "Mama, why is Hollye not you and my Juju's sister?" I said "well, she is a cousin and a sister." And indeed, she is. 


Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Last Gift

Stephen and I couldn't decide what to get Anna for her birthday. So we gave her a choice between a bike or a shopping trip with me. I knew she would choose the bike because she's been given the shopping trip choice a few times before and she's never picked it.

But I was wrong!! We chose today for our day to shop and we had so much fun. Anna had made a list of where she wanted to go and where she wanted to eat lunch. She has been ready for a few days!
We headed out this morning after a stop for 99 cent Sonic drinks, and donuts from our fave donut place. We went to a few stores and the mall. This girl is her mother's child. She loves the mall!
She got those cute sunglasses and a case for them. We went to Hobby Lobby, Old Navy, and Target. We found Sam & Libby shoes at Target. 
Abby and I wore Sam & Libby shoes when we were young. Oh the memories!
Honestly, she is the cutest thing!
And this is what she came home with. Quite the collection of items. A cute shorts romper(that I didn't think she would like but she did!), body wash, earbuds, shorts, clothes for her American Girl doll, shirts, and M&M's. 
We had fun, despite my healing warts and having to wear Daniel's shoes!