Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Few Things

Just a few things I was thinking about...

1) When Daddy and Connie were here, a couple of my kids were displaced from their beds. One slept in the living room, and when I walked in the next morning I looked down to see him all wrapped up and comfy. In Granny's tablecloth!! In the linen closet I have one tablecloth and 54 blankets. He chose the tablecloth. In his defense, it was soft, big, and he thought it was a blanket. I'm hoping Granny was honored by his choice. I was kind of mortified!

2) Since Henry was a baby and couldn't even speak, I've been telling him, "Juju is pretty." Last week I would tell him to tell me and he would sweetly say, "Juju is pretty" wih a cute, shy smile. Melt my heart.

3) Samuel has a girlfriend now and she spends some time with us, eating, watching movies and stuff like that. Can I just say I enjoy this so much?! I know this is just the beginning of girlfriends for my boys.  and I'm looking forward to it.

4) David and Daniel are going to youth camp Monday, it'll be the first time for them to go. They've been going to church camp since before they could walk, and now they're going, without me, to youth camp. Wow, time flies! Samuel is working and won't be able to go, he wishes he could, that boy loves church camp!

5) We're planning a spur-of-the-moment beach vacation in a couple of weeks. We usually go in September, or like last year, November, so a June beach vacation is intriguing to me. I'm anticipating heat, and a lot of people. I'm not a big fan of either, but I do love the beach, so we'll make the best of it!

6) my new favorite food is Wholly Guacamole. Have you tried it? You must! It's so good, and you don't have to smush up your own avocados. Go get some!