Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Last Gift

Stephen and I couldn't decide what to get Anna for her birthday. So we gave her a choice between a bike or a shopping trip with me. I knew she would choose the bike because she's been given the shopping trip choice a few times before and she's never picked it.

But I was wrong!! We chose today for our day to shop and we had so much fun. Anna had made a list of where she wanted to go and where she wanted to eat lunch. She has been ready for a few days!
We headed out this morning after a stop for 99 cent Sonic drinks, and donuts from our fave donut place. We went to a few stores and the mall. This girl is her mother's child. She loves the mall!
She got those cute sunglasses and a case for them. We went to Hobby Lobby, Old Navy, and Target. We found Sam & Libby shoes at Target. 
Abby and I wore Sam & Libby shoes when we were young. Oh the memories!
Honestly, she is the cutest thing!
And this is what she came home with. Quite the collection of items. A cute shorts romper(that I didn't think she would like but she did!), body wash, earbuds, shorts, clothes for her American Girl doll, shirts, and M&M's. 
We had fun, despite my healing warts and having to wear Daniel's shoes!